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  1. Clearly you’ve never been ripped by your manhood size. Trust me it hurts 😯
  2. Yes agree with all of that. I think the fact vardy wasn’t fit and we used Barnes instead of kelechi was a concern for me. I thought kelechi would have held the ball up more, and bought other players into play.
  3. This! there are times when up against teams, pre game we would settle for a draw, possibly nick a win. There are times during games when players get sent off, and expectations change. because we won yesterday and defensively were outstanding, I still feel we could have played better offensively. poor passes at times, players not looking up, passing it backwards and sidewards. I am obviously delighted, 3 points is 3 points! But the result peppers over areas of concern for me.
  4. To quote myself... many very good squads have been relegated over the years, that many thought were too good to go down. (Leeds, Newcastle) Also there have been many examples of teams that ended a season badly (look at us 00-01) then continued that form into the following season and found themselves in a relegation scrap. we cannot score, nor do we look like scoring over the last three games. im not worried re: relegation as I now think we will be okay, based on the first three games. but I don’t expect us to be anywhere near the top 6. Hope I’m wron
  5. Agree... if we are not careful we won’t just loose one big player next summer.
  6. To be fair I predicted relegation too, and even after the first three games I wasn’t convinced.
  7. And loose all or better players in the process?
  8. I and many others have felt James Justin (despite his talent) is under performing currently, and he is. Whether talent at PL level or loss of concentration, he is being found currently.
  9. Exactly my thought, honestly cannot understand why he didn’t come rushing out
  10. CSKA perfect? Long travel, and very dangerous, plus Moscow in winter 🥶 I’d rather avoid..
  11. For me Gent or Braga AZ Alkmaar Dundalk winnable games and short travel
  12. I would like United, Chelsea and Leeds think it will be: West Brom Sheffield United fulham
  13. Schmeichel could be heard shouting, watch Riyad around the back! Still no one picked him up 😫
  14. Because it’s Man City and not west brom or Burnley?
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