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  1. I don’t think you’re wrong. They really doubled up on Kel on Saturday. A slight change with Kel coming off the bench could have the impact we desire.
  2. Your fears are correct and to be honest, I have the same fears. However, a week ago, after Chelsea beat Man C I thought they were unbeatable. I thought they'd hammer us in the final. I thought they'd ease past Arsenal. This season is weird, teams hit good form and then just fall off. Only Man C have been consistent. I think we can win tomorrow but even if we dont, its not over. Its just the way its working out this year.
  3. Yep, I agree to the O’Neil side you have to add Elliott, Heskey, Guppy, Parker (who’s passing was excellent) and Flowers. Surprised Elliot is not classed higher then a limited player when you watch him. Excellent ball playing defender before it became fashionable. Remember Liverpool being very interested. Lack a bit of pace. Eadie would also get a mention but injuries hindered him.
  4. How did Gillies drop out your list mate ?
  5. I think Hamza’s dad is the one holding the child (bald) with a Leicester top. The arsenal fan looks like a cousin.
  6. Just watched the trophy presentation again for the umpteenth time. Love how Jankopovic walks up picks up a medal so calmly. Excellent contribution from the big man!
  7. I think there has been significant outrage on twitter itself. From plenty of different people from different backgrounds.
  8. I have done no work now since last Wednesday - today was another write off spending my time on this forum, watching the goal and youtube videos. Watched the entire second half again during my well deserved lunch break. I dont see how I can work tomorrow with the Chelsea game. I also dont see how I will get my attention back over the next couple of weeks. Regardless of what happens because: - If we win and make top4, I'll be elated and checking this forum constantly for our champions league signings and re-watching videos of the cup run/league season. -If we lose,
  9. The Palestinians can’t just accept any peace deal. Nor can the Israelies. Especially one where the two state solution effectively makes one side a suburb in land they truly believe is there’s. Or the makes the other side concede on land they’ve been told is worth fighting for. While there is a need for peace, associating Palestine with Hamas only is just wrong. As is associating Israel with Judaism - there are supporters of the other side in both factions. Believe it or not, what has been suggested so far is not even supported by all Israelies. Ive been lucky enough to spend
  10. Ah man, I’ve got the video of Hamza arriving back home that has been forwarded to me on WhatsApp. Greeting his parents, cousins etc. But it’s too long! It’s 2 minutes 47 secs. Does anyone know how I can upload it ?
  11. Do you want to post the videos all over tik tok where some are making derogatory comments on Palestinians ? No? Or how about the vast amount of videos going around of people from both sides standing up and demanding peace. but no, three pricks in a rented car driving by themselves is far more shocking and well worth posting. Palestinians are not just Muslim, Israelies are not just Jews. Giving a voice to these ****ing inbreds as far as I’m concerned makes those who do so part of the problem. There are people dying there. Innocent people and it’s because of people
  12. Very early on in his time here I remember an interview he had talking about the first team and youth teams and how he wants them all to play exactly the same way. Passing football etc. Since that interview we’ve seen Thomas, Chilwell, Barnes, Hamza and a few others making the odd cameo. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. He seemed like a manager who lacked certain likeable factors. However, he did bring some good to the club, recruitment and youth development I would pick out.
  13. Does Anyone Tuchel play everyone of his top stars (whoever they are) ? They’ve had some tough games recently. Chelsea losing three games in a row would be a disaster for them. I hope they have a real hangover from yesterday and I hope we are walking on water. I don’t get how we win, just win. If we do then last years collapse goes in the bin just like the Deeney goal.
  14. I just want to put this out there but I ****ing love this. We’ve just won the FA Cup realistically we should be getting ready for the beach but we are not. 24 hours later we are nail biting and worrying about a trip to Stamford bridge for another absolutely massive game!! I’ve watched other teams do this for years. I never thought we’d be one of them. Big game after big game after big game!! Long May it continue!! Now beat Chelsea lads.
  15. ****ing hell. Just seen the Liv result. ****ing Allison.
  16. I know practically it has no chance of happening. I was just having a moan.
  17. If we do have some sort of fan celebration, I’ve already said I want it to be us. I have a Man U supporting cousin who spent last week liking tweets saying Brendan will bottle top 4 and the Fa Cup. He was front row and centre at our Title parade. Of course anyone can show up. But I’d just prefer actual Leicester fans to experience the celebration again and again!
  18. Yes!! Exactly this. It came on the screen with offside at the bottom and I jumped up and screamed, eyes closed. My mrs was like it only says possible offside as it had disappeared. Man, for a second I knew how Boro fans felt when Emile scored in the last few mins. Thank god that feeling only lasted for a little while.
  19. Had the same from a Forest fan (yeah, the audacity) this morning. He then proceeded to tell me what the offside rule should be. I just sent him a pic of the FA CUP.
  20. “Can I come back boys?” ”sorry mate, remember Luke ? He’s a class above.”
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