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  1. 8 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

    'If one of your parents is invited for the jab, but the other one isn't, tell them to ask about them both being done at the same time.

    I'm sure it will depend on who is organising the jabs, but I know four sets of over 70s where one was invited first because of health issues. In all cases they explained that they would prefer to only leave the house once rather than twice and the appointments were rearranged to allow for both doing together.'


    From another forum, this might be relevant to a few on here:thumbup:

    Does this not take a vaccine away from someone who is in line with the priority groups? 

  2. 15 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

    The fact its never happened before, as far as I am aware, shows that it might not happen again but that's probably usually down to players not attempting to win the ball back because they assume they're offside. Did Rodri know the rule or was he just being a nuisance fully expecting to be offside? I expect the latter. 


    Player plays a through ball, defenders attempts to intercepts, gets a toe to it but doesn't fully intercept, player who was offside picks up the ball and scores. This now stands? 


    Hard enough to defend with the delayed flags, and now this as well. 

    This exact scenario happened in a Liverpool vs Spurs game. Ball was played through, Lovren swung a leg at it, missed it, Kane profited and scored despite being in an offside position. 


    Liverpool's argument was that Kane was in an offside position when initial ball played through. 

    Spurs argument was that Lovren deliberately went to play the ball and therefore rendered Kane's position not offside. 


    Again though, at that time, I don't think the referee's (think it was Jon Moss again!?) knew what the ruling was but allowed the goal to stand. 

  3. I think it'll happen so many times in the next few weeks, then it'll happen to Liverpool or Man Utd. There'll be a huge clamour and controversy and absolute uproar about it. Then the rule will change because they need to be pandered to. Possibly because their managers are outright moany cvnts who throw every single toy out of their pram when things don't go their way. 

  4. Everton fans up in arms (like we would be) because MOTD did a 'big six mini league' including the 'big six' and us lol

    Obviously 7 teams there but they've included Arsenal instead of Everton. Chelsea in 8th there too. 


    Some fans saying we're only there because we're 'flavour of the month' as if we've not been in the top 4 or top 6 all season...

  5. 2 minutes ago, AS78UK said:

    Speaking to a colleague at work today, there grandma had Covid in October, survived and was one of the first patients to get covid Pfizer vaccine in December, she had the second dose earlier this month.   Scarily she has now tested positive for Covid again. They believe a different strain....but what does that say about the vaccine.....

    How long was it before the 2nd dose and the positive test?

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