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  1. 1 hour ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

    Sun-Mon figures have been low for a few weeks now and then have had a big surge on the Tuesday. Unfortunately we can't read into them too much :(

    They mentioned Sun/Mon dips.  I wonder why that is?  Perhaps less administrators working Sat/Sun recording deaths?  That's all I can think of.



    1 hour ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

    God you can tell who The Sun reporter is, proper slimy questioning there! Good to see Chris Whitty back looking well.

    Really pleased to see him back.  I did miss the very beginning but I just wished that just once, one of the questioners would say 'welcome back' or something.

  2. 22 minutes ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

    Worst thing I've seen is an old couple come out of a store and then walk past all the people queuing at less than an arms distance away. Then one of them almost stumbled into someone coming the other way as they weren't looking!

    I had to go to the shop this morning.  First time into the scary outside world since Wednesday and there was a group of of about four people just hanging around outside the bloomin' doorway.  I waited for them to go but they weren't going anywhere.  I think ignorance and stupidity is the biggest cause of infection in this country.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Guesty said:

    I know that's what they're saying. If it's just tests and not an emergency, do you really go in on a Sunday evening/night. I'd have thought they'd gone in this morning, or waited till tomorrow. Just because of the timing I'm starting to think maybe he's worse than they're letting on. 


    Hope he gets better soon - and his partner who's pregnant.


    That Scottish CMO has just resigned too. Sad when a silly mistake has such big rammifications; she was probably really good at her job - or more stuff about her is about to come out. Sturgon was going on all the national breakfast shows tomorrow. Must have known the grief she was about to get and they decided it wasn't worth it.

    That's a shame, but I can't see how she could continue.  She has lost all credibility and the media have leapt on this like a pack of wolves and seem to be enjoying it just a bit too much.  I can't see how she could lecture the public about compliance and restrictions going forward.  It would be like Bernard Matthews telling us we must all be vegetarian.




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  4. 3 hours ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

    Which team won the Premier League in 2015/16?
    Who were the League Cup winners in 1997 and 2000?

    Danny Drinkwater won a PL medal with which club?

    Which PL team won 9-0 earlier this season?

    Pontus Kamark played PL football for which club?

    Come on, let's ease into it.  I didn't expect it to be this hard!

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  5. I wonder, when all this is over, when we will get back to normal life?   When I see normal behaviour, spacing or handshakes and hugs on TV it already seems odd, like social distancing is already imprinted on me and I can't imagine a return to normality. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Beechey said:

    I know what it is, I'm trying to look for a citation on the claim that Boris Johnson said to "go out and get it".

    Don't worry, there isn't one.  You just know that some people have searched and searched and searched for it and the best they can come up with is a mention here and there about what herd immunity means.  There must be some very frustrated people out there!  lol

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  7. 7 hours ago, leicsmac said:

    We used to use ivermectin in wildlife rehab for foxes with mange. 


    Quite a powerful drug though, you couldn't just give it to them straight away, you had to give them supportive care to build them up first to withstand the parasitic die off and because it was such a potent drug.  


    I think it is better tolerated in humans though.

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  8. 21 minutes ago, pazzerfox said:

    I enjoyed reading your post. 


    I suppose it boils down to how you want to see the world (positively or negatively).  Whilst some of what David Icke says i find intriguing, he does come across bitter and that life has done him wrong and owes him a massive favour.  His latest theory claims that vaccinations will be compulsory and that we will all be injected with nano technology, which are microchips beyond what the human eye can see, which interact with 5G and satellites to manipulate humans.  Convenient with the roll out of 5G expected to be this/next year some might say.


    There are some many conflicting stories out there, it's difficult to find the real truth that's for sure!


    Feel free to "Ramble" some more, your posts are interesting.




    Release the Rumble.  Down with posting limits!

  9. 2 hours ago, st albans fox said:

    Good luck with that ......

