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  1. Mahrez being booed?

    I take it this is a joke. De Bruyne and Erikson are class players but not Gritty nor Kanté replacements, they're more Mahrez upgrades. Personally think Ndidi has replaced Kanté. I'm more than happy with that as he has height and goal scoring threat on top of the defensive prowess. We have unearted a new diamond. I could well be supporting Nigeria in the world Cup this year.
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    People don't earn what they deserve. Some people are lucky to have certain skills or abilities others don't have, some are lucky to have the looks or the intelligence or the smarts others don't have and some happen to be in the right place at the right time and others don't. I really wish that everyone was paid the same wage per hour whatever work they do, which is why I'm all for UBI and would prefer it went a step further. It wouldn't stop people from wanting to be doctors or footballers, it would give respect to cleaners and shelf stackers. If not how can we oppose DNA modification, where parents can superhumanise their kids to give them the same chances as everyone else? It may also dehumanise them and make them all similar but at least getting low pay because your dumb would be a thing of the past.
  3. Well the Morgan/Drago debate was a success so onto the next. Christian Fuchs with his wealth of experience and incredible long throw or Ben Chilwell with his attacking flair, speed and ability to jump? I expect this to be a closer poll as so many people seem to dislike Chilwell. Personally I expect Chilwell to be the England WB in the 2022 world cup or immediately after it. Think the kid (21yo) has so much talent and potential, he just needs more seasoning and a little toughening up. A week's holiday with Wasyl, Benny and our assitant manager this summer should help out.
  4. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Those of you wanting Maguire dropped will be embarassed to be reminded of it in a few years time when his name even outshines Elliot, Walshie and Cross.
  5. Thorgen Hazard

    I think he just slips in. don't tell anyone, it's a secret - like but Riyad hates Leicester and wants to play for any team not called Leicester because they were his dream team as a boy. We're going to be linked with hundreds of "skill" players but most of them will want to play in a CL team. Fortunately we have Diabaté and Gray so I'm not too worried about a Freemehrez replacement as I was before Daibaté and silva arrived. RB is still my biggest concern.
  6. Vardy miles too good for City

    It's his work rate and defensive effort that I adore. The bloke clearly loves playing football. I also love that he told the Arse to do one after thinking about it. I understand the call of fame and the big money desire but he actually told them he'd changed his mind and then he played his heart out for Leicester. He's a club and football legend.
  7. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Secretly everyone does. I've absolutely no doubt it'll happen.
  8. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    We have a run of Prem games where we should be looking at maximum points to put the willies up Arsenal. Kasper Chilwell Maguire Dragovic Amartey Ndidi Iborra Diabaté Silva FreeMehrez Vardy Stoke are going to set up to be hard to break down so we need our attacking team out. Morgan dropped because Drago is more mobile and faster thinking. simpson dropped because he's just not good enough and kills our attacking flow. Gray was very good this weekend but Mahrez is still here so we need to use him until he walks out for good in the summer and Diabaté ahead of him because he seems special. Finally Iheanacho dropped - which I wish wasn't the case as he works well with diabaté but I feel Silva needs to grow into the key that unlocks the doors by playing as our CM. Iborra over James for his defensive heading ability which we're going to need. Get off to a good start with an early goal and win 4-1. Get off to a good start but fail with the early goal 2-1. Our push for Europe starts here.
  9. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    What a lot of whinging. The draw's not on the BBC - oh God!. End of the world! It's a boring ****ing draw, it should just be computerised and we're told who's playing who. It's a fix - We've played Fleetwood, Peterborough and Sheffield. Man up and accept you have to play a Prem team sooner or later. Any home tie is to our advantage. If we can't beat a team at home then we have no chance away or at a neutral ground - like the SF or Finals. Chelsea aren't playing so well at the moment - probably the easiest to beat of the "big 4" remaining. Two of whom we'll probably have to beat to win the Cup without home advantage. I think this is a win for us.
  10. Blackman.....

    I thought you'd left. What was all that crap about in the "apology" thread if not?
  11. Blackman.....

    It's the only time I've ever seen him play but the one handed save from Vardy was as good as the Kasper save at the other end. His control of balls coming into the 6yd box made me envious and the size of the guy is exactly the build of keeper I'd like to have. Then again this may have been a one off game of his life. I'd love to have him as no.2 goalkeeper competing with Kasper.
  12. Morgan is fit and back. I thought he had a good match last night and as always got in a couple of great blocks but I feel the time has come for a changing of the guard. Dragovic has been playing well defensively and building a good partnership with Maguire but more importantly he doesn't stop the ball when we are on attack. he gets the ball and moves it on to either Maguire, his advanced WB or a midfield player. Wes tends to be a game stopper. He dithers on the ball and takes a long time to make a pass or he panics and advances with the ball thinking he has Maguire's skills before having to lump it forward. He also frightens me when, like simpson, he gets in the attacking third and just stays there without the ball forgetting that his primary job is to defend. I've never seen Drago do that. Defensively I have no criticism for the captain but our game has moved on and under Puel's more exciting football we need the ball to move more quickly. So what do you think? Morgan for another year or is it the start of the year of the Dragon?
  13. Mahrez being booed?

    Yeah, not only was it picky it was pretty stupid. If you didn't know which team we were playing last night I'm sorry for you. BTW I was talking about Leicester City Football Club men's team not Leicester United, Leicester Riders or Leicester City women/ladies.
  14. I think you and many others enter matches with preconceived ideas and are blind to what actually happens. Chilwell was exceedingly good going forward creating possibilities and keeping the ball moving - the biggest problem with our attack yesterday was the slowing down of the ball. Defensively he covered very well, worked hard and did a good job. Yes he was beaten a couple of times, yes he lost the ball but there isn't a player in the world who doesn't. Some supporters are far too critical of defenders, they make far less mistakes than midfielders or attackers but when they do it is far more critical. I watched Real PSG the other night and the "world class" right wing backs on view made a hatful of poor plays. If you want the perfect player then create your own fantasy player on some video game that you play - set him at 100 skill for everything. And then of course we get to alternatives. The alternative is Fuchs. Fuchs has been a top international defender during his career but now he's a great long throw specialist and decent passer of the ball with a calm experienced head on his shoulders. Sadly he has lost most of his legs and is either skinned in defence or he jumps into tackles, often not successfully. Chilwell is 21 and we are so lucky to have him. He still has plenty of time to improve as he experiences the same situations over and over again. Now Gray. Last night he was as good or better than Mahrez. He cut through the defence and caused so many problems. He was far better than his last few appearances which have been down. Again he is 21 and learning. Mahrez is at the height of his game, though still learning and can still improve by seeing situations more and more. Gray has incredible close skills - equivalent to Mahrez - what he lacks is the experience of Mahrez and the precision of pass that Mahrez has. I think you have forgotten Mahrez and Knockaert when they first arrived at Leicester, compared to Gray now, they were poor. Now possibly Gray won't kick on as Mahrez did but I don't see why he won't. His biggest problem other than experience could be intelligence but then again Mahrez isn't that intelligent either. Along with Ndidi and Maguire and Iheanacho and Diabaté (and Amartey) we have some incredible young talents and yet there is a large proportion of supporters who just want to destroy our young growing talent.