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  1. bit late to the party as I've been on holiday but what a way for Cook to bow out of his test career. Any cricket-loving fan would and should appreciate how well he's done there and how momentous that final innings was. Very happy for him that he could bow out like that. Epitomised how classy a player and professional he is and has been over the years. As some have said a few pages ago, perhaps 4-1 flatters England a little (?) but it's still a deserved win overall. Key moments in sessions in certain test played a big part.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 70 seconds  
  3. Yes mate. I was sat right in front of it
  4. Concepcion what a name. Could be done my Xmas then by sounds of it. 600kg each though. Hope they're supported well...
  5. I thought we picked the wrong day to go based on the first two sessions Not often you see less than 200 runs in a day! Turned out pretty even given the flurry of wickets in final session. Really thought Cook would go on to get a ton. He looked good yesterday and would have been very fitting if he did carry on.
  6. Gray just smashed the bar with a decent effort
  7. I highly recommend Repertoire mini-series by James Acaster on Netflix.
  8. Leo when talking about that season in isolation. King any other day
  9. he'd have always dodged prison because of the Spanish sentencing laws. First offence with less than 2-year sentence means it gets suspended.
  10. and how many mugs have fallen for it in terms of burning products they've already brought ?! Nike already have their money. Nike literally couldn't give two shits about it after the money has been taken in. People are far too dumb by burning their own purchases
  11. also am I being really dumb but why are so many people in uproar towards Nike? Nike are supporting a player who is not happy with racial injustice/police brutality. So people decide to burn their Nike products? What's the logic there?
  12. some melt decided to burn their Nike trainers while they were still wearing them
  13. Under the cosh this half, keeper and defence doing well.
  14. Hamza That runt from Derby would get battered.
  15. in case any one didn't know, King isn't in the squad.
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