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  1. Mendy has looked very nervous on the ball for the whole game. Liverpool do press very intensely but still he needs to develop a bit of composure in possession.
  2. This. He took himself out of the game twice lunging to intercept a through ball when it would have been wiser to stay on his feet and get jogging
  3. That tackle by Justin was probably the best thing a Leicester player has done this half and he gets a yellow for it 😂
  4. Don't think Brendan has got it quite right tactically, will have to change something at half time. Our back 5 are always in a straight line, not really that difficult to play through. One smart ball and the whole line is beached.
  5. Ref has his whistle locked and loaded, primed to give Liverpool any decision. That "push" is a great example.
  6. The ball was barely even hit at him, he basically just clears the ball with his hand. Given some of the ridiculous decisions this season, that has to be given surely.
  7. True. I think I just enjoy "clean" victories more. Against Man City, I felt our penalties were as a result of us battering them, making lots of positive runs and causing them to panic, so I didn't feel as if we'd be gifted the goals by generous refereeing and was able to enjoy the performance as well as the result. Getting a penalty because a defender has a hopeful cross blasted at his arm from a couple of yards away doesn't give me the same buzz. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it!
  8. Personally don't want to win that way. Takes the fun out of the game. The guy has the ball smashed at him from a couple of yards away, it can't be fair to award penalties for that sort of thing. Well taken by Vards though.
  9. Brendan deserves a lot of credit for the way he has used these extra fixtures to our advantage. Far from looking leggy, we look like we're getting more match fit game by game and learning to play against different sorts of opposition. And the rotation seems to have some logic to it, it's not just benching all the starters and playing a team of kids and nobodies, there's a solid mixture of regulars and not-so-regulars. It means players who will still need to do a job for us in the prem at some point (like Nach) are getting a lot of meaningful game time.
  10. Albrighton is one of the best crossers of the ball to put on a Leicester shirt. Class cross that was, must be horrible to defend. Well done to Tielemans for being on his toes for the rebound.
  11. I agree about the Slimani sub. Not inherently a bad idea to bring him on but he's not really effective running the channels or playing triangles around the box. Albrighton is still a top class crosser of the ball so I don't understand why he doesn't come on instead of Hamza, who ended up going awol at a critical stage of the game and allowed Barkley acres of space for the goal. People joke about our performance being Puel-esque but that's genuinely how I felt today. Like then, we don't seem to have any discernible personality or identity at the moment. If you watched Leeds, Spurs,
  12. Can see a huge twitter storm brewing over Aguero putting his hand on the lineswoman's shoulder. Expect a grovelling apology and official statement from the club condemning "all forms of abuse".
  13. Instead of standing around with your hand in the air desperately hoping for an offside decision that is never going to come, why not track your runner instead? Genuinely pathetic. I can understand mistakes, and sometimes things just don't go your way, but there's no excuse for that sort of laziness and inattentiveness.
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