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  1. Palace - Breathtakingly arrogant fans who think they invented singing at games and Selhurst Park is the Westfalenstadion of the Premier League. A spell in the Championship will disabuse them of that delusion. Burnley - Dyche's victim mentality desperately needs some justification. Team adds nothing to the league in terms of entertainment or attractive football. Aston Villa - Imagine if Forest had made up the numbers in the Premier League for a few years? Yeah, that. Leeds in the PL, along with WBA to a lesser extent, will be a breath of fresh air once fans are back - I for one was delighted to see the back of clubs like Bournemouth and Watford when they were replaced by West Brom and Leeds. Proper PL clubs, proper PL grounds and proper PL support at the KP rather than 1500 just about filling the corner blocks.
  2. You just know we're going to get the best group possible in terms of away days and then not be able to go. Braga for THAT stadium, Plzen for the beer and then Omonia as "somewhere 'ot" for Your Dad.
  3. This'll probably be a bit 'famous last words,' but the more I fiddle with that simulator, the more convinced I am that we'll progress to the last 32. Only one group so far has looked like it'd be a serious struggle to get out of - Napoli, PSV and Lille would all be tricky and require us to use our strongest XI in all of the matches, putting serious strain on the squad. Most of the Pot 4 sides however, and even some of the Pot 2 sides, look like winnable fixtures. This is especially true given that some of the more horrible Eastern European tours won't have the home advantage of a raucous crowd to contend with. Red Star Belgrade in an empty Marakana is a very different proposition to playing in front of the Delije.
  4. I fancy a woman advertising Tena products. What is my life? This should come a lot later than 36.
  5. I can't think what's funnier. The Brian Clough Trophy being a third tier fixture or our reserves smashing one or even both of them in the Checkatrade Trophy.
  6. If we win the EL, we go into the 21-22 CL as seeds. Absolutely worth the gamble if we get there.
  7. **** me, you can tell it's a post-Brexit world when people are genuinely defending use of the term 'coloured.'
  8. Cheese savouries Chilli salted chicken Salt and vinegar crisps Olives Feta Hummus Poppadoms
  9. Don't eat Maryland anything less than piping hot unless you want your toilet bowl to look as though it's been jetwashed with Bovril. Last time I did it, my ringpiece was like a Skyline brake light.
  10. This government are actually taking the piss, aren't they? How is it possible for them to be this inept?
  11. Gherkins are the bollocks. I ask for extra with my Maccies. Fish and chips without vinegar is incomplete. This is science.
  12. The only thing wrong with this post is the words. Liver, indeed any offal, should be consumed only in a famine.
  13. That Italy shirt makes me nostalgic for Puma making City kits.
  14. Liver and onions belongs in the Great Depression with tapioca.
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