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  1. I've only just seen this. What actually happened was, as I exited the store into covered bit just outside the doors you get at most supermarkets, he was directly in front of me, walking very slowly and not particularly straight. I went to walk to his right when he made a sudden turn to the right which put his trolley right in front of me, and I couldn't avoid it. Accidents happened, but I noticed straight away he wasn't looking where he was going, and when I bashed into his trolley he briefly looked up from his phone, looked at me, and the looked down at his phone and walked off across the car park. I'll take mid to late twenties btw Thanks.
  2. You're constantly on here telling us the reason people voted leave. Just pack it in with the people voted for bullshit, YOU voted for what you voted for, stop trying to speak for everyone.
  3. Fair point, but it wasn't even followed up. This was they day after I believe, it was a concrete lead in a neighbouring country. Its ridiculous it was ignored.
  4. The woman thought the child look out of place with the people she was with I should have said. Also she saw her on the TV when she got home and recognised her as the same girl. That's very specific.
  5. Of course he can, this is Matt, he knows the exact reasons everyone voted, because it's the same as him. Probably knows why we voted remain too.
  6. These jokes are shit. Bring back @Izzy
  7. Be honest, someone might have said that, but in the most part it's of defensive reaction to anyone mentioning that people voted on immigration.
  8. See that's really not true is it. What happens is someone points out that some leave voters voted on the immigration issue and you'd go "Oh so we're all racist are we" The fact you spelt "thick" as "think" doesn't help back up the second part
  9. Why don't you tell him why its hogwash and beneath him? Hate it when people respond with posts like this. If you disagree, don't just call the post rubbish, say why, or its utterly pointless.
  10. I'd have moved, but he turned right in front of me as I was walking out the store. ****ing oblivious.
  11. A bloke, must have been late 50's to early 60's, walked into me with his trolley at Tesco earlier because was too busy looking into his phone. After doing so he didn't apologise, he just looked back at his phone and carried on. I thought it was the youths who were phone obsessed and rude.
  12. Also should add the clearest clue is the couple who were in Morocco who are adamant they saw her in a petrol station, but the Spanish and Portuguese police didn't want to know. The woman thought a little blond girl looked out of place, but didn't know about the disappearance. On returning home, and seeing the pictures on TV, the woman was certain it was Madeleine.
  13. Watching the first few now. First one reminded me at the time, that I was surprised Matthew Oldfield wasn't looked into more closely. He was one the rota of checking on the children, and was the last one to check on the McCann children before Kate discovered she was gone. Maybe he did something on the last check where he claimed he didn't look into the room properly. According to the timeline, Gerry checked first, Jane Tanner second but she never entered the apartment, then Oldfield, then Kate, where it was discovered Madeleine was gone. Only Gerry and Oldfield entered that apartment before Kate. Maybe they were in it together. Also on Gerrys round of checks its reported he stopped to chat to someone on the way back to the Tapas bar, maybe he was talking to someone to cover up if something had happened to Madeleine on his round and he'd got someone to remove the body. That would fit the timeline of Tanner seeing someone carrying a child away later on. All this is pure guess work obviously.
  14. So what if I do. Apparently winning by being dishonest is fine, as long as you win.
  15. Matt's making assumptions, assuming everyone voted the same way as him, for the same reasons. The bottom part indicates why that's almost certainly not the case, with various different flavours of leave under one vote.
  16. No that's what's YOU voted for, its become abuntantly clear that's not what everyone who voted leave voted for. You can cite official campaigns etc, but not everyone is as clued up on politics as you, so in some cases some people won't have been aware of those promises or won't have been aware other promises weren't from the official campaign. You can't speak for all 17.4 million, which you seem to enjoy doing, often.
  17. You predicting the future now? Shame you couldn't do that when you blindly voted leave with no clue of what leave would be! Your actions have consequences, you vited leave, that caused this even if indirectly, because you had no idea what what you were voting for would actually become. And captain explains how the vote would work above.
  18. Time hasn't run out, we don't have to anything by any particular point. If its wrong let's stop it and do it right. Nothing is final until it final.
  19. And my point was you don't care because you won, I care because I lost, it's not difficult to grasp is it. I want a vote on an agreed deal with all the information available, against remain, with all the information available. And yes we start again. If you're going to do something, do right, not as quick as possible. And you did cause the issue, by blindly voting for something that you would never know what it was actually going to look like.
  20. But remain have no power, so at the minute we've got one group of liars lording it over another. What I'm asking for is plan to be drawn up on how we'll leave and it be put to the people. If the plan is clear, concise, set in stone, then neither side can pedal falsehoods, only campaign on facts.
  21. If we end up with Corbyn so be it, we vote him out in 5 years, it's not final, like Brexit. I don't advocate any plan, I don't want brexit, but at the minute, nobody is backing anything. So let's take stock, stand back, reevaluate, and do this properly.
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