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  1. My username is from Borat. I felt that his brother was underappreciated.
  2. The electorate will compare Starmer's quick action with that of his predecessor and, crucially, Johnson's stubborn refusal to countenance the sacking of Cummings and Jenrick for far worse than RLB did. I think it'll be a favourable comparison on both counts, and certainly shows that anything that even has the whiff of antisemitism isn't going to fly any more.
  3. She was forced on Leicester East CLP. despite their protestations, in the midst of the Momentum and Corbyn stranglehold on the party mechanism. A slower burning Jared O'Mara.
  4. The thread leading up to this absolute humdinger of a Tweet is horrendous to read. Why on earth was a Momentum activist parachuted into the constituency against the wishes of the CLP? You can only hope that she's deselected by 2024.
  5. They're just trying to kill it off completely, piece by piece, to satisfy the likes of Klopp and Guardiola. First they'll take out the top seven, then any side in any of Europe's three competitions and then use attendances of 2,500 for Barnsley vs Norwich City Under-23s to justify making it a FL only tournament, with no European qualification, before burying the competition as a whole.
  6. It's been out for a while now, but Bandersnatch is incredible.
  7. Seriously though, how bad does he need to get before he gets 25thed?
  8. I just love how Twitter trolls his every post moaning about fake news by pointing out that they are, in fact, fake news. 😂😂😂
  9. I think that's fair. The Conservatives made it pretty much a single issue election as they knew the 45% or so who wanted Brexit done above all else would latch onto it, and it worked very well indeed. Couple this with Labour's being pretty unclear and woolly on the issue, as well as being burdened with a weak leader to boot, and the outcome was fairly obvious. The problem is that the government is now exposed as one to win an election and get Brexit done with very limited substance beyond it. A single issue campaign is one thing, but a single issue party in power will look poor when out of its comfort zone. It is, as you say, a very weak Cabinet handpicked for compliance rather than competence. Up against the weak leadership and shadow cabinet of 2019, they could just about get away with it. Putting them up against a far more able LOTO and Shadow Cabinet leaves them looking even more exposed. I think a massive issue is that they are always too slow off the mark. They appear to be stuck between wanting to govern according to traditional Tory instincts, such as with the NHS surcharge and reluctance to extend food vouchers for FSM children, and having to govern more in line with the promises they made to break down the Red Wall. By the time they implement policies to engage the latter, it has become very clear that it was a forced decision as they would've preferred the former. On early evidence, it does look as though they're probably going to struggle to hold on to some of the newly won seats like Bolsover and Sedgefield - especially considering that they have a number of MPs who clearly didn't expect to win and appear to be rather unprepared.
  10. The government is, by this stage, showing itself to be worryingly out of touch and incompetent. Surely even a good number of Tory voters, particularly those voting for them for the first time to 'get Brexit done' must be getting concerned by now? Weekly u-turns after initially doubling down on their previous position, including somehow getting politically outmanouevered by a 22-year-old footballer, is massively worrying ahead of already mishandled Brexit negotiations entering the final stages. Johnson is still struggling at PMQs, bizarrely resorting to asking Starmer whether schools are safe to reopen after weeks of ignoring LOTO attempts to co-operate, gaffes from Cabinet ministers that would normally destroy their credibility seem to be on a weekly basis by this stage and Sunak is being venerated, seemingly because he's one of the few able to articulate a sentence without speaking in tongues. I would like to ask a first-time Tory voter, rather than a member of the cult of Boris or Holy Brexit, whether or not they're massively disappointed by the performance of those they voted for thus far.
  11. Be interesting to see how Forest fans react to this to be honest.
  12. Thanks. I can do some research later.
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