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  1. Playing like he has long covid. One of the worst performances from one of our players this season. Another who can do one for the right money.
  2. Absolute horror show from the team tonight especially Ndidi and Soyuncu. Bottling it again and Rogers should have gone 433 after 10 minutes. Total bottle job from him too. We saw this insistance of 3 at the back last year and it cost us dearly. I have a feeling it has just done the same in the last 2 games.
  3. Coming up to Leicester for the game from Essex. Going to watch it with my sister and brother in law as well as my son and daughter. Could have gone to a pub in London to watch it but thought it would be better to come home to watch us if I can't get to Wembley.
  4. What has he done that actually makes him a hot prospect? We very rarely get it wrong when players go. If he wasn't Nani's cousin would we be so sure he is the real deal. If he isn't going to sign a new contract with us, bin him off now and lets see how many of the big European teams actually do come in for him. I have a feeling he is closer to Barnsley level than Benfica.
  5. I definitely remember it being said from a Man Utd fan on here when we signed him that he was out for over a year due to a knee injury. He also said we had a decent player on our hands. And he was decent, the best holding midfielder in the Championship the season we went up under Pearson. Not quite at it in the Prem but if anybody thinks he has bled more than he should out of the club should think that him and Drinky together helped us reach the Pinnacle and the £100m a season dream of the Premier League. £1m transfer fee and £10m in wages doesn't sound too bad when you put it t
  6. What a rubbsh, ill thought out list that is.
  7. It was Megson in charge for the replayed game. He walked out about 5 mins after the game had started so he did not bring the attention on him or something and we gave them a goal start.
  8. *I heard that he injured his knee again after banging it on the back of Ayoze's settee when the lights were off. *Disclaimer - Completely made up!
  9. To be fair he doesn't look fully fit to me. Cut a frustrated figure for the most part.
  10. Proper excited for the game tonight. Where last season there was a feeling that we were going to throw away top 4 from Christmas, it seems we have been getting stronger in the main this season. Just wish we could all be at the game as I reckon it would have been fabulous atmosphere tonight with so much to play for. 3-0 Vardy 2 and Nacho.
  11. Akso when he says the big club should have more than the little club and more votes. Why? Being a well supported club does not make you better than anyone club. If you want more money than the not so big clubs then earn it through performance rather than self importance.
  12. Easy win. Saved energy in the second half. On to Palace on Monday. A few wins away for a top 4 place. Hopefully have it wrapped up before the final so we can go full pelt at that too.
  13. Or poetic justice that we have profitted from them being out in the cold for a season or 2 rather than the other way round and eternity of the ESL proposal.
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