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  1. First half we were very disciplined and looked like we might create something on the counter. Second half we invited pressure and couldn't seem to keep the ball but obviously Man City were desperate and throwing everything at us. It looked like Pep had told them to intensify their press to stop us playing out from the back but at times they seemed to be playing ridiculously high, with 5 or 6 players around our back 4 while we had the ball. It panicked us but actually it was quite a cavalier strategy from Man City which may have got them into trouble had we played over or through their high press with a bit more calmness. Nach sealed his fate in my opinion with that miss. You can't really ask for a better chance than that and he wasn't even close. Gary Neville said in commentary that the most shocking part is that he looked like he hit it exactly as he intended to Really showed a total lack of instinct and ability there I'm afraid.
  2. I know it's only Kompany but someone must go out to him there
  3. Outrageous from Harry Maguire! Brilliant stuff. Madders has to play in Albrighton there I'm afraid.
  4. Have to say Newcastle are really up for a scrap today and look like they want it more. Winning every 50-50 atm.
  5. Shocking defending, it really is. So many errors.
  6. Absolutely brilliant freekick, what a stunner! What a striker of the ball Madders is
  7. Agree with this. Pep is one of only a handful of managers who is really capable of developing and improving a player. Fergie was brilliant at that too. The raw talent and skill was always there with Mahrez but his decision-making and positioning is getting better and better now playing under Pep. Can't help but be happy for the lad, he's really making a name for himself.
  8. Mahrez really does not look out of place in this Man City squad at all.
  9. Hate penalties. I get stressed watching penalties at any level even if I don't care about either of the teams involved. Can't they all just shake hands and agree that everyone had a thoroughly nice time?
  10. Have to say I'm with you here. Alex Scott for me is unlistenable. Every time I watch her she seems to produce lots of words and yet say virtually nothing; every phrase is a boring old punditry cliché or a mundane observation that even the least discerning casual viewer could make. And it's obvious why she's there, which surely must deep down make her feel a bit awkward as well as she's been shoehorned in to tick a box.
  11. I don't think it's a coincidence that his most prolific period was when Kevin Phillips was at the club and the season or so afterwards. Think he mentions Phillips in his book briefly saying he learned some valuable tekkers in front of goal from him.
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