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  1. 23 minutes ago, Wolfox said:

    My name represents the animal associated with my two favourite teams


    in order of preference 

    Wolves (Wolf)

    Leicester (Fox)


    Avtar…. Who doesn’t like a stuffed squirrel galloping around on a horse?

    I would clear this up if I were you.


    This reads like you are a Wolves fan before you are a Leicester fan?  ...Rather than Wolf being your name.



    Unless that's what you intended in which case I renounce you and deny any previous association whatsoever.



  2. 1 hour ago, Parafox said:

    I've been to enough dog bites to know they can be pretty unpredictable. Colleague I worked with went to the young girl in Beaumont Leys who had most of her face bitten off and subsequently sadly died. He never got over it and has since left the service.


    That's a horrible story and what I have to say is in no way meant to trivialise that incident, but in general terms, the sad truth is that dogs are much more likely to be on the receiving end of violence from people than the other way around.  In fact people are far more likely to be on the receiving end of violence from other people than from dogs.


    A dog wants to be your friend.  If it bites there is something wrong that can usually be traced back to animals of the two-legged variety.



  3. 1 hour ago, The Bear said:

    Dogs are dumb, smelly, messy animals who need constant attention. They also piss and shit everywhere unless they're trained. At least cats don't shit where they live. 


    I don't have any pets but I'd rather have a cat than a dog. 

    Couldn't live without a dog.


    "My philosophy is, if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty."   Elaine Boosler


    Dogs are the only other animal that has been scientifically proven to have a soul....




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  4. 2 hours ago, RumbleFox said:

    You know Man City are the shortest team in the league? Not saying height can’t help and actually I like the thought of trying 352 also but there was a study recently that I can’t be bothered finding that showed there is zero correlation between a teams’ height and performance. X

    I have seen a similar study that reaches the same conclusion but about penis size. 


    I carry it around with me in nightclubs.





    edit - beaten to it.  :(

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  5. Not a blues artist per se, but Jimi Hendrix is an imaginative and masterful blues player.


    I had a phase of getting into blues, mostly the ones everyone's heard of like Howlin' Wolf and BB King etc and mainly to learn the guitar parts.  Most music genres can be traced back lineally, ie blues gave birth to rock and roll etc but where did blues come from?  It seems to me to have sprung up all by itself without an obvious forerunner.

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  6. 1 hour ago, fox_up_north said:

    Or it could be a damp squib if we've completely blown it. Got 6 ish games before then. 

    I'm resigned to it.  


    We are not looking like a Champion's League team and Chelsea and United are.  We will get overhauled.


    The only consolation I can muster is that when it really mattered, with our one and only chance of ultimate glory, we did it.



  7. Wilf.  Love Wilf!


    Kante was great driving forward with the ball which Wilf lacks, but Wilf is is out-performing him (and everyone else) in ball winning I believe and has added aerial ability and inspector Gadget legs.


    Kante never wanted to come here and couldn't wait to leave, even as champions.  I don't blame him for that because he never had any tantrums and never gave less than 100% on the pitch.  When he left I wished him well.  It is a factor in my choice though as I only ever want players who want to play for us and Wilf has always shown great attitude and commitment.


    It must be great for players llike Youri or Madders to be able to express themselves going forward, safe in the knowledge that the machine that is Wilf has got their back defensively.  Wilf's stats are almost superhuman.


    Love him as a player and his recent absence showed how absolutely vital he is to this team.


    Wilf for me.  I don't know what we'd do without him.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Wolfox said:

    Oh…. I was sure you were there???


    You must have been at the Brand New Heavies one then?  Anyway it was really good and you really missed out!


    I’m back to Stoneygate/ Clarendon Park area to be near all the other ‘woke’ quinoa eating w@nkers!

    You'll be right at home.  lol


    I'm not saying I wasn't there, went to a few, just can't remember that one but then I can't remember why I went upstairs half the time.  I was hoping you'd tell me.



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  9. 1 hour ago, Wolfox said:

    Do you remember seeing Mozza at Brixton academy?  Vauxhall and I album - was brilliant…. 

    I wore Doug’s leopard print shirt FFS!


    His views do appear to be a little effed up though…. The pop equivalent of listening to Wagner!  (I still have sneaky listen though - whilst tutting of course)

    I don't know anything about his views and I don't really care.  I tend to get more annoyed by prissy 'woke' censorship and preachiness.  Your 'tutting' just cost you a rep point lol.  I tut at your tutting. 


    He's a cheerleader for life's nerds, losers and awkard feckers like myself.  


    Bequiffed royalty and I'll not hear a word against him.


    Don't remember Brixton.  Was I there?  Remember seeing him at Manchester though.  Where are you moving to btw?

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  10. On 14/06/2020 at 21:50, swanlee said:

    Sacrilegious ..... Bukowski depressing. The man lived his art. Love all his stuff.


    But I have never got round to Ulysses. And that's because of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Pretty impenetrable and what's it about? A strict catholic upbringing, and the conflicting delights of masturbation & alcohol! What an effort.


    With Kerouac I think it's the stylistic nature of his writing. Impromptu & innovative, it was the first time US literature had been written in that way. Also the subject matter, drugs, dropouts, jazz.


    That said, I read it years ago, when I was a teenager, and wasn't overly impressed. Like you say zeitgeist and passable. 




    Admittedly it was a very long time ago that I read Bukowski but I remember feeling bored and jaded with all the hedonism.  There seemed to be a complete lack of any thoughfulness, charm or humanity from what I remember.  Just remember wading through lots of LA piss ups and piss ups generally are a bit like dreams.  They can be spectacular in person but there's nothing more boring than hearing about someone else's.



  11. Some of my heroes getting a pasting here - Mozza, Lineker..even the fragrant Miss Riley!


    If there is someone out there that has met Lineker and has a good word to say about him, please speak up.  I don't want to believe he is the bellend that he is being painted as.



    Brendan Rodgers.  Used to think he was a bit of a tool with a hint of snake oil about him, now of course he is our sainted leader and thoroughly good egg.



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  12. 19 hours ago, isaidno said:

    Uses to go when I was a kid. Don't think it's changed since the 1980's.

    Exactly the problem in my opinion.


    I occasionally go to the antique fair they hold there and it's like walking into a time warp.  You half expct Ruth Madoc to walk around the corner in her yellow coat.  (One for the kids there).  It also looks neglected and unloved like some Eastern Bloc compound.


    They didn't move with the times and that was their downfall in my opnion.  


  13. 6 hours ago, Fox92 said:

    Read that he was in a coma yesterday. 

    Saw Lineker say he was hoping he'd pull through (I think they're good mates).



    He was best man at Lineker's wedding.  


    Sad news.


    I still remember that easy missed blue that would have given him the UK Championship.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Webbo said:

    I don't think it was meant as an insult, more of a reference to us as a trading nation.

    No. it was an attempt by Napoleon to portray Britain as a country with little ambition and to dissmiss our preparedness for war with France. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, urban fox said:

    Yeah but he wouldn't have shared it. He would have won it as he had far more assists than Kane. In the event of a tie, the outright winner is decided by assists. For me that was the only blemish on the season as a whole. Clear winners by ten points, PFA and writers players of the year, Ballon D'or nominations, JVs Record 11 on the bounce. Golden boot would have made a full house.

    Still a minor thing in the face of everything else we achieved that year. Watching the whole thing again gave me goosebumps.



    Didn't know that.


    Now I'm really irked!   :mad:

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