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  1. I'd be surprised if you could even field a side with players in their correct positions. Youd be alright for Goalkeepers though.
  2. I don't think we will have a huge net spend in summer, so if we want a few quality additions we'd probably see Maguire sold at the very least, and possibly Chilwell. In order of importance and preferred signing and assuming a Maguire sale (and Silva p/x) Ball playing midfielder (Tielemans) Striker (Che Adams) Quality wide forward (Lozano/Mendez) Backup full back (?) Then a left back replacement (Tierney) if Chilwell goes.
  3. His performances recently could absolutely have warranted him sitting on the bench for a bit. I hope you afford the same level of patience and understanding to Amartey when he comes back from his injury, rather than immediately judging, but we will see.
  4. Played well for the most part yesterday. Was pleased to see him keep his positional discipline and his pressing was good, hadn't seen that from him before. Seemed he made an effort to move the ball quicker too and some of his interplay with Barnes in the first half was very nice to watch. Obviously the ball through to Vardy was inch perfect too. Still needs to know when to play it safe and not overplay though. Could have cost us twice yesterday in the 2nd half. Once by trying to turn on the edge of our box getting dispossessed, secondly when he got moved back alongside N'Didi (don't want to see that again) he overcommited going to win the ball, then seemingly backed out of the 50/50 resulting in a dangerous Fulham attack. Still, much more encouraging from him overall.
  5. Crossley, Chettle. Not sure on third
  6. He was a passenger for the most part last night. He is no doubt better than he is showing at the minute, however, I'm sceptical that he can be anything more than an ok prem player/fringe international (which of course is still a decent career, but perhaps not the level some think he can get to). Those who suggest he is going to be a top drawer player, fair enough, but i rarely see anyone give reasons as to why. Pros - Good at finding space, good receiving the ball in tight areas, good striker of a ball, will get his share of goals and assists, clearly wants to take responsibility and get on the ball. Raw technical ability is there Negatives - Lacks sharpness, both in terms of decision making, and in fleetness of foot. No burst of pace to make the most of the space he finds himself in. Lacks vision on the ball compared to top level #10's (which manifests itself in slowing the play down. Weight of pass inconsistent. Offers very little in terms of helping to defend from the front, due to lack of desire/mobility. Can drop far too deep to pick up the ball, only to do nothing progressive with it, disrupting our shape in the process (hence why he has reminded me of declined, midfield Rooney in recent weeks). There is something to work with though. I think he would benefit massively from a few basic things. 1) Increase base level of fitness 2) Work on improving speed over the first 5 yards (even a small improvement would make a big difference) 3) Tactical change to stop him dropping deep. I'd also like to see him move the ball much quicker, but accept that some of this may be down to confidence, at the moment.
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