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  1. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    This shit is as bad as anything we served up under Claudio. 8 men behind the ball all the time and not tried to play any kind of football. Absolutely appalling. I was glad Shakespear got the job but seriously what formation and tactics are we playing. Can only see an 8-0-2 hoofball. We are the dullest team in the Prem right now. Even more than West Brom.
  2. Demari Gray's Attitude

    I personally couldn't care less about any attitude he has or hasn't got. I just want to see his potential fulfilled. Only he can do that by buckling down and working at the mental side of his game. If he doesn't he will be another over hyped English player plying his trade in the championship 3 seasons from now. As for being arrogant, all top flair players have it. I don't recall him slagging the fans off etc. So give the kid a break.
  3. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Money bags Burnley.
  4. Deceased Armed Robbers Family Set Up Funding Page

    They got a new patio out of it...
  5. Steve Howard has left the club

    You remember wrong then. A young Andy King had him in his back pocket. So much so there was a thread on here about it with pictures of Delph coming out of every place of his body.
  6. Honeymoons - Where did you go!?

    The love isle of Ibiza for a week for my first. Divorced that one and now have to plan another for 2019!! Think she wants to go to a West Indian isle, I'd be happy with Magaluf!! Guess who is going to win that one...
  7. "Surprise" Departures

    Let him go. Done **** all since January. No stomach for a fight and I bet we have seen the best of him.
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

    I agree. I would prefer they buy Musa over Vardy too!!
  9. We are a Premier League team. If we wanted someone else to get the job we would have got them.
  10. Players we had on trial but never signed for us

    Stewart Slater under O'Neil. Turned us down while we were in the Prem to sign for Watford in what is now The Championship as they were offering him a longer contract.
  11. He is so slow that he looks injured to me. Safety can not come quick enough to get him rested ready for next season. Always has one bad season then a great one since he joined us.
  12. Chilwell

    Played very well. Needs to learn how to use his right foot too though. If he can work on that and crossing, he will be a top player.
  13. Is this it?

    Not sure whether it is the end of an era back to average or the start of a new one. Think quite a few of the team may go in the summer. Who replaces them is going to be the key. I hope that Shakespeare gets confirmed as the permanent manager asap so he can assess who is staying or going and start to put his own stamp on his team. Exciting to see what happens but I doubt we will ever achieve what we have done over the last 2 years again. You never know though. What we have done shows anything is possible with an amazing spirit and togetherness and a little bit of ability too.
  14. Trouble in Madrid

    Gerrimim to em - **** em up!!