    Well it's kind of based on the assumption that Beijing recognises the need for change after this and that they might feel a touch contrite?  Probably is wishful thinking.

  10. 15 minutes ago, brucey said:



    That's great but the fact that they're lining the corridor with a guard of honour kind of suggests this is very much a rarity, as if, when you go into icu you're not likely to come out again?  :(

  11. 42 minutes ago, yorkie1999 said:

    The only way that can happen is through sanctions which contradicts us needing china. Anyway, it's not the rest of the world, Trumpwill ensure China pays for this and see this as an excuse to turn the world against China, once he's got all his PPE off them. 

    I don't think a confrontational approach with China is wise.  What if they were sanctioned into becoming a pariah state and at great cost to the west?  They would form stronger alliances with genuine pariah states like Iran and N.Korea, maybe Russia and become the superpower of the bad guys.  No we need co operation with Beijing but things have got to change in China.

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  12. 1 hour ago, l444ry said:

    For those still trying to deny (to us amateurs) that herd immunity was government policy, you probably need to convince us that these eminent politicians are/were wrong first.


    Seems odd logic to insist that if you want to know government policy, please listen to non-government ex-ministers and ex-MPs first, but OK.


    It seems to me that Rory Burns is saying that there is disagreement among the scientific community regarding the approach.  I imagine as part of their consultation herd immunity was put to the government, modelled and dismissed so I imagine that the government would agree with him.  We may not have been putting in Draconian measures at that time that others were, but we are on a different timeline to those countries and the importance of staged interventions has been explained to us by the experts and also the reasons why.


    Find me the quote from the government that says we are pursuing herd immunity as our policy and stop hearing what you want to hear.



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  13. 41 minutes ago, MattP said:

    To be honest we should have made China a pariah long before this on the basis of its slave labour, internment camps, wet markets, environmental abuse, slaughter for ivory, currency manipulation, human rights record, coal dumping and mass surveillance.


    Coronavirus is just another piece of shit to emerge from the place. If it wasn't so powerful we would treat it like North Korea. No country comes close to the damage this lot are doing and I'm genuinely surprised at how many in the West are coming out to bat (no pun intended) for them. (Although I fully expected it from Richard Burgon)

    I agree that China is responsible for a lot of ills in the world and these outbreaks keep happening from their region.  I don't think that we can just isolate them or expect them to take any sanctions lying down, but the rest of the world must unite to apply pressure on China to mend their ways in many respects but in a manner of co operation with Beijing if at all possible.

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  14. 1 hour ago, WigstonWanderer said:

    I find the idea that the west didn’t realise that this virus was a serious problem ludicrous. It was quite clear from towards end of January that this was a real potential problem for the whole world. Western leaders spent February in denial when they could have been preparing and trying to ensure that community spread was kept under control.

    Maybe there was some early complacency because previous outbreaks like SARS and MERS never really touched the west?  Four SARS cases in the UK I believe and was successfully contained.

  15. 16 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

    It isn’t 


    authorities estimate 1 death per 1000 people infected.  

    I keep reading this, but only in this thread.  I though that mortality rate was at least 1% ?  Flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%.


    I don't think we'll know til the dust settles, but I think that your estimate is optimistic.

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  16. On 31/03/2020 at 18:40, promised land said:

    Very nice, I rode by a farm today on my exercise outing and a field of sheep by the road, the amount of crows flying low over them, on the radio last year it said they’re a real predator to lambs and go for their eyes.


    It was all about killing crows and a farmer was saying why they had to, truly horrific for the new born lambs.


    Horrible noisy things do want shooting.


    It is important to note that these crow attacks are limited, as I understand it, to the birth of lambs including the ewe in labour and couped ewes.  A lamb is vulnerable at birth and for a short time until it is on it's feet.  Mostly hill farmers suffer, but there is also afterbirth to distract crows and a fair mortality rate at birth which provides carrion for crows and farmers assume that they have been killed by the crow.  A healthy lamb is not really a target for a crow I believe and most are born indoors.


