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  1. Just got around to the second season of Westworld. Fantastic
  2. Are you really Babylon in disguise?
  3. I don't think The Irish have nominated English as their official language have they?
  4. If you've watched all his appearances and his U23 games you should've seen enough to know he'll be a king at this level.
  5. If you're an FTer it's time to sack the manager.
  6. Where are you getting your information from Heathrow? Point 1. The French don't work their asses off Point 2. Extremist, Anarchists and trouble makers are running riot. Point 3. Macron is one of the moderate, intelligent, peaceful politicians in France. Point 4. His own people don't hate him - well no more than most countries "hate" their leader. Point 5. Listen to him because he is expressing a thought out, intelligent opinion which may help you to question where you want to go.
  7. This is a really intriguing question for me. When (if ) the UK leaves the EU then not 1 country will have English as their mother tongue. It would seem crazy to continue with it as the "principal" language , but really any alternative is fraught with danger. French used to be the diplomatic language for the West, but their time has passed and other than a few African nations, French holds no sway in the larger world. Germany have the biggest population in Europe, but 2 World Wars have ended any real hope/desire for Europe to speak German - can you imagine it. Spanish does have a large influnence in the world (because of those catholics popping out kids) but for the most part it is seen as a language for the world's poor and don't forget even in Spain it is not a truly accepted first language. Russian - no way, jose. Chinese would be a good choice but it isn't European so it would be unacceptable and of course the Americans would simply boycott Europe . Personally I think that Arabic WOULD be a good alternative. Due to colonialism and empires, France, Germany and Spain have an amazing number of Arabic speaking people who could be/are European nationals and it would be a language which most of the European countries have links to without any claiming - but it isn't going to happen. Racism is already too high throughout Europe. So really it has to remain English - but how can that be justified by the EU? Written like that it looks like Dutch!
  8. I think it's simply a racist idea - please be clear I don't think you are just the idea about Asians not wanting contact. Wrestling has plenty of contact - it just so happens that Rugby, American Football and football were not particularly asian sports. Hamza thrives on contact. His motor is amazing but the area I feel he is so far ahead of most professional footballers is his reading of the game and football cleverness. I am so surprised that Rodgers hasn't had him in instead of Mendy - who I like a lot too. He's 21, he needs to be in the team.
  9. I think Chilly will stay. Maguire more likely to go.
  10. FIF

    Maguire to UTD

    If Manure really want him then I'd be looking for a player and cash. One of their younger talents not quite playing like Mason whatsisname or Gomes plus cash. We'll either waste or not use the money. Think chelsea would be better off getting him though, then I'd ask for Hudson odoi
  11. FIF

    Maguire to UTD

    Great. Can we give them Wes as well.
  12. May is like an anti-Sylvester Stallone. By the twelfth April it could be May's Deal V (it's just that she's lost every one of them).
  13. Please don't class me and many others in with you lot of haterz. I like Gray and I like Madderz and Hamza is going to be on Barcelona's want list soon.
  14. But better than any of the recent Star wars efforts.
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