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  1. Was listening to 5live just after half 6 when they announced the Sheff Utd v Newcastle team news. Apparently Sheff Utd have made 3 changes which includes Henderson coming back in (he started Saturday) and Roy Carroll is starting up front for Newcastle. Alan Green on the ball as ever.
  2. He has the most ironic name in the league.
  3. Scored a penalty against Watford in the 11 game run. Its happening again!
  4. Ridiculous decision from Pawson, couldn't wait to get the yellow card out. But the fact VAR has up held his decision is even worse. It was meant to eradicate shit like this.
  5. He was too busy ordering a KFC, Korma (daring as ever), Five Guys, Burger King, Pizza Express, McDonalds, Wagamamas, Greek Salad (no carbs before Marbs for Finners) and Prawn Crackers from Deliveroo.
  6. Was late for work this morning because some twat had decided to drive through barriers and into a trench that Severn Trent had been digging on Bardon Road in Coalville. I mean how the **** do you manage that? I had left early to accommodate the delay, but getting across Loughborough lately is lottery. Some days its 5-10 minutes, today it was half an hour to get from the train station to Epinal Way.
  7. You think I read posts properly before having a go at the original poster? This is FT, I glance over them and make rushed conclusions.
  8. Nothing wrong with that at all. They won last night, moved into second, 8 points behind the leaders. What is annoying is all morning on the news I've been hearing how Liverpool could extend it to 11 again, and no mention we can move back to second, but it's only a slight annoyance.
  9. They've played a game more though. They could be 8th or 9th by the Thursday night.
  10. I'll give you the AFCON bit, but imo to get high up on the these awards you don't just need to.win trophies with your club, you need to one of the main men. He wasn't one of the main men.
  11. Wouldn't have been a draw, the guy was saying if we got a penalty instead of liverpool, so we'd have won.
  12. We're 8 points behind. We'd be three points better off, and they'd be three points worse off. Add three points to our total and it becomes a 5 points gap, then take three points off theirs, makes it a 2 point gap.
  13. I know it's been adapted into a 2 hour film in the past. and that seemed enough time, but three hour long episodes wasn't long enough. I just didn't get into it enough. It felt rushed.
  14. Should have been top story on the BBC 6 o'clock news imo.
  15. That's months old, from the conservative leadership campaign.
  16. Why is watching MOTD2 on iPlayer funny?
  17. He bought young players though, not ones that had their chance and failed in the first team, or were on a downward spiral as they aged.
  18. Which is more important, obviously!
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