    There is a lot of animals that have traits I dislike, magpies stealing eggs and young birds, sparrowhawks shredding birds alive, but a sparrowhawk has the right to be a sparrowhawk and a crow a crow.  Crow's are highly intelligent, can recognise faces and they are nature's clean up squad for roadkill and even landfills.  Put your gun away @Countryfox, crows are alright.  


    It irritates me when farmers make claims about welfare.  Every time I walk the dogs anywhere near sheep, so many are hobbling around and limping.  The farmer clearly isn't that fussed about welfare.

  17. 1 hour ago, RowlattsFox said:

    I'm not sure waiting every day for the latest death figures like we're watching soccer Saturday is helping mine or anyones mental health. I get importance in making sure people realise how serious it is currently but think I'm going to try and avoid these daily updates the best I can.


    I don't know how many people die every day, for whatever reason, but its just something you never think about. Over 500 in 24 hours just seems ridiculous.

    I think that people, like me, are watching the figures with interest, hoping to see a plateau then a fall.

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  18. Ian Wilson.


    The forward line of that team is always remembered as Lynex, Lineker, Smith.  They were great but so was Wilson on the left.  Quality player just not as quick or flash as the others. 


    That team should have achieved far more.



    edit - Mark Wallington is another that was probably underrated.


    Yes, I was an eightes child. 

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  19. 1 hour ago, stretch1965 said:

    Does anybody know if I  am I allowed to to take a temporary job as I am Currently being furloughed?


    Whether you can or you can't, the point of the furloughing is to keep people at home to prevent the spread of the virus.  Unless you can get a second job in an essential service, wouldn't it be against the whole point of the lockdown?

  20. 6 minutes ago, reynard said:

    It is a shame that just for once you can't see beyond your tory blue spectacles. It is beholden upon any leader at this time to be clear and concise and to leave no grounds for idiots, as you say, interpreting what he may or may not have said. He clearly said that about take it on the chin. Did he then say however, that is not gvoernment policy and our advisors think that is a bad course to follow? No he didn't. Almost certainly because at that time it was a considered route to follow.

    When his father said he would still be going to the pub, Boris was directly asked about that in the press conference. Did he come out and condemn it as a reckless act and completely against the governement's advice? No he didn't. In fact I seem to recall he tried to make some kind of joke about it.

    This governement's strategy may prove to be good, only when the final body count can be taken can we tell and I wish them every good luck in what they do. However, some of the communication, especially from the Prime Minister, has been, up unil last Monday, confusing at best.



    Perhaps it was a mistake to mention the herd immunity thing on This Morning, but the bigger mistake has been the malicious lies spread by people claiming that he advocated it as policy. 


    One line has been clutched at and held onto for dear life despite the numerous times that he has talked about the interventions needed to flatten the curve.  He has been relentlessly banging the same drum yet people choose to believe this because it suits them politically.   Despicable in my opinion.

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  21. 3 minutes ago, Paninistickers said:

    Must depend on personality.


    I've always been happy in my own company and can take it leave socialising (I have to MAKE myself socialise as a rule. As obvs it's a bit weird to be considered someone who's happy staying away from others)


    Tangenting off on another note way away from Covid19, when I got married, I have to say I disliked the day overall. All the attention. Being centre stage. It was a bit of an ordeal. Prob why I ended up divorced, lol. Did anyone else dislike their wedding? 21st? Birthday party etc?

    I am very much like this.  Prefer my own company and I love to take to the hills, just me and my dogs.  Social occasions stress me the hell out.  If we get invited for a meal with OHs parents or a wedding or a barbecue or something, it will stress me out for days beforehand and I'm pretty laid back generally.


    I read Chris Packham's book - Fingers In The Sparkle Jar and it is all about his life and struggles with Aspergers.  I saw a lot myself in his story and every online test I've done since puts me borderline aspergers.  Like him, I wouldn't change it though.

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