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  1. MarshallForEngland

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Watching this on a TSN4 stream and Don Goodman is the co-commentator. He is unbearable at the best of times but when Wolves are playing he's a different level.
  2. MarshallForEngland

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    I think we've looked really good on the ball. I do get a bit nervous when we're trying to play out from the back but generally I like the way we're passing it around. It seems a bit more urgent and decisive than last season, with some actual intention to go forward and create something. Utd have defended well to be fair to them. Chilly is causing a lot of problems on their right but we are quite exposed on that side when we lose the ball while he's in their half. Gray's work rate has been brilliant, very impressed with him. Maddison looks like he could be quality but he seems a tad nervous to me which is understandable obviously. We controlled the half anyway, just lacked a goal.
  3. MarshallForEngland

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    We are actually playing some decent football. Not quite got that final pass yet but we don't look awful at all.
  4. MarshallForEngland

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    11 goals conceded in 3 away games!
  5. MarshallForEngland

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    How is that not a sending off? Genuinely puzzling decision.
  6. MarshallForEngland

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Knocky rolling back onto the pitch
  7. MarshallForEngland

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Knocky is absolutely embarrassing Utd
  8. MarshallForEngland


    Like it or not, we do have to learn how to play with the ball. We had a season where our golden formula of 20-30% possession and counter-attack sucker punches worked and we won the league, but teams wised up to it. We also lost a key player in Kante who won the ball or forced the error to start the counters. Not only that, but Vardy is approaching an age where he will gradually lose a bit of pace, and teams usually defend much deeper against him now anyway. We have to learn to play passing football, it's just how it is. Whether or not Puel is the right man to do that I don't know. Personally I quite like seeing us have the ball, but we're struggling to break teams down and we end up passing it sideways and backwards quite a lot because we're lacking that extra bit of quality you need if you're gonna play this type of football. I'd like to see what happens in the summer transfer-wise because I genuinely think with the right players we can turn possession into goals.
  9. MarshallForEngland

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I thought we were totally dominant and tried very hard to break down a really defensively set up team. I was really pleased with a lot of our attacking play.
  10. MarshallForEngland

    Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I pay a tenner a month for a streaming service and it's absolute quality atm, this stream is perfect. PM if you want details.
  11. MarshallForEngland

    Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Iheanacho's link-up play has been excellent so far. I think Puel deserves a lot of credit for starting with this team.
  12. MarshallForEngland

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I have to say I love Andy Carroll. Genuinely think if he wasn't such an injury-prone shipwreck he'd have been a truly iconic player in the prem.
  13. MarshallForEngland

    Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Also what happened to the six second rule for keepers holding the ball? I know it's not been enforced for years, but sometimes it's outrageous and I can't understand why it's just accepted now. When a team is protecting a lead it's always the same. Keeper collects a cross from a standing position, brings the ball into his chest and goes to the floor (with no physical reason to do so), gets up slowly and walks around, bounces the ball a few times, feigns interest in one or two options but retains the ball at the last second, bounces the ball again and then wallops it or drops it at his feet and wallops it. They hold onto it for 15 seconds, even more sometimes. Either get rid of the rule or start enforcing it.
  14. MarshallForEngland


    I don't fully agree with the criticism related to Puel's system not suiting Vardy. Of course it's true, it doesn't, but his hand has been forced by the fact that every team in the league knows what we want to do and they know to play a deep back line with an alert keeper ready to come out. Not only that, but we won't have Vardy's main attributes for much longer. Either he'll be sold, or he'll simply get slower/leas sharp with age. So now is absolutely the time we need to figure out how to play without him. The possession football we're playing isn't the pretty type at the moment but it's going to take time and probably a few new players who can actually implement this style of play. Our days of having 20% possession and nicking goals on the counter attack are gone. We're now in a transition period and it's going to be ugly sometimes until we get it right.
  15. MarshallForEngland

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Got away with that