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  1. Service has seriously improved compared to last summer. The investment in the website has improved significantly and was long overdue anyway.
  2. StanSP

    Love Island

    Noticed that too. Legend.
  3. Very good pressing from the front. Obviously only been on since HT so will be fresher than their players (if they didn't make changes) but we've been quite promising in the final third (apart from some of the finishing but then again their keeper was playing well).
  4. Wes looking fairly sharp. Man is a machine.
  5. Losing by 54 runs isn't all that bad really!
  6. That was harder than it looks for Iheanacho. Won't give him stick for that.
  7. Nah, that's just Silva, Ghezzal and Iheanacho coming on
  8. Off the line! We really aren't scoring today
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