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  1. No. We lost to a team that got knocked out of the chanpions league by the mighty Midtjylland 4-1. Let that sink in for how bad we have been tonight. Make no mistake, this is up there for one of the worst games in Leicesters history when you look what it would have meant to the club and us fans. Like Wycombe in the cup 20 years ago.
  2. What a waste of space this guy is. No pace, no strength, no teamwork. Get rid now. No point in delaying the inevitable. Would rather see one of the youngsters than him.
  3. He was crap but hard as nails. He came back from an ACL after about 5 months too. I remember seeing him in a reserve game once and there was 4 players who went up for the ball (3 of them Leicester players). He cleaned them all out at the same time without flinching. One of them was Scott Eustace who was 6'3 and built like a brick shit house.
  4. Maybe but at least I am not a pc pansy like you. I can tell you think you are superior in some way. Anyway you still have not answered the question we are all dying to know. Do you think Alex Scott is fit or not?
  5. No you haven't missed anything. Apparently my opinion of her punditry skills is invalid because I also think she is attractive. This in turn makes me a weirdo sex case apparently as she is talking about football. I still do not know at which point it is ok to find her attractive as there does not seem to be a line drawn.
  6. Actually you keep saying I am all angry when in fact I am sitting at work laughing about the millitant bollocks you are spouting. What is worse is you call me dense yet you can't see where you have double standards because it suites the Snowflake agenda. I am not offended by anything you have said. You were offended by me finding Alex Scott attractive. How you think by me finding someone attractive on the tele is sexualising girls in the workplace (actually you should be using the term female) is just plain weird. Alex Scott is fit. There I said it. I also think s
  7. How dare you! You should not be listening to their accent as they are there to analyse football not where they were brought up.
  8. So you can make a joke about it if it is a man but if I had said it about Alex Scott then I would be berated for it by what I believe would be the minority of snowflakes on the forum. Double standards again. I disagree that I am the one having a nightmare on here.
  9. So it is wrong to find her attractive because the TV companies employed her knowing she is attractive. Ok then...
  10. How can you hold the moral high ground then laugh at Suzies comment. That is blatant doube standards. If you find it offensive for me to suggest that Alex Scott is Fit (she is) than how is it ok for Suzie to say that she finds Shearer fit? I think for the record Suzie should be allowed to say that.
  11. Again, no one has said that. Do you really think that the TV companies would have hired her if she looked like Jabba the Hut? That of course is a seperate debate entirely.
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