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  1. Nobody is making out like he's been doing that. What they are doing is being genuinely outraged that he's driven 250 miles whilst having symptoms of the virus, whilst the rest of us mug have been staying home struggling through for the past 10 weeks. The reason this is going on longer than the Ferguson and Calderwood incidents is because those two admitted their mistakes and left or were removed from office (although it did take Calderwood a day to do so). I don't care who he is, what he's done in the past etc, I just want Johnson to grow a pair and deal with it properly. If Cummings had held his hands up, apologised and showed some remorse this would have probably all blown over, but he's not, he's not prepared to admit his wrong doing and to say sorry.
  2. But he's tied himself in knots defending his actions on travelling to Durham and now doing the same over the trip to the castle.
  3. That doesn't look like a house in the UK where I assume he is if he's back in training. Maybe it's old footage.
  4. So now Dan Hodges is BBC Breakfast defending the trip to Barnard Castle, saying as he understood it you could drive somewhere for daily exercise. The rules always were you couldn't drive anywhere for exercise. If you couldn't get there on foot or bike, you shouldn't be going there. Hodges has been a a staunch defender of him, and again the rules are being rewritten to fit his behaviour.
  5. How anyone watches that and still believes he's a good pm is beyond me. I'd rather have trump in charge, I mean he comes out with bullshit, but at least he genuinely believes his bullshit. Its not rehearsed crap like that where he daren't go off script.
  6. What has Cummings got on Boris? I mean there's been some pretty bad stuff about Boris over the years, and he usually like Teflon, but whatever he's got on him must be bad.
  7. The look between Boris and Vallance after the latest question about if it was so clear why were so many round the country not aware of it was hilarious. It was a look of "Oh shit!"
  8. No faux outrage from me, I'm genuinely angry about it. He and his wife had the virus for starters. He put hundreds if not thousands of people at risk by carry it almost the length of the country. Millions of people have barely left the house in two month, they not seen loved ones before they died, they missed funerals. They struggled through looking after their child whilst they had the virus. I'm angry with him as much as I am with Ferguson and Calderwood, and I'm angry at the government for brushing this under the carpet and basically rewriting history to make the guidelines fit in with his actions.
  9. He lives in london, the woods are in Durham. People are allowed to go walking near where they live. He wasn't near where he lives.
  10. Of course they're everywhere, he's been touring the country for the last few months.
  11. I can't get universal/sports donkey going either. I've logged in, but nothing playing.
  12. Hadn't been back in the unpopular opinions thread today, but was enjoying the religion debate. Thought Sampson made a couple good posts that was something I hadn't thought of, on the concept of how the universe came to be, not just our solar system. I thought other countered it well, talking about the stories that are believed by religious people about this planet have been dispelled by science. It was really interesting. I'd written a long post myself that had a few details I was deciding if I wanted to share, that I won't get chance to now.
  13. I was going to reply to @MattP's post but it seems anything regarding Corbyn is being deleted. We can criticise Cummings, we know what he did. It's not political, it's out there. Speculating what would be the reaction if it was Corbyn is politicising it. Message at the top is pretty clear.
  14. Cummings was a visionary then. Let's get out there and spread it!
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