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  1. Why are so many of you uptight about him? Jealousy of his contact? You are just feeding his ego by making so many posts about him. The match thread so far is more about him than the players. Get over yourselves and talk about and support the team.
  2. Damn. I hope that someone has called Kasper out for his inability to control his own 6 yard area and his imitation of a bird with a broken wing at crosses. iversen in.
  3. That's naive. You don't think that teams won't play 2 defenders against Maddison or even Hamza? Of course they will and they do. Teams don't put extra players back because it's Vardy. However Vardy can and does prevent goals with his defensive headers. If he wasn't there we'd concede more and we wouldn't have any chance of a break. Even if I go with your hypothesis, the fact that I said to play Barnes up - who doesn't head a ball very well - is as much a breakaway threat as Vardy. Barnes is as quick and can dribble a ball well (whether he'd score is another question).
  4. Whilst I agree with the principle of keeping players up I think that you're wrong about Vardy. He's one of the best headers of a ball we have. He frequently wins balls in our box and without him there I think we'd be even weaker than we are. If Kasper could control his 6 yard box I'd agree with you but as it is I'd keep Vardy back and push Madderz or someone else who doesn't head the ball very well upfront. I even like to keep 2 or 3 up to force them to keep players back. Thinking on it Barnes would be great to be left up. he can't head a ball but he can certainly attack and torment a defence if 1v1 or 1v2.
  5. Was it Klopp who suggested scrapping the League Cup this week? I guess it's because he got knocked out but I really think that's going to be the trend.
  6. One of the best ever! It makes me wish I was unemployed.
  7. When he's in a "low patch" he's still our best chance of making a goal and one of the best 3 players in the team. Tremendous player who if nurtured correctly could be a great player.
  8. No. We've actually had more shots on target and some exciting games over the last month. Losing doesn't mean it was dull, just disappointing. We lost leads in both the last two games.
  9. but are we rushing him back too soon? Would it be better to play Hamza tonight and for the Brentford game and then bring back a Wilf after he gets some raining in for the league cup knockout match. I think so. tonight is a MASSIVE game for us. Even though we've thrown away 6pts in the last two games against rlegation threatened teams if we can win tonight we'll still be sitting pretty, if we lose the pressure will be high in each of the next 3 games at the very least, and the selection will be more problematic. 3 points against a shit West Ham team and we move further towards CL qualification whatever anyone else does, we can not worry so much about potential defeat , playing a weaker team, against Brentford and we can go into the League cup SF playing our best team and aiming for a final. A third consecutive loss to a shit team would put big pressure on us to turn things around against Brentford (who are possibly a better team than Wham) as failure would mean 6 losses in 7 and early FA cup exit adding even more pressure to the Villa match which is days before another PL match where we'd be staring 4 consecutive PL defeats in the face. Let's trounce them tonight and restore confidence.
  10. In a French league where Slim can score 7 and assist 7 in just a handful of appearances.
  11. I hope the people saying they'd take the money for Maddison are just joking. Most important player we have going forward.
  12. How do you know she'll be a dry prostitute? It's a player fine - they don't even have to pay it. It's a bit of fun. It would be totally illegal to fine them a month's wages and whoever did would find themselves in a tribunal pretty quickly.
  13. BR needs to play his strongest team for this because if we lose total meltdown will follow. Puel II meltdown like.
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