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  1. FIF


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  2. A few noted racist incidents in English football over the last 12 months: We probably still have a way to go.
  3. They'll only change through education and understanding. They won't change through being called "bastards". I agree that the team should be banned from the competition and other competitions - that may make a difference, but not without education. If we go along these lines should we also ban nations who are or have homophobic chants and thoughts or sexist,etc... what about human rights violators? I guess FIFA (already a corrupt institution) should clearly lay out what is and isn't acceptable and then also the penalties for breaking these guidelines - and then of course enforce them. Your first two points are coherent and intelligent and I apologise for the superior comment it wasn't really a personal comment more a comment about all of us, but rushed so easily misunderstood. The third and fourth I'll just disagree with and leave it there. I am just as wrong as everyone else with most of what I posit.
  4. I thought you were around in the 80's in England. The fans sang a lot worse than that even LCFC supporters and even to their own players. my point in case you missed it is that the English were just as bad or even worse and most have changed, no reason that shouldn't be the case for Bulgarians who haven't benefitted from your multi-cultural education. To then not realise that other forms of discrimination are rife in England and football does make us hypocritical. but carry on with the superiority complex, it'll help us all long term. edit: and calling people "bastards" really isn't going to help the situation is it? Can't be proud of that, myself.
  5. It's good that English fans are finally aware of racism but also rather hypocritical considering how insidiously racist they were in the recent past. If English fans think that racism doesn't still exist in English football then they are fooling themselves. This board has cracked down exceptionally well on racism but there are still many posts that exhibit it. Perhaps the English can also make a greater effort on the homophobic side and then maybe they can attack the rampant sexism that exists before they scoff so much at the Bulgarians/others. Even this enlightened site is plagued by sexism.
  6. Well we wouldn't want to have our creative player believing in himself would we. Perhaps we should give him some chips and send him to the casino. Madderz must start.
  7. FIF


    In chess, there's no such thing as "go easy". Remember to control the centre of the board and hide your king behind a solid defense. Every move is important.
  8. FIF


    I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.
  9. FIF


    I used to have a very high level before I moved to France but then moved to the countryside and was limited to postal chess, as the internet evolved the opportunity to play people from all over the world arrived but I lost interest as much of the time people used computer programs to help with their moves and tbh I like the mental play of facing someone over the board as well as blitz or blindfold chess with the kids. You should learn as many openings as you can if you wish to play competitively as that will mean you can move so much faster at the beginning of a game. Especially if you get into the blitz format. It's also fun to learn an unusual opening. I always played the English in tournaments as it meant keeping most of the pieces on the board and therfore complicating the analysis. As a new player iss often better to look at openings where you can exchange a few pieces quