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  1. Why? This is the best sqaud of players we have ever had. If we can't get over excited now, when can we? **** it we gonna win the league.
  2. Going to be expensive that with the new fining system in place for breaches.
  3. One of my favorite away days despite the result. Remember Ipswich on the pitch at the end goading us but wouldn't come past the penalty area. They filtered out only to run back in to the stadium about a minute later as 1k fans were chased by about 20 lads in Krishna outfits who had been in the seats.
  4. Absolute bollocks. They were lucky to get 1.
  5. Watching the game by the pool on my honeymoon in Cape Verde. Great days.
  6. Gary Coatsworth was as hard as anyone we have ever had. That tackle in the play offs against Derby sent Paul Simpson about four foot in the air. Also saw him in a ressies game where he managed to take out 2 of his team mates and 1 of the opposition in a challenge. Absolute nut case.
  7. Some may say that not using him from the start of the season instead of buying Ghezzal is one of his worst decisions...
  8. The new King Cobra leading the quiver to a European challenge next season.
  9. What an utterly twattish thing to say.
  10. 5 weeks tomorrow I am off on my honeymoon to Cape Verde. Staying in Sal. Has anybody else been before and if so recommend things to do out there? Places to go, bars etc.
  11. But that is because half the time we are losing so have to come out fighting. There has to be a reason for it as it is happening much. There has been comments about over training on here. Perhaps we are not warming up enough, however I think it is a motivational, switched on problem. The problem begins and stops with the manager. He seems unable or unwilling to change the way things are done and it is costing us.
  12. Did not understand why Maddison got hauled after 60 mins.
  13. Good performance after the first 15 minutes. Poor start cost us again. Probably deserved a point. Mandy lucky not to be sent off. Poor starts happening often to be unlucky. Needs addressing asap!
  14. When we played Middlesborough at home the season we went up is pissed it down. The groundsmen spent the entire ht clearing the water from half we were attacking. Left the other half waterlogged.
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