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  1. Well that was crap. Danny Ings was different class today.
  2. Man City used to be the preferable, more likeable team from Manchester before the oil money. They seem to have become entitled, spoiled little shits like the Red half in the last few years. Makes them very hard to like as they become as odious as United. I hope that we can emulate them and become as odious a club to other fans as they have become. It means we are successful. I just hope as fans we keep remembering where we have come from and appreciate rather than expect unlike theirs.
  3. http://www.stadium-maps.com/facts/epl_facebook_table.html Do not know how accurate it is but it says we are the 7th best in global support in the Premier League. A long way behind the big 6 though. What is interesting is how well Man City have done to overtake Arsenal. Just shows what happens when you are successful. 10 years ago thry would not have been anywhere near them.
  4. Think you might find it is infact a bap. Unless it is crusty then it definitely is a cob...
  5. I heard Ian Holloway bumbling on about Grealish being in the England squad at the expense of Maddison earlier in the week on Talk Sport. Think that argument has been well and truly put to bed today.
  6. Thanks. I'll be watching my son in a Shakespeare play. Oh the joys of parenthood.
  7. I worry that if he was to go the players would look to move on too as soon as they can. If he stays the all in it together spirit will be even stronger. Brendan is like the beautiful girl you have managed to pull but you know will eventually blow you off for somebody better looking...
  8. No, benching a player because he has one below par game to give him a kick up the arse is beyond foolish. This is the same player who has been on fire the previous couple of months.
  9. Such a stupid post for so many reasons...
  10. Tweet Is there actually a United player who gets in the Leicester team? De Gea? Martial? No way Pogba does ahead of Replying to @markgoldbridge Well Maguire presumably would. And I'd certainly take Rashford over Vardy. 11:54 PM · Nov 9, 2019·Twitter Web App Thicko glory hunting bellends. Rashford over Vardy. Needs the stupid beating out of him.
  11. I have no idea why I even found this funny but this has had me chuckling away for the last 5 minutes.
  12. We need to see how the season progresses before we compare. I doubt that the title winning team would have put 9 past Southampton and we are a point better off with a far healthier goal difference at this stage of the season. Mahrez apart this seasons team has far more match winners than the title winners although I do not think you can understate how great Kante was that season. Still for me the best player I have ever seen in a Leicester shirt. I also think our options from the bench is far stronger this season too.
  13. Little bit harsh. Kept running and made some good runs but the final ball was not great. His first start and scored. What more did you want?
  14. Also Ward had a nightmare on their goal. Straight through his hands. Was well hit but should have done much better. Great save from the half volley later on though made up for it a little.
  15. Made harder work of that than it should have been after going 2 up on 20 mins. Still good result. Thought their keeper played very well.
  16. When we were cheated by the ref against Athletico Madrid. One of the few times I have cried with frustration after a match. Still winds me up now thinking about it.
  17. You do not win 9-0 away from home in arguably the best league in the world unless you are a proper team. Enjoy it for what it is. I sit opposite a Spurs fan and hope they get battered by Liverpool so I can laud it all week over him.
  18. Best performance of my life. Unbelievable stuff. Record away win in Top Flight history.
  19. Reckon we could even give Celtic Reserves a game playing like that!!
  20. Just wow. Struggling to think of a better half of football from Leicester in my whole supprting life which is nearly 40 years. We are quite good.
  21. Buster Bloodvessel _ Bad Manners _ Me.Pete _ Flickr.html
  22. Yes. Good signings coupled with the youngsters a year older and a manager that is a massive upgrade on this time last season. Disappointing to lose Maguire but I see us finishing higher than last year.
  23. Reacts to these unfunny puns Lewis Whataloadofsadtwats
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