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  1. are you saying Puel is just like Taylor? if so Puel out!!!!
  2. Yeah they've been pretty picturesque recently. Very dramatic on some nights. Today is quite bland in comparison
  3. 12/13 season - took til 11th game away at Birmingham to draw Before that, it's all the way back to the 1990/91 season took til 13th game at home to Swindon to draw. In 1987/88, it was the 10th game at home to Ipswich.
  4. The irony that you complain about someone not being able to read yet you can't string a proper sentence together
  5. it's never that simple given it's September. They're playing crap right now but one of those will pull away I reckon and other teams will get sucked in. Most likely it'll be Newcastle to get enough.
  6. Strong, resolute performance. Cannot complain at all with the way the team performed. Not to say it was entirely perfect as some of the passing was a bit underwhelming but in terms of controlling the game, the game management, discipline of the side and professionalism, that's a very good win. Mendy & Maguire were superb I thought. Both controlled their areas of the pitch and the latter with his goal was deserved. Mendy's work-rate is so valuable in this line-up. Didn't give Shelvey or any other midfielders of theirs time to dictate the game. Ndidi was better today, too. T
  7. I'm very much enjoying it but Freddie is getting right on my tits. Why the hell does he have to shout at everything? He's one person I'd want to slap in the face regularly. He's over compensating for his sexuality I think when there's no need.
  8. er why? What about going abroad? Plenty of clubs in Europe would love to have a player like him. Even if it wasn't Juve there are much better teams than us that could get him. Plus he's probably on huge wages which we wouldn't pay him (We could, but I doubt we would). I think it's delusional to think he would entertain the thought of a move to us.
  9. Not with Juve rumoured to get him. He's far too good for us. Arsenal are fools letting him go. One of their best players of recent seasons.
  10. And they decked out the stadium with their banners from White Hart Lane/Wembley. All the 'to dare is to do' stuff.
  11. https://twitter.com/FootballCliches/status/1044533359043641345?s=19
  12. Pablo Fornals doing his best Jamie Vardy impression tonight.
  13. Yep. It gets tiresome. Well said. Fully agree. It's as if people would rather have a performing monkey in charge and be more entertained as opposed to someone who's not that but still trying his best to get good results with a promising squad. For those, they can have people like Martin Allen and Ian Holloway back in charge. Their results were superb...
  14. The 'Two-Together' railcard. Me and my mate going to London for all 3 NFL games next month and getting train each time. Only costs £30 per year. We've already pretty much made that saving with one return journey booked for the first weekend's game. A journey which would have cost us £75 in total now only costs £47. Almost too good to be true but it's a wise purchase if you know you're gonna be travelling together on each journey.
  15. Hahahaha as if I've just seen these actual words on a comment
  16. Think overall we deserved that win anyway. Happy for Ward as that would have given him a lot of confidence. First half was better than second half but still some good stuff on show. Defence was pretty decent today but for a couple of lapses in concentration. Same with the passing.
  17. penalties for half an hour then extra-time.
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