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  1. I think he's been hacked by fuchsntf.
  2. I rebooted my firebox before the Arsenal match and it was perfect, so maybe its not finished yet. Still gonna keep this page bookmarked for future reference though.
  3. He is. There's a list of members here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Goal_(charity)
  4. Yeah, 1% I think. Which would be quite a bit. Signed up a few players too.
  5. They are taking the game to Arsenal, stuck to their way of playing and its serving them well. Rodgers take note.
  6. So why didn't they spot the foot in the area? It was right before the goal, which is as you say s key point. Also they don't check only when asked, they check everything.
  7. Seems like a top bloke all round. Likes a goal against us though, the willy puller
  8. Yet it can watch a million replays to spot a player a mm offside. System is a joke.
  9. Pepe is just an expensive Demarai Gray.
  10. Oh good, a fire alarm going off at stockly park. Someone has finally decided to burn the VAR room down.
  11. I'm assuming Arsenal are paying a fee to each club when they play away to foot the plumbing bill, after Luiz and Guendouzi block the plugs?
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