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  1. They got a new patio out of it...
  2. You remember wrong then. A young Andy King had him in his back pocket. So much so there was a thread on here about it with pictures of Delph coming out of every place of his body.
  3. The love isle of Ibiza for a week for my first. Divorced that one and now have to plan another for 2019!! Think she wants to go to a West Indian isle, I'd be happy with Magaluf!! Guess who is going to win that one...
  4. When did they win the Prem then? Too many have little Leicester complex on here. We were one of the most talked about clubs in the world 12 months ago. We have rich owners and made the quarter finals of the Champions League. What was the last thing that a Southampton or an Everton won? We may not be nor ever will be the biggest club in England but everyone seems to forget Man City and Chelsea were not that much bigger than Leicester before their owners came in and used to regularly yo yo between the top 2 leagues like us.
  5. Would be really funny if we have used Ihenacho to force Watford and Deeneys hand.
  6. Let him go. Done **** all since January. No stomach for a fight and I bet we have seen the best of him.
  7. So so negative...
  8. If he doesn't then he does not get paid. Up to him....
  9. That is the issue. They want one, we don't.
  10. Even more interesting when Athletico are on a transfer ban..
  11. I agree. I would prefer they buy Musa over Vardy too!!
  12. A well thought out response I thought...
  13. Have a day off from being a bell end.
  14. Fixed for you
  15. Athlete turned footballer just like Schlupp. Get rid and stop pretending he is going to be any good. If we keep him for another 6 years he might be blah blah blah.