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  1. Hilarious. Just as funny as the first, second and third time this has been written...
  2. Why is it that one match he can look like the English Messi and then the next like Josh Low? Really want him to be one of the great Leicester players especially as he is one of our own but he needs to start manning up a bit more. Was pointless tonight as was Perez.
  3. Any team in the prem would miss Ricardo, Ndidi, Vardy and a fully fit Maddison. Add Soyuncu to the mix and half of our strongest team are missing. We will be fine. We are not the greatest prem team when we won the first 3 games and we are not nearly the worst because we have lost a couple. Give it some perspective people.
  4. Absolutely senfookinsational. As good as Southampton away last season.
  5. Great win. Very good performance. Justin is a weak link defensively.
  6. Northampton Town on there as well now. Who the **** are they? Think we have played them like 3 times in my lifetime that I can remember and I am 45.
  7. Surely this points towards a certain somebody as the mole in the camp. A few of the ITK's seem to be put out by this too. If it is to do with having a big mouth and a disruptive attitude then I do not care how long he has been at the club and the association. Loyalty to the club and the people you work with is massively important. If you can not rely on people to toe the club line then they deserve all they get imo.
  8. Disappointed obviously but thought we were the better team in the first half but awful defending cost us any chance of getting anything after 35 mins. Ryan Bennett is not a prem defender. Johnny Evans is a lucky boy to have stayed on the pitch. Oh and I hate Harry Kane the great goal scoring bellend that he is.
  9. So far this season I have witnessed more winning games and scoring 4+ goals in them then I can ever remember as a Leicester fan. The 9-0 will possibly never be beaten again in my lifetime. The run we are on is bad but the enjoyment of watching this team for the most part of the season has exceeded any other season for me apart from when we won the league. The league win is half the problem though as we become a little entitled so as soon as we hit a bad spell it is sack the manager. We are THIRD in the best league in the world ffs. If we stay there then brilliant but
  10. Think it was a fair result overall. Man Utd in 5th not gained on us. Great strikes for both goals.
  11. Used to play Sleepy Jean for start of the second half in the 90's if I remember rightly under O'Neil. Remeber the Kop always singing **** off Mark Mcghee, oh what can it mean, to a Leicester supporter and we're, in the Premier League. Great times.
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