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  1. I'm curious as to how you get the impression that Labour don't like the electorate? Which Labour people give you this impression and where? All parties regret the electorate's decision when they lose, don't they? Or do the Tories congratulate the electorate on their wise judgment when Labour or the SNP win? I'm not sure what you mean by "decades of hand wringing", except that you perhaps feel contempt for Labour or its supporters for unexplained reasons? The direction of the party has changed quite a lot over decades, hasn't it? Foot -> Kinnock -> Blair/Brown ->
  2. I can see that Brexit allows the Tories to present themselves as new and different. A party of government being able to reinvent itself (or reinvent its image, at least) is clever, opportunistic party politics. I suppose that I just find it frustrating that so many voters can immediately accept that and almost disconnect the Johnson Govt from everything that happened between 2010 and 2019. In contrast, any baggage that Labour accumulates seems to remain in voters' minds for an eternity. Blame of Labour for the 2008 crash continued for the best part of a decade. Like May, Corby
  3. This (the bit in bold). I can understand such voters feeling that Labour didn't do enough for them in Govt or no longer represents them, in various ways. What is amazing is that the Tories have convinced them that they are the alternative! With breathtaking gall, I saw the new Tory MP for Hartlepool announce that it was "time for a change". Her party has been in Govt for 11 years and her message is "Vote us in yet again - it's time for a change!" Obviously, I get the point that the "change" is that Hartlepool has had a Labour MP for decades, but still.
  4. I agree that Labour needs to re-establish its identity. But it cannot win elections by mainly appealing to either the northern working class or to a metropolitan electorate, as neither brings in enough seats on its own. They need both. It is perfectly possible to assemble a coalition encompassing voters of more than one kind. Labour did in the past - and the Tories have currently assembled an election-winning coalition of traditional Tory voters from the prosperous shires/small towns and working-class voters from the north and midlands (and the south & Wales). The Tories have l
  5. If you took justified vengeance by burning down Pride Shame & Disgrace Park, no jury would convict you! Here's hoping that Sheff Wed or Rotherham send the Sheep down to the League One abattoir on Saturday. If so, you could get a new commemorative mug designed....
  6. One day you're Stellman and still a man. Next day you're just still, man. (Got to give your fans what they want! )
  7. Interesting that there seem to be lots of votes switching from Lab to the 2 independents and to the Greens. Walker is an ex-Labour MP involved with the Northern Independence Party & Lee seems to be standing on a platform for better social provision for the local community. If the poll is anything like accurate, it suggests to me: 1) That most of the (very large) 2019 Brexit Party vote is going Tory, not Lab.....picking a candidate known as a Remainer may be seen as a costly error, with hindsight. 2) There's a feeling that, over decades, electing Labour MPs
  8. Yep. Tories 17% ahead in Hartlepool according to today's poll. Apparently the poll had a small sample and was done a week ago, before much of the sleaze debate.....but also a lot of postal votes already cast. I'd been assuming for weeks that the Tories would win that (fairly close before; big Brexit Party vote breaking 2-1 for the Tories, even though many are ex-Labour). Also, when the TV folk ask voters in the streets of Hartlepool, they mainly seem to get people saying "I'm usually Labour, but this time Tory / not sure". That's not a representative sample, c
  9. If you had somehow made a point about polls being posted too often, that might have been worthwhile. But a poll posted a week before important elections IS worthy of discussion. Maybe a Hartlepool/Scotland/West Midlands poll might have been more interesting - but a national poll at such a time IS of some interest. Anyway, you didn't make a point about over-frequent/irrelevant polls. You apparently pretended to believe that the poll was biased, wasting everyone's time responding to that point. In other words, you were trolling and, having played a big part in gettin
  10. Nothing wrong with being argumentative. I'm one of the most argumentative twats out there. But there's argument or discussion on substance, which is worthwhile - and argument or discussion about bullshit, which I think is what resulted from your "biased polls" post. Anyway, there are much more important things in life. The sun is out, summer is coming, lockdown is ending (probably), LCFC are getting ever closer to a CL place, not to mention the FAC final, we're all alive, the world is beautiful and there are multiple ways to have fun in life. Also, though
  11. I strongly agree with most of this. I'm sure that Starmer is adopting a long-term strategic approach. Phase 1 of that is to make it clear that the party is now "under new management" (they even use that phrase) and is a credible, responsible opposition, holding the Govt to account when necessary, but supporting them when appropriate as we've been living through a national & international crisis.....a somewhat extreme comparison, admittedly, but Attlee didn't constantly criticise Churchill during WW2, he made the case for a different Labour vision when the time was right. As I'v
  12. I hadn't seen his idiotic joke about Kieth for ages.....until you made your idiotic post about biased polls. He might not have explained the joke, but I did (before the previous thread was shut). What makes the joke funny to him is that it winds certain people up. Of course, the "joke" only remains funny so long as there is some idiot who is willing to be wound up. Fortunately, you always seem to be willing to fill that role for him, so it's worth his while repeating it. He also knows that refusing to explain the joke will wind you up even more - so that makes it even funnier for h
  13. It is reminiscent of that.The big difference is that under Major all the sleaze allegations came on top of the Black Wednesday devaluation crisis, which shredded the Tory reputation for economic competence. Whereas currently the Tories continue to ride high in the polls due to the successful vaccination programme, prospect of lockdown ending etc. I'm completely unsurprised that the sleaze allegations are having little impact on the polls, as most folk pay little attention to politics that doesn't directly affect them - and assume that most politicians are dodgy or self-seeking
  14. Are you telling me that John Major rang Satan's doorbell and Edwina Currie responded? Anita Ward's hit "Ring my bell" has had a whole new meaning since all these US Christian fundamentalists on social media started warning young women that Satan's doorbell should not be rung. Back in 1979, as an innocent 16-17-year-old from an all-boys school, I remember attending a disco at the girls' school and feeling depressed at all the impossibly sophisticated 17-year-old girls, beyond reach, shimmying to that song. I wasn't invited to ring any bells that evening.
  15. This news will please my Bristol City mate, if true. Despite their bad form, he wants NP to get a long-term contract - and reckons most Bristol City fans would say the same. They mainly blame the players and previous management for their slide down the table, it seems, although they've also had a lot of injuries. My mate reckons they do have some good players there and some promising youngsters, but also some dross - and a lack of character or resilience in the squad. He'd actively want a big turnaround so 13 first-teamers out of contract might be good news...
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