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  1. Now I understand your wife's complaints.
  2. I understand what you are saying. The referendum was in or out of the EU? You are comparing Out with out and in - seems to have nothing to do with the problem. We are clearly talking EU bananas and american Steel.
  3. Are you saying that you really don't understand the "massive" difference between a soft brexit and not leaving? The first one could sort of be argued as being in line with the referendum, the second one can't and means we may have well ignored the referendum. I'm with you in not wanting a no deal or hard brexit but they are both in line with the referendum result as is a soft brexit. Remain is not. I just think you are trying to convince people of what you think is best with facts that are clearly false. You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day. - maybe someone can point out to Mark that his recent update has resulted in me having limited posts :-)
  4. Not quite sure why we are disagreeing but it clearly is an unpopular opinion that all school children should have an obligatory trip otherwise it would be happening. The reasons are all surmountable it's simply a choice of priorities. My opinion refers to the action not the idea. I'd hope most Europeans would agree with the idea - though I'm not even as sure as you are that they would, otherwise parents would be taking their own children there rather than spain or France.
  5. As much as I enjoyed Band of Bothers and recommend it for entertainment I think the old (early 70's) World at War is a much better series. It removes a lot of the romanticism that appears in BoB and shows all sides in a more true light. To watch and hear Americans thinking that the Japanese were sub human (before fighting them) like the Germans thought the Poles, Slavs, Romanys and of course the Jews were sub human is enlightening. Watching the Americans bombard the japanese islands and use flame throwers on the defenders, watching the Germans decimate the Poles, seeing the "survivors" of the death camps and the piles of glasses and shoes, the actual killing of combatants and non-combatants is truly humbling. People have already forgotten even though these actions have been reproduced in Yugoslavia, the middle east and Africa during the last 20 years. Let's get all nationalistic again, disband the EU, ignore the UN and segregate all people even over the smallest of differencies.
  6. Yet, they don't. So sadly not that popular.
  7. European school children (age 14 - 16) should have an obligatory school trip to one of the Polish Nazi death camps after watching selected episodes of World at War. These trips are far more important than skiing in the alps or a holiday in southern Ireland.
  8. You make it all sound so clear but a soft brexit is a brexit, a no brexit is not a brexit. Surely you should be saying that BREXIT (soft, hard or no deal) has a clear majority. as sad as that may be.
  9. FIF


    Just because you think something is the case doesn't make it so. It amazes me how you think you know better than the professionals. They think that Tielemans isn't worth the exorbitant price of £40m ( top 50 player of all time), They believe they can get better for less. Why would I believe you over them? btw your explanation is non-sensical. All cars can break down. A car's price doesn't represent it's value. Cars don't have randomised parts. Need I go on ? You point may be valid if I accept that no other player can improve our team, even with £40m to spend. Your use of Ulloa as an example is also ridiculous. Tielemans wasn't good enough to play in a very poor Monaco team. Silva has even been proven to be a better fit. A more apt comparison is if Celtic offer £40m for Benkovic. I'll stick with the idea that a paid professional at the highest level is more reliable than your opinion. It "cuts it" better for me. Tielemans has played some good games for us, maybe double figures games. We should try to sign him but that doesn't mean we should pay £40m or however much Monaco ask for him.
  10. FIF


    Perhaps you should be the new Leicester head of scouting. Perhaps the LCFC staff paid to do the job don't think he's worth 40m but they have other people that will cost less that they believe are as good or better. Perhaps you don't think so but I guess it isn't your job or your speciality. Please tell me that you are a paid, professional PL team scout.
  11. FIF


    £40m would make him one of the top 50 highest transfers in world football history. Is he really worth that much? Is it possible that we've decided we can actually get 2 players of similar ability for that sort of money? When you think that Ziyech has a buy-out clause of only 25m and he's certainly got a better pedigree, you have to think that maybe LCFC are being reasonable in saying no to 40m. Having read up on 21yo Vasiliadis I'd be tempted to go for him (only 15m) or Lo Celso the Argentine if Tielemans or Monaco don't want to play ball.
  12. I never liked any of the home alone movies.
  13. Can Carl and MC perhaps start a new thread about Carl Benjamin so that this thread isn't diluted?
  14. Why? There was never a "truth-era".
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