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  1. I think that was the joke.
  2. For some reason this post reminded me of this gif Which in turn reminded me of the shambles of a transfer window we suffered after becoming champions of England.
  3. It's this sort of argument that makes me question your football knowledge. Rashford is a Manure player (he's young, English and an international striker). How much do you think Manure would have to pay to bring in a Rashford replacement of the same age, skill level and potential? 300000 per week is a hell of a lot of money, but over the next 4 years Rashford will cost them about £60m. His replacement would cost more than that to buy (Bissaka just cost them £50m) and then his replacement would need a salary (even if they only paid £120k that would be, £25M) and time to bed in to the Manure way of football. In reality Manure have probably saved £60m over the next 4 years and they hold onto the rights of a player that has value in the football world if they do want to sell in the future.
  4. I have to disagree. We NEED a striker whether Vardy stays fit or not. Vardy did well at the end of the season, but he always does under a new manager, he also had some barren times last season and the season before and we had no-one who stepped in and maintained our challenge. He is also knocking on and injuries are more and more likely. It's not an either or situation with striker and midfield, it's a MUST have both. If we're really in a position where we need to sell Slimani in order to get another striker then we are tinpot and should forget about europe or even a top half finish. If we can't afford a young proven championship player like Adams then perhaps we should concentrate on a relegation battle.
  5. Think he looks good but Wes.... Obviously not intending to play much and going for the GTF position.
  6. Big mistake by Leicester. Cheap price too.
  7. The Mercury is an embarrassing waste of space which now has turned into a click bait site. I used to check out their info but not anymore. This website has everything they say before they do. Bill Anderson must be turning in his journalistic grave.
  8. lovely jubbly. Are India playing to lose so that Pakistan don't make the semis?
  9. You clearly haven't been watching their younger teams. They've played our development team off the park with an average age 3 -5 years lower!!!
  10. Teachers are always going on strike in school time (at least over here) it changes nothing at all. Are you saying that YOU would take less notice of teacher's striking in the summer? I bet you wouldn't, so are you saying you are different to the rest of the population? The miners went on strike - how did that turn out? Anyway we aren't talking about strikes so I have no idea why you've brought that up. All I can think is that things are very different over the channel. Gay rights have been centre stage over here every month for quite a while now. Someone creating June is gay pride month really hasn't changed anything. Equality for the LGBTQ movement is obviously a normal thing and over here at least it is always in the news. Britain is either very backward or you are over exaggerating the "only time" thing. The World Cup final is ONLY played every 4 years. Gay rights are championed every day of the year. Rapinoe is hijacking the sport for her own use. I also question the validity of your statement that "There's a disproportionately high number of LGBT women's footballers," I find that hard to believe. Maybe you have been confused because more of the ladies have stated their lesbianism. Whereas in other sports they haven't. I think you'll find that there are many sports that have just as high a percentage of gay players as women's football.
  11. A little worrying. A good team to be picking him up from.
  12. Must be someone I have on ignore. The idiot league....is upside down ....the idiot league is upside down.
  13. Why not? peel off the logo and add a few lines.
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