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  1. Been going home and away for the past 15 years now, so up until Pearson joining I generally watched shit (aside from Adams who did very very well in 02/03 to get us up but after that it went downhill). I can remember being so pleased to see us in the Championship play offs in 09/10. Winning the league was something we all thought wouldn't happen but I still want to see us win the FA Cup. To see us between 8th-10th in the top flight is great.
  2. One of my best mates is a season ticket holder at Hull and used to always tell me he thought Maguire was their best centre back. To be fair to Hull they've had some good players in recent times. Thinking both Maguire and Robertson were in their side that got relegated.
  3. Not taking about expectation just stating he’s the first manager in a long time to not have us near that position. My expectations prior to the season starting we’re top 10 plus a good go at either Cup and those expectations haven’t changed. So far he’s meeting them.
  4. Apparently so. It would have been changed by now.
  5. Liverpool and Everton both seem to be in December/January every season. I'll probably do Everton again this season but not Liverpool.
  6. Yep. Also, Puel is the first manager to not have us in the bottom three / a relegation battle since we got promoted.
  7. Also Maddison, who's agent said Puel sold the transfer telling him Maddison would progress as a player here. So far he isn't wrong either.
  8. I do like Brighton away but think I may have to miss it this season. Our away games up to Christmas are poor in terms of who we're playing and the time of the year.
  9. Probably started the whole thing of expression and just being who you want to be. How he looked and what he wore was so different and I don't think that can ever be underestimated. I know Marc Bolan did a lot of that but not to the level Bowie did. I always think a lot can be read into who an artist influenced/influences. I've said it before but the range in which Bowie influenced was massive, we're talking from Madonna right through to Kanye West. But I do think to appreciate something like this you probably had to live through it.
  10. Going downhill (not in a town Centre or anything like that but when it's open), that's an annoying one for me too.
  11. Yep. A true great band led by a great songwriter. Been brought up on Weller's stuff really, my Dad is a massive fan. My favourite Jam song is "The Bitterest Pill" but I do love "Down In The Tubestation" (lyrically, Tubestation is superb). Most of All Mods Cons I like, great album.
  12. Meh, Chesterfield losing again Allen must be gone soon. edit: Hang on lads there goes the equaliser!!!
  13. Go to your profile 'See my activity' (on the right) 'Topics' (on the left) Your topics should be listed
  14. But a true football ground with history and character. Much rather be in that away end than some of the newer grounds that are same. It'll be a sad day when Everton move. The times I've been to Goodison I've been nearer the front and never really had a problem. It's worse at the back, just like it is at most older grounds.
  15. Shite really. Wolves A doesn’t bother me too much but Everton does, it’s shit at that time.
  16. Same because I’ve already bought train tickets. Aside from Fulham which I think was always going to be a struggle.
  17. Moving forward a little more, Nesta and Cannavaro. What a pairing they were. I think if I had to select a team in my lifetime they'd both be there. Baresi, a little bit early for me, but I understand he is one of the greatest defenders of all time.
  18. Chelsea under Mourinho (first time) were superb. That season as you mention and the following season. Similar to Arsenal and Manchester City last season, that Chelsea team were very enjoyable to watch. I always remember like Ricardo Carvalho - thought he was superb - and Joe Cole who, on his day, was brilliant.
  19. You definitely will, you're a girl.
  20. Same. Unbeaten during a whole season is incredible at any level, never mind a top flight. I enjoyed that Arsenal team up until about '05 when it really started to disappear. Patrick Vieria, for me, the greatest midfielder of the PL era - he could do everything tackling, scoring, good in the air, leader...
  21. Dean Smith set to join Villa. Good appointment for them and good move for him - much bigger club with bigger resources. Wanted Brentford to come up though.
  22. Palace probably took more than Burnley and Watford. I don't think we'll get the whole end, mind, it's midweek after all.
  23. I dunno, I'm not justifying it. She's irrelevant to me but I guess people like to criticise others publicly.
  24. A lot of celebrities (though I wouldn't call her a celebrity) do stuff for charity. Many of which just don't see the need to tell everybody ..
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