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  1. 1994 we last beat them at home. We broke the Arsenal hoodoo this season so time to break the West Brom at home one too!
  2. I get what you're saying but a) there's not a chance any of those (apart from Toney perhaps) move to Brighton and b) even if they did bid that much, it'd be far too low a bid for those players.
  3. haha I thought it was Castagne randomly for some reason
  4. The 2 at the bottom could be Perez and Barnes Please re-do and re-submit!
  5. their injury list is pretty messed up to be fair!
  6. And this is the 'excuse' from the Police... So you draw your gun instead of your taser. Lack the focus to realise. And still shoot it. Just wow.
  7. I am fuming. I swapped out Rahul for Buttler. And it was he or Samson who I was in a dilemma about
  8. Was Evans the one that drunkenly stole a taxi while at West Brom? Seems that wrongdoing didn't really matter to anyone on here when he was signed...
  9. I'd gladly try and get Pereira in summer if West Brom go down.
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