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  1. Can we expect a lesson in GBH from Ederson for the 3rd time?
  2. I thought Jonny boy was still suspended - or does the cup game count as the third game?
  3. Mahrez was seen at various airports last week
  4. Happy Birthday Bernie 🍰
  5. Tielemans - there were murmurings before the lockdown
  6. Peter Bonetti and Clive Walker?
  7. I thought it was Le Tissuer initially
  8. Dier likely to be in big trouble and might have to play the next six games as punishment
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51607364 Garth Crooks names his team of the week - what a tw*t
  10. Not sure how you can judge a player over 45 minutes
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