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  1. Yes. Good signings coupled with the youngsters a year older and a manager that is a massive upgrade on this time last season. Disappointing to lose Maguire but I see us finishing higher than last year.
  2. Reacts to these unfunny puns Lewis Whataloadofsadtwats
  3. He has negotiated a world record fee for a defender. A defender that he negotiated to buy for less than a quarter of that world record fee. Let that sink in a little...
  4. Great player but not a world beating fee one. Will be missed but not as much as others like Vardy, Maddison and Tielemans. Good deal for everyone and will definitely improve Man Utd. Just hope we can replace him with quality.
  5. Why? This is the best sqaud of players we have ever had. If we can't get over excited now, when can we? **** it we gonna win the league.
  6. This is pissing me off now. We are not standing in his way and forcing him to stay at all costs. We have a valuation for him which if met means he can go. If Man Utd do not want to pay that much then move on to someone else. It is what I would do. OGS pay the money or **** off. Man Utd stop whining like a little bitch!!
  7. When they ask me I tell them its a cob on. When they ask me what that means I say Mardy
  8. Wasn't he in the Portuguese squad for the League of Nations in the summer? If so he will not be due back till next week.
  9. He scored 12 goals last season in the Prem with a team that was massively defensive. What is not to like? How many goals did our wingers score combined last season?
  10. Going to be expensive that with the new fining system in place for breaches.
  11. Joined Hertha Berlin. Close thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48328198
  12. Except for Berbatov and Carrick obviously...
  13. I have not said he is shit have I? I simply said he does not do enough for me. No goals and no assists is a telling stat. Not shit but distinctly average with no real excellence at any skill. Taking up a wage for me and we have Hamza to develop.
  14. How many goals has he created or scored? He is not going to get in ahead of N'Didi and I don't think he is any better than Hamza who is far younger. I don't think he is any better than King although he puts himself about more. King at least pops up with the odd goal and assist. Get rid whilwe can get a fee for him.
  15. It says he was offered to Spurs in January. They must have turned the opportunity down. I would have thought he would know this already if that is the case. Doubt then he will choose to go there.
  16. Bet he is just loving life and all the adoration that he is getting. https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/riyad-mahrez-2018-2019-performances.335464/page-262
  17. One of my favorite away days despite the result. Remember Ipswich on the pitch at the end goading us but wouldn't come past the penalty area. They filtered out only to run back in to the stadium about a minute later as 1k fans were chased by about 20 lads in Krishna outfits who had been in the seats.
  18. Absolute bollocks. They were lucky to get 1.
  19. Watching the game by the pool on my honeymoon in Cape Verde. Great days.
  20. No it is a fact he did not turn up for training when he was supposed to.
  21. Yes part of the only team to win a title. That is great. He still downed tools like a whiny little bitch. That is fact.
  22. Yes part of the only team to win a title. That is great. He still downed tools like a whiny little bitch. That is fact.
  23. Mahrez is a whiny little mardy arse who has suffered by thinking the grass was greener. Treating him like a slave remember. Fvck the on strike little primadonna.
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