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  1. The club as the employer has a duty of care regarding their employees' health, physically and mentally, so I would imagine something is in place. You do occasionally read about players using their own personal psychologist, which would make sense as it would be someone who stays with them even if they change club. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

    Even if the technology is highly accurate, the fact the most important part (drawing the lines) is still manual input and open to human error/interpretation, there isn’t really a benefit for calls that close. You might as well stick with the onfield decision.

    Yes. If they want to digitise offside decisions they need to go the whole way by using something like GPS to compare players' positions.

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  3. Vardy has to do more to stay onside for the disallowed goal. We can't afford to squander chances today. We've done enough to deserve to go in level at HT, but the longer Man C have almost exclusive possession the more likely they will score. We can keep them out indefinitely. Maddison for Perez will give us a bit more quality and produce a few unexpected moments that will cause problems for their defence. 

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