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  1. Fox92


    I visited this earlier today. Good little store with a variety of genres.
  2. Ross McCormack has signed for Aldershot..
  3. So happy we avoided that last season But lost to a side we should have beaten in the semi's. No doubt Man City will win it again this season!
  4. If we beat Arsenal and Liverpool then we probably deserve to get to the final Liverpool will play a weakened side but I can't imagine Arsenal will.
  5. Is it 2-1? Or 1-1? Google says 1-1.
  6. Yeah, agreed. I thought a some had demonstrated against him though?
  7. So he's only joining on loan! And they're getting rid of several players, possibly Alli, to allow it to happen? That's mad.
  8. "Maybe" Cannavaro!? Definitely! If I was going for two centre backs in my dream team it'd be Cannavaro and Nesta, without a doubt.
  9. Yep, media will be gutted about that.
  10. "off the pitch" ... I don't think Vardy's previous off pitch are worth the discussion. What a stupid opinion you have. It's definitely because of Lineker's political opinion I like how angry it makes people. Take someone like Shilton though who is completely the other way, right wing and backs the tories, and some people like that.
  11. Definitely agree on both accounts. Was sad to see the true original go out of business.
  12. No chance. Our slump started in December.
  13. Sad. Again. Will we see more clubs go this way?
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