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  1. Have visions of Vardy running to the corner waving a copy of The Big Issue at them. 😂😂😂
  2. Watching them mumble that dirge while they get slapped 5-0 by our ressies in their biggest game in years will be glorious.
  3. 🎶 Leicester's going Europe and Cov don't have a ground. 🎶
  4. There's been a surge in membership that has opposite views to that of the surge in 2015 - more moderates and people who want the Tories out as the cultists have lost interest and left.
  5. What Unite want is a leadership team and PLP that is utterly subservient to Momentum and the crank left. Looking at the lukewarm support for their dream team across CLPs though, it isn't working. One hopes that sanity is being slowly restored.
  6. The reality is that if, as looks likely, Starmer becomes leader the LP becomes a serious party again. No more scraping the barrel for a Shadow Cabinet, (I'm looking forward to Benn vs Raab and Cooper vs Patel,) probably jettisoning the real swivel-eyed Corbots who think the Canary, Novara Media and Skwawkbox are serious news outlets and, on that subject, the likes of Aaron Bastani, Ash Sarkar et al become utterly irrelevant again.
  7. London. Terrace. Pub on each corner. Baby due literally any day around the draw. 😂😂😂
  8. The new Blue Wall is built on sand. The two reasons the Tories won - Brexit and Corbyn- won't be vote winners in 2024, and the government hasn't exactly exuded competence thus far.
  9. Johnson won for two reasons- inept opposition and painting himself as the face of Brexit, appealing to those who voted for it. His problems going forward are twofold. Firstly, it's unlikely he'll face such an unpopular Labour leader in 2024 with some of the names in the running. Secondly, if Brexit goes tits up, he's still the face of Brexit. That's not a label he's in control of any more, and one that'll be used by his opponents at will if the dire economic projections pan out.
  10. My main worry about Starmer is that his strengths could turn into weaknesses. He strikes me as a thoughtful politician who isn't overly fond of the soundbite and wants to make judgements based on facts. Fine if you want to win a debate, not so much if you want to win an election these days. This is a world where a known liar just won a majority of 80 and a POTUS who is out of his depth, underqualified, beset by scandals and undergoing an alarming cognitive decline is favourite to win a second term. Facts and substance matter much less than style and charisma, and that's something Starmer's team may need to bear in mind. He would, however, exude strength and control as a leader, which would be helpful.
  11. The more I see of Starmer, the more impressed I am. Working class roots, ferociously intelligent, reached the pinnacle of his profession and articulate and forceful enough to make Johnson have sleepless nights before PMQs. He's also largely untainted by Corbynista lunacy as easily the most capable and logical head in the shadow cabinet and a unifying candidate for all but the most extreme of the headbangers who, for reasons I can't fathom, seem to think Lavery or Long-Bailey could beat Johnson in an election. I do wonder if some actively want Labour to lose elections as they prefer protesting to the responsibility of power.
  12. A big point is being missed here, and that's how difficult it is for fans who don't already have season tickets or membership to get tickets. This impedes the club's growth in the most successful period in our history, a period that coincides with pretty much all of our local rivals being utter pony. The club could easily start to build the local fanbase out towards Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire but tickets are like gold dust. An extra 10,000 seats would facilitate growth both within the city, as kids grow up seeing a quality Premier League side playing within a short bus ride, and expand the catchment area as Forest, Derby et al continue to struggle to get anywhere near us.
  13. Bilo

    2020 deathlist

    It's almost that time again- so let's start putting together our lists. 1) Prince Phillip 2) Rolf Harris 3) Barbara Knox 4) Frank Worthington 😥 5) Barbara Windsor Under 40 bonus round - Justin Bieber
  14. It's the weirdest, most codependent "rivalry" in football. It seems to exist purely so each can remind themselves that they weren't always bang average second tier sides.
  15. Growing less and less bothered about Forest and Derby as they're too far behind us to be relevant for football reasons, and this is unlikely to change at any time in the near future. I didn't even care about Coventry when they were in the same league; they're about as relevant as Chesterfield now. In terms of clubs I actively dislike these days, I agree with Wolves' odd self-worship. They had a good season after promotion, nowhere near as good as ours in 2016 mind you, and seem to think that this and dispatching a few mediocre teams in Europe's second tier competition has made them Real Madrid. Get ****ed and return to mediocrity. Can't be doing with Arsenal either as they're a weird and entitled bunch. Manchester United fans just for being Manchester United fans. Spurs are still bitter. Palace fans for thinking that Selhurst Park is basically an Istanbul derby and any set of fans who create an atmosphere are copying them. Horrible bunch.
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