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  1. No, she just tells my if shes knows or not Going round might involve some walking, and that'd never happen
  2. If you can't see the pavement, don't attempt it, simple as that. I grew up just round the corner and my mum still lives there, if its rained and I'm going round, I'll always text and ask if its passable.
  3. Googled it as I wasn't sure what it was. It's a very mild form of pneumonia, it's a bit like a cold. Most people won't need to be in hospital, and can carry on as normal.
  4. Facecloth


    Saw that on Facebook at about 8am, was gone by 10 when I walked up that way.
  5. Now that's exactly what var is for! Not mm offsides.
  6. Gotta wonder what Aurier has to do to get booked.
  7. Can always rely on a BMW driver to attempt to drive through the flooded bridge in Thurmaston. It's become something of a local attraction whenever it rains. Here's a nice little compilation
  8. I'm sleeping in a snorkel.
  9. Clearly, look at most of the posters on here
  10. Congratulations. And well done for steering clear of the cliche of proposing on Valentines Day. Unless you did and it took her a day to decide?
  11. As I've said, the fame from those show isn't a 15 minute thing, it will last years if not all their life. And yes if you have no relevant talent, its very difficult to stay relevant without the gutter press looking delving into your life. Yes, promoting charities is great, but if you are offering nothing back, if your not entertaining people in someway or another then the press will look at other ways to put you in the papers. I'm not saying these people offer nothing in life, they clearly do, everyone does, but these are different type to those who go on x factor or BGT, they aren't going on tv to showcase a talent, and therefore once they leave the show theres little to no reason for them to keep appearing on tv. So when you're in a situation like that where you want to stay famous, and the press want to keep writing about you, but you have no talent to keep you in that world of celebrity, other ways will be found to put you in the papers and talk about you. This is where shows like this need to do something to help these people. Can you imagine going from your life now, to even the most private aspect of your life, the most mundane thing to the biggest moments being splashed across the pages of a national newspapers. It's a huge change, and they need support. And yes, I'm well aware that some contestants have gone on to have a media career, but that's not the norm for this show. And saying people have nothing to offer to being famous isn't being derogatory. We can't all be famous, we don't all have an ability that entertains people. Everyone offers something to the world, I do, you do etc, i just can't sing, dance, do stand up, shit myself talking to large groups of people and I'm too old to be a sportsman, so I'm not expecting to be famous for anything any time soon.
  12. Was woken up at 3:30 this morning by an automated message from the flood warning helpline saying "Immediate action needed, flooding very likely". I've never signed up for anything so they must have my number from some database. I've lived here 8 years this year and I've never flooded, I don't live close enough to the river or canal for it to flood. So thanks flood warning helpline for waking me up at 3:30 on a Sunday to warn me about something that won't happen!
  13. I think it's sad when anyone thinks the only way out is to take their own life, so I totally get it. Also I think the media has really taken the piss the way they've pushed her. I mean fine report the story, but everything else they've done has been too much, and I think for a lot of people, after some of the recent poor behaviour by the media, it's the final straw. We have to stop this treatment of people, cancel culture I think its called, just for a few extra paper sales and online clicks. I think pre death I would agree that a lot of people on social media were defending her when the same support would not have been given to a man.
  14. Facecloth


    Worded considerably better than I managed
  15. I won't continue a discussion with someone who take a few words out of context. If you want to to continue by making valid points and not misquoting me, I'll reply properly.
  16. One death is too many, it may need improving again isn't good enough, and its frankly a shit thing to say. There's plenty of shows that thrust people into the limelight, but firstly not on this scale, and secondly, on other shows it's usually thrusting people with some form of talent into the limelight, people who have spent their lives being front a centre of their group, or performing on stage, singing in clubs or are extremely clever. Love island isn't attracting that kind of people is it, let's be honest, it attracting fame hungry people with very little to offer to being famous, other than looking good. It must be very hard when you can't sing, act, present, aren't funny and you have no sporting pedigree but the media still want a piece of you, and you're desperate to stay relevant
  17. Theres also a world of difference in that one is a daytime tv show, watch by few people, the other is watched by millions. The lives of these love island contestants changes beyond recognition after appearing on this show and they go from nobody to being incredibly famous, and that doesn't go away in days. The show and ITV have a duty of care to these people long after they leave the show.
  18. Must be terrible that they look like they'll win every game bar one, and their only dropped points will be against their biggest rivals
  19. Not really. It's not down to presenting the show that's shes dead, that's all I'm saying.
  20. It's relevant to mention her death in here, but her presenting it isn't relevant to her death.
  21. Facecloth


    Anything you need to get off your chest mate, you can do here mate. There's no judgement, and this thread will testify people are here to listen and help.
  22. Yeah but her death isn't directly linked to her presenting it, apart from the fact she's famous for doing so. She had a troubled private life and was hounded by the media. This all might still have happened had she fronted Question Time. The suicides of the contestants however, that's a different matter.
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