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  1. I could actually see that one being a bad fit.
  2. Dan LCFC


    Which they lost 0-3 Anyone remember the second leg of that where they won 0-2 and you had one of their fans ringing up totally unaware they'd won 0-2, he thought they drew 0-0 he'd been to the game as well.
  3. Dan LCFC


    Think the geography of it probably matters more though. The Ricoh is genuinely annoying to access if you don't drive, it's probably equal to our ground being at Fosse Park, possibly even worse.
  4. Dan LCFC


    It is genuinely mental how much crap has gone on at Coventry and for how long. Building the Ricoh was a disaster. I'm too young to have done Highfield Road but that wasn't even a bad sized ground was it? In a far better location too. It's madness that they moved.
  5. Agreed fully. Ideal pre-season in my eyes is a load of local-ish aways to lower league sides, a foreign away like Lille last year and a testing home game to round it off, again like we had against Valencia last year.
  6. I can't tell if they're just trying to bring in hungrier players, but ultimately making too many gambles in the process, or if they're absolutely cheating themselves and not bringing in a lot better. I think they'll take a good 2/3 years to fix, I just can't tell if this is part of fixing the problem or if it's not actually solving anything. They're making the signings I'd expect Bournemouth to make.
  7. FFS. Went to Cambridge last year for a neutral game to tick it off. Typical. Good one for a lot of our fans though I'd imagine loads haven't been there. We've not played them in years.
  8. Jesus Christ, didn't realise that.
  9. Hughton is so nailed on for West Brom yet so nailed on for Middlesbrough too. They need to clone the bloke.
  10. I've got a weird feeling they'll be a surprise package this season Brighton. That's some turnaround from a week ago where I thought they were basically nailed on for the drop. I do wonder if they haven't actually recruited that badly and that it's more that Hughton's too limited to get the best from some of these players. Could be being very harsh but I'll be intrigued to see how they do. Potter's intrigued me for a while. He was someone I hoped we'd have looked at (I would sooner Rodgers though).
  11. We'd be mad to turn down a good offer for Gray to be honest. He's had long enough now.
  12. I'd be quite happy with this actually. Makes sense.
  13. Potter's got something a bit different about him. Not going to say he'll be a huge success but it isn't impossible that he is - Hughton on the other hand I think would've taken Brighton down next year, either that or sacked mid-season. As others have stated fair play to Brighton for striving for better.
  14. I bizarrely ended up watching Stoke v Rotherham a month or so ago and I weirdly think on that showing we're best sending our stronger side to Rotherham
  15. You're wrong. They'd have to do contracts / expiring within 3 months actually
  16. This absolutely reeks of flop.
  17. It's overdue to be honest if it's true. Got to respect him for how many years he's been here but if we are serious about progressing to another level (which the training ground suggests we are) then we've got to bring in people who fit that. Beaglehole's football isn't really conduisive to developing top youngsters and it's ruthless but we can and should upgrade really.
  18. Dan LCFC

    Alex Telles

    If we did sell Chilwell this is who I cheekily wanted. This would be a superb signing.
  19. I don't remember the game taking place but it was Chelsea on the final day.
  20. Biggest shambles, lack of direction club in the league are paying out the most money to their directors. Incredible.
  21. Great minds here. Same team and same signings
  22. My only worry is Leipzig are very very savvy and they're working their way right up the ladder, they're the sort of club I'd like us in for the same player as, not necessarily ones that they've already signed and deemed not good enough. But you never know really, £17.5mil isn't THAT silly for a young striker nowadays if they're any good.
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