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  1. Used to play Sleepy Jean for start of the second half in the 90's if I remember rightly under O'Neil. Remeber the Kop always singing **** off Mark Mcghee, oh what can it mean, to a Leicester supporter and we're, in the Premier League. Great times.
  2. Seems like a bit of a media witch hunt to me. Loads of other footballers mentioned yet they have not been pictured behaving like a young lad on a lads holiday. The bulk of it will be made up bullshit anyway.
  3. I put in m0ng but it changed it to disabled for some reason hence why I used the 0 instead of the o now. I changed it to twatty anyway which is more apt.
  4. Can not believe this load of cry baby shite has been repped. We truly have some twatty supporters. Absolute embarassment.
  5. Anyone slagging Maddison off is a cheesey bellend. I swear some of you do not deserve to watch a player of his class in a Leicester shirt. We were unlucky. Very good first half but got more and more desperate as the game went on. We had more than enough chances to win 3 games but could not take them. They had 3 or 4 decent chances and took 2 of them. It happens. All this not turning up bollocks. Have a look at the stats of possession and chances people. Shit happens at football sometimes and it was our turn tonight.
  6. Well that was crap. Danny Ings was different class today.
  7. Man City used to be the preferable, more likeable team from Manchester before the oil money. They seem to have become entitled, spoiled little shits like the Red half in the last few years. Makes them very hard to like as they become as odious as United. I hope that we can emulate them and become as odious a club to other fans as they have become. It means we are successful. I just hope as fans we keep remembering where we have come from and appreciate rather than expect unlike theirs.
  8. http://www.stadium-maps.com/facts/epl_facebook_table.html Do not know how accurate it is but it says we are the 7th best in global support in the Premier League. A long way behind the big 6 though. What is interesting is how well Man City have done to overtake Arsenal. Just shows what happens when you are successful. 10 years ago thry would not have been anywhere near them.
  9. I heard Ian Holloway bumbling on about Grealish being in the England squad at the expense of Maddison earlier in the week on Talk Sport. Think that argument has been well and truly put to bed today.
  10. Thanks. I'll be watching my son in a Shakespeare play. Oh the joys of parenthood.
  11. I worry that if he was to go the players would look to move on too as soon as they can. If he stays the all in it together spirit will be even stronger. Brendan is like the beautiful girl you have managed to pull but you know will eventually blow you off for somebody better looking...
  12. No, benching a player because he has one below par game to give him a kick up the arse is beyond foolish. This is the same player who has been on fire the previous couple of months.
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