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  1. I'd imagine playing for us it's "put on transfer list" I genuinely don't have a problem with the fact we get cards but it's the timing of them. We're already a winger down and he handballs while on a yellow. ****ing single figure IQ football.
  2. Back-up right winger gets a yellow card next game, then handballs when on a booking. Sent off. I'm trying to make scientific sense but this is just stupid. Are they thick or what?
  3. and right on cue, my winger gets a 6 week injury on international duty. Sighs.
  4. I don't but my problem isn't so much with frequency of injuries - it's the frequency I seem to lose literally everybody in one particular position for a game or two. I think I rotate quite well. I genuinely think we've just been a bit unlucky.
  5. I agree and I normally roll my eyes at the word scripting so I feel an absolute twat for using it but there have been a few instances of things happening where I do feel something isn't quite right. The cup draws one is the biggest one to me - that just cannot be by chance. I amended my ihstructions in that game and they still committed the silly fouls, got suspended and I was left with two strikers on the wing for the next game. I think using strikers as an example was an error regarding specifically suspensions, although I got a bit shafted for injuries last season - had a three month injury to my main pressing forward in late January, opted to not get another in on loan and to use the back-up pressing forward - he gets the same injury the game after the window shuts. Annoying as I'd deliberately rotated my entire XI for the cup games, kept somehow winning, yet ended up getting my players snapped anyway. I ultimately am not bemoaning the save. We've got the 19th biggest wage bill in La Liga, have come 7th the last two seasons and made the semis of the Europa League II, so I'm obviously doing something quite right, I'm just slightly ****ed off at a few little things but they're not really major issues, if you get me.
  6. Don't get me wrong, we are quite an aggressive team so I feel like a bit of a twat moaning about yellow cards, but it just seems like the frequency that we go from having 3/4 players available in one position to precisely 0 is ridiculous. Ahead of the final game of last season, a crunch game with Valencia, I lost both of my left backs in training injuries and had to play a right back there. The frequency I seem to find myself having to put together a stupidly makeshift side does my head in. I had one game as well where I have three wingers, all of them are one yellow card away from a suspension, one of them gets sent off so I bring the other on, and then the other two get booked it just seems like we stagger suspensions & injuries terribly. It's either awful luck or scripting. The cup draws are fixed and I'm sure of it. I don't know if there's something I'm missing in the seeding rules for the Copa Del Rey but the fact the top four sides all got the easiest possible draw on four occasions, the odds of that must be in the thousands, that's either scripting or some rule that I've missed. What I hate about fixture lists is how badly they mix up home and away games. Such a basic part of the game you would imagine and I am routinely getting fixture lists where we'll have 3, even 4 home games in a row, and then the same for away games. It's totally unrealistic and so easy to fix. They do need a new system for team talks. I still feel like I can't really get my message across at times. I had another silly one yesterday. An absolutely ridiculous game, actually, away at Villarreal where Villarreal went down to 10 men in the 55th minute, then went 1-0 up in the 83rd, then we scored in the 89th and 90th, and then proceeded to chuck it in the 96th. I was absolutely livid and yet the game somehow registers what happened as a good outcome because we drew away at a 'better' side (who we've finished above the last two seasons FWIW), even though we have absolutely failed to capitalise on them having ten men and done it spectacularly, yet if I bollock them, it will piss them off?
  7. Sorry Des, was meant to reply to you on this yesterday. I'll stick with the default. I'm trusting Simeone's work here.
  8. Many thanks to @Des. for organising the tournament. Very disappointed that we couldn't pull off 1-0 wins in the semis and final but I'm happy enough to settle for 3-1 and 2-1. Uruguay never let me down. Andorra for my next campaign please if there is another!
  9. Hahahahahahahahahaha how the ****ing hell has that happened
  10. The fixing of 1-0s is working a treat. It's taken some time but I'm glad we managed to scab through the group stages with our friends Turkey doing us a big favour on the final day - the group stages were just a chance for us to practice our skills, I'm delighted that we have finally mastered the art. Two more please. It's time to destroy that robot Haaland and Odegaard can do one too.
  11. Do you really think I do it for any other reason than to jinx the opposite?
  12. YES YES YES! Thank you Des for finally fixing me a 1-0 win, three more please!
  13. I always felt our Mahrez replacement was Maddison - obviously they don't play in the same position but I mean as the creativity in this side shifted to the midfield from out wide. It's true though however we haven't gotten close to replacing Mahrez in his actual position since he went. Ghezzal was out of his depth, Diabate wasn't good enough and Perez, I don't know, he just isn't anything like him, I see Perez as more stylistically like Okazaki than Mahrez and yet we play him wide. It's a pointless argument really. Mahrez isn't coming back.
  14. Mahrez is the missing puzzle piece to this side. He'd be brilliant in this team.
  15. That's the title race basically done and dusted. Another night with no home wins. Having some right luck with betting on away wins too. So far had Dusseldorf to win at Koln and Freiburg to win at Frankfurt, both of them bottled two goal leads however I was saved by early payout
  16. Annoyingly that last minute goal I conceded has cost us a game with Uzbekistan although I wouldn't discount them on this showing
  17. How have Croatia landed a group of Iceland, Algeria and Uzbekistan and not picked up a single point
  18. Yeeeeees!!! Algeria for us in the next round I believe.
  19. I reckon if Turkey win 8-0 I'm out but yes we'll take this. I'm calling a 90th minute Portugal goal.
  20. Ah for **** sake. Draw put us through as well. Am I right in saying that as long as Portugal don't beat Turkey, I'm through? I drew with Turkey and hammer their GD, and I beat Portugal so beat them on H2H.
  21. Sorry for the triple post but I also think they need to change team talks, particularly post-match, I'll give you an example. I've just played Barcelona at home in the cup, played genuinely well but lost 0-2, the first a free kick from a stupidly overpowered Dybala, and the second was a counter attack right at the end. Basically - we played well, I cannot bollock them at all for that, I thought they did really well but ultimately got picked off by a side who are just about the best on the game. I tell them "good effort, it wasn't meant to be" and am met with a load of red reactions. I'd like to see some kind of overhaul that leads to maybe even a 2/3 message dialogue where you can actually tell them that they did well but ultimately got picked off by unstoppable quality. That game wasn't worth a bollocking but at the same time, I don't want to praise a 0-2 loss. PS **** the Copa Del Rey.
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