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  1. Podence has just come onto the pitch and he was praying, essentially asking the omnipotent creator of the universe to assist him and Wolves for the remainder of the match which gives them quite a big advantage imo. Surely the ref is gonna have a word about that?
  2. Tielemans should be finding somebody there! Bit of immaturity from him.
  3. Interesting article about Ritchie de Laet in which he talks about his time at Leicester. Unfortunately it's behind a paywall so I signed up for a free trial and will just put some salient bits here for commentary rather than copying and pasting the whole thing. There is a lot more to the article than I'm putting here so I recommend at least doing the free trial to read the whole lot (I'm not on commission for new sign-ups I promise ) On the season we won the Championship: "The second season was the most memorable season of my career. We felt we could win every game. The group was amazing. We did so many things outside of football. We were tight. There was a real friendship about us." On Marcin: “Marcin was the go-to guy for us,” says De Laet. “We had a night out in Leicester after we won promotion. We went to Andy King’s house first and decided to go into town with our wives and girlfriends. My wife was lining up for a drink and this guy bumped her out of the way. I didn’t see it but someone told me. I looked over but ‘Was’ had already seen it and was looking at me. He walked over and just said, ‘I’ve got this.’ He grabbed the guy and security came over and threw the guy out.” On Vardy: “In the first six months I think some of the guys thought he wasn’t ready, he wasn’t what we needed,” De Laet says. “Maybe we should see how he does on loan. But the second season he came back and he was a different man, a different player. “I don’t know what he did over that summer. He just came back with a hunger and proved everyone wrong. He still is proving everyone wrong. He hasn’t scored in so many games [this season] but he is still top scorer! That says it all. “He is loud. You know he is in the building from the moment he walks in. You know he has arrived. I would be on the physio bed having a massage and the corridor is quite long at Leicester’s training ground, but I could still hear him shouting as he arrived. “In the dressing room, he would just start yelling for no apparent reason. We would all be doing our own thing and he would just start shouting, getting everyone’s attention. It would put us in a good mood. “We had our battles in training. We are both quick so we would have one-v-ones. It would end with his studs on my leg and my studs on the back of his head. He would try to take me on but couldn’t outrun me, it wouldn’t work, and vice versa. It was great fun, on and off the field.” On Pearson: “It was strange for me during that 2014-15 season,” he explains. “We did OK for the first few games. We played quite well. We played Arsenal at home, 1-1, [in the August] and I got man of the match but Nigel decided not to play me anymore. “I got into a few fights with him. He called me some things, I called him a few things, but then a week later he would call me into the office and we would shake hands. Then he started to play me again. Perhaps that is what I needed to do — show him I was ready again and I still had that fire.” On Ranieri: “We had a lot of game plans, and a lot of people thought it was Claudio’s game plans that got us out of trouble, but it wasn’t really,” he says. “It was his game plan but at half-time when we were 1-0 down we would look at each other and say, ‘Let’s do our own thing. Let’s go out and enjoy it.’" On Kante: “With Kante, it was almost as if we were cheating at times, he was like two players. I remember some of the early training sessions and it just wouldn’t work for him. I don’t know when it clicked or what happened. Once he started in that No 6 role, he was unreal." On Mahrez: "...he was like Lionel Messi in that you knew he would go onto his left foot, but you couldn’t do anything about it. “For the [little] English he could speak he always tried to be funny and join in the banter. He tried to come into the group and make jokes and laugh around. I think his confidence was growing because he was accepted into the group and doing important things for us on the pitch. Once his confidence is up, he is some player.”
  4. Villa making a lot of clever fouls to break the game up but surely the ref has to start getting tougher with them at some point.
  5. This is exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about. Do you think "it is bad to have sympathy for football fans who went to a game and never returned home" is a fair synopsis of what I said?Who has ever argued that? This is what happens when anybody tries to have an opinion on this subject that doesn't conform to the decreed orthodoxy. Whatever they say is immediately framed as a failure to be sufficiently sympathetic and the actual points made are never addressed. Here was my actual point: Many Liverpool fans have shown themselves to be emotionally sensitive, thin-skinned and quick to be offended (about lots of things - that's just the reputation they have). They have revealed to the world exactly what pushes their buttons and winds them up. They can be relied upon to become visibly agitated whenever they encounter something that upsets them. Football fans tend to exploit whatever upsets opposition fans the most, and because some Liverpool fans behave the way they do, they make it very easy to target their sensitivities regarding what EVERYBODY agrees is an extremely sad and tragic episode in football history. If they didn't react in the way they do, there'd be nothing to target. Showing a picture of "the Sun" is a dig at how Liverpool fans continue to behave regarding that undeniably tragic event. Nobody is celebrating it, but some people (like me) do think that there are good and bad ways of dealing with tragedy, and this seemingly never-ending period of rage and hysteria is a sub-optimal strategy for getting over something so awful.
  6. Of course it's tasteless, that's the whole point. Liverpool fans have made it clear to everyone that they get very upset about the Sun (whether or not their response is a reasonable one is another issue). And in general they appear to be an openly emotional group of fans and get wound up very easily. Football fans in the terraces are generally very good at identifying what will wind up the opposition fans the most. If they acted with a quiet dignity regarding the whole affair, people wouldn't think to target it. But they have created this situation for themselves. They reliably flip their lid at anybody who fails the Hillsborough wallowing test, and they have armies of willing volunteers in the form of fans of other clubs who castigate anybody who isn't sufficiently mournful and sombre about it. It really is not the same as other fans holding up helicopters. But if, in a few decades, we boycott a newspaper for saying something we don't like about the crash, we refuse to play on the anniversary of the accident, lambast anybody who doesn't meet our sympathy requirements and generally get wound up when anybody doesn't say or do exactly what we think they should, then I would fully expect opposition fans to exploit our sensitivities. But we don't behave like that and, I hope, we never will.
  7. And a perfectly reasonable FoxesTalk username
  8. That's a wonderful tackle by Nach. Perfectly timed, wins the ball cleanly, wasn't high. How can it even be a foul, let alone a yellow card? Mental.
  9. Bit harsh to have a go at the stewards to be honest. Majority of stewards are not security personnel. Even if they were security, all they can do is report it. There will be an investigation after the match and I imagine he'll be banned if that is indeed what gesture he was doing (which in all honesty it certainly looks like it was). But the stewards can't really do a lot other than tell someone else.
  10. Yes exactly. Just googled it and it's already being spoken about...
  11. Dunno if I was seeing things but was at least one of those fans doing a monkey gesture when all that stuff was being thrown?
  12. I'm after 1 adult ticket for the Liverpool game on Boxing Day! Was a season ticket holder for about 10 years before I moved abroad 4 years ago. Would really love to catch this game while I'm back over Christmas. If anyone can help me out, please PM! EDIT: SORTED! THANK YOU
  13. One adult ticket needed! Will be back in England for a week over Christmas so would really love to catch this game. Any help would be very much appreciated. EDIT: SORTED! THANK YOU
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