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  1. Would be great to see. He's been close so many times. Like Poults, would love to see him win one too.
  2. Yeah but would it change you?
  3. It annoys me when they are on chat shows or radio shows and they start reeling off their impression within in the conversation. I find it cringy. Edit: I'll add, even worse when the interviewer will ask a question for the person being mimicked. "What would Donald Trump say about that?" Oh **** off.
  4. Club captain will stay as Morgan, team captain I imagine will be Schmeichel as it was whenever Morgan didn't play last year.
  5. Jonathan Hodge, composer who wrote the Shake 'n' Vac jingle has died aged 78. There's some joke there about his ashes being scattered on the family carpet I'm sure.
  6. I don't get the deleting the thread. If people want to talk about a subject, they'll start it up again. If theres offensive posts, delete them, not the thread. If people are constantly breaking rules, ban or restrict their usage. Problem solved surely?
  7. Exactly. Next it'll be stopping new drivers from driving in the rain, or snow, because they have more accidents in adverse weather conditions. If it really is an issue, we should be teaching better not banning people from certain activities.
  8. I've always found the best way for people to improve at something is to deny them the opportunity to do it 🙄
  9. Still planning too at the minute unless something better comes up.
  10. We've reached a new low people
  11. Problem is Ashley won't sell when they are at a low point because he won't make enough money. But when they are at a high point he's asking too much for anyone to be genuinely interested.
  12. They've been down to the Championship twice in the last decade, and he's stuck around.
  13. Why isn't the left sleeve black? Would still look shit but would make more sense.
  14. My new 5 aside nickname is Steve Stone
  15. I don't actually think they didn't go, I'm sure they probably did. It's just an easy joke to make whenever someone talks about the moon landings. Technically I'm sure it wasn't easier to go there, but in terms of keeping the lie quiet, it probably was easier. I'm sure building a fake moon service in a warehouse is easier than building a rocket and landing it on a orbiting rock.
  16. I already am. I'm hilarious
  17. Yeah I've always found racism, Islamophobia, class prejudice and hate pedalling ****ing hilarious. 🙄
  18. Filmed in a warehouse in Nevada.
  19. That was Accrington. Well unless Scunthorpe did too, but I know Accrington definitely did.
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