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  1. Deep sky Derelicts. turn based Strategy, rpg and card playing. Fun for awhile
  2. FIF

    Coronavirus Forum

    Wear a mask, wash your hands and stay away from others.
  3. Finish the season whenever it is possible to do so. Giving ridiculous deadlines is daft as is junking the season. After all there is no reason why another pandemic can't occur next year.
  4. FIF

    Coronavirus Forum

    It's a good idea but many important posts concerning this have simply been removed from the forums already.
  5. Finished Xcom 2 and then played the chosen, both were great in their own way. I have enemy within and enemy unknown. I guess that I only need to play one - is that right? If so which is the one I should be playing?
  6. Will be interesting to see what happens with the Transfer period. If as seems logical the season is resumed during the summer then transfers will not be allowed. If next season then starts in October I can see them allowing transfers throughout the first half of the season.
  7. if they get no more points this season they'll still probably win the league but it is fun watching them play shit!
  8. He may lack pace but he doesn't put himself in the same position as Youri in that he needs it as much. I think in a couple of years we'll see that Praet was a better buy than Tielemans. I'm very happy with his progress.
  9. Despite what people are saying we've had some good performances that were losses recently. They could overhaul us or they could be double figures behind us and out of a europa cup spot even just as easily by the time of the next round.
  10. chelsea have been playing nearly as badly as us since Christmas, they played worse than us before Christmas, they have a few injuries and a lot of young players. On top of that we're at home, no reason we can't win this. rudiger isn't going to score a double against us or anyone else ever again.
  11. Villa are just Birmingham's number 3 team.
  12. Evans has been outstanding but I'm with Stan, Ricardo is probably just ahead in the POTS stakes for me. With Wilf and Caglar also in with a shout.
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