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  1. Absolutely awful shout! We don't owe the guy anything, infact he owes for all the mistakes he made last season when covering for Kasper - it was about one a game if I remember!

    Plus I don't think he's much of a team player for us if he writes articles like this spreading rumours and negativity! http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/10214122/leicester-citys-mark-schwarzer-believes-they-face-tough-challenges

    When Ranieri had come out the previous week and said Leicester would be his last club!

  2. Anyone read Mark Schwarzers article on sky sports?

    Pretty love headed article to be far but get the feel it is more like he is an in-house journalist rather than a team member.

    Said we need to be working hard to keep hold of key players and Ranieri in the summer, all true but also only adds fuel to the fire when you have some of the players and manager speaking to the media about just concentrating on the job, enjoying their time at the club and either retiring here or seeing out the whole contract



    Going to have to link that for me. I went to find it and just found Niall Quinn saying we're going to choke! :(




    Schwarzer can do one! Think he's a bit bitter he's not playing perhaps!


    Ranieri has come out and said last week that Leicester is his last job and he wouldnt take the Italy job.


    The message from the camp should be concentrate on the next game, not make up rumours/stories about we may struggle with impending departures!

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