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  1. I don’t know of anyone mentioned it, but apparently a plane broke the sound barrier.
  2. I'm sure she'd prefer a slam title and a world number 1 ranking at the end of her career
  3. Well done for remembering I have Danish routes The next Wozniaki maybe?
  4. I was just taking the piss mate.
  5. Is that a humblebrag or a name drop?
  6. Hmmm I think you're giving him too much credit. He said we did nothing, and then Jenas ripped that apart in two minutes. Guardiola knows what doing nothing means.
  7. Thought that was some decent analysis from Jenas for once.
  8. The edit feature seems to have completely disappeared? EDIT: Oh it's on this post, but not others on the main forum.
  9. Actually I don't see it as the same. People aren't passionately against the NHS, and i think most people acknowledge they do a good job. Also typical British people we had to one up our neighbours and people started hitting saucepans and banging dustbin lids. Its just tiresome very quickly. Some people are passionately racist, and some of those same people are passionate about football. Ther more something they love shows support in stopping something else they love the more uncomfortable they'll become. They'll do one of two thing, stop watching football or reassess their views on race.
  10. And Morgan as a last resort. And Benkovic is still knocking around somewhere. Plus Ndidi when fit if we're really stuck.
  11. West Ham have stiffled you, and you had no answer to it. Really obvious things like them doubling up on Traore, yet he's still tried to beat his men every time. Just a little thought and occasionally knocking the ball back inside to one of the midfielders would give his 2nd marker something to think about. Instead, he knows he can double up with his mate on Traore and make it harder for him to get a decent ball in because there is noway he'll change it up. Barca have had you pants down with Semedo too if tonight anything to go by.
  12. They aren't dives. You could argue the maddison one isn't enough to actually bring him down, but he is impeded and if he doesn't go down he gets nothing, and most likely that chance to score goes too. Its a foul whether maddison falls or not, but there's only one way its being given as one. He'd do the same in thr centre circle and you wouldn't be bothered.
  13. Feel like I've been suggesting playing him at centre back for years, who knew it'd work eh
  14. Thought that was just against Pep's Man City?
  15. Why do we always go ultra defensive against the big teams and never lay a glove on them? Rather lose 3-0 and have a few chances than lose 3-0 and play like Newcastle.
  16. I can't imagine what its like for a defender. Its all about being in control of the situation and this is taken completely out of there control. You could see how despondent Joel Ward looked yesterday after the penalty against him. He's doing everything right and still getting punished for it. I'm sure Eric Dier feels the same today, but he plays for Spurs, so **** him.
  17. I find it hilarious that after everyone complained the handball rules were too harsh when ruling out goals last year, rather than relax them, the FA decide to double down and make them just as bad for defending.
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