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  1. Always struck me as a lovely bloke did Ken. RIP.
  2. 24 teams and their fans coming to Britain before all are vaccinated just isn't going to happen, is it? To bring in the Australian idea, I'd be happier to have something closer to the Champions League and Europa League format of last season; play the group stages and last 16 behind closed doors or with limited crowds in Europe, and then have a mini tournament from the quarterfinals onwards in Oz. 100,000 for an England final at the MCG would be absolutely nuts.
  3. Yanited getting Real Sociedad is a big one as well. Takes a serious contender out of the competition before the last 16.
  4. This was my first thought before I even opened the thread. 😂 Chicken phall, chilli fried rice, a bucket of chicken from Maryland and a pint of prune juice.
  5. The two big factors in the Red Wall turning blue, Corbyn and Brexit, are no longer relevant. I said on 13th December that this was an uneasy arrangement built on sand, and I've seen nothing to change my mind. Firstly, either Brexit was done on 31st January or is now set to become either an economy wrecking cluster**** or an enormous u-turn on electoral pledges as the possibility of a US trade deal can only come with a soft Brexit. None of these options appear to be the same rallying call the Tories used to such great effect in December. Secondly, the Red Wall hated Cor
  6. If there was an election tomorrow, the Red Wall would be rebuilt at the very least. There's every possibility the Tories would lose their majority altogether, with no DUP to prop them up this time. You can guarantee the 1922 Committee have done the same maths. Without Cummings et al, Johnson is gone by Easter. The problem is that a lot of the talented MPs who'd have replaced him are either gone or frozen out, so it could be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  7. Their Overton Window is much to the right of the UK, and this is frequently forgotten by British commentators on US politics. Biden's positions would be more consistent with Nick Clegg or David Cameron than the left in the UK; I'd argue that Sanders would be closer to Keir Starmer or Ed Miliband than Jeremy Corbyn or the SCG in Labour too. The reality is that the election was fought out between the authoritarian hard-right and a liberal centrist. Calling Biden or Sanders a Communist is surreal.
  8. Well.... Those are certainly all words, aren't they?
  9. Surely we're missing out on 'snowflake' and 'apache attack helicopter?'
  10. Is Bukta still a going concern? I'd love to see the 1991-1992 home shirt in the club shop.
  11. A point against Braga away probably seals top spot in the group at this stage, but on current evidence we could conceivably qualify for the KO stage with a 100% record. Absolutely dominant tonight with a huge performance from Nacho. Thomas also impressed. It's also worth pointing out that, by the time the KO stage comes around, we'll hopefully have a fully fit squad. Not many will fancy playing us.
  12. It's that of his more fanatical supporters that worry me. Bush won under controversial circumstances in 2000, but nothing on this scale. It could become very ugly very quickly given the behaviour of some Trump supporters towards political opponents.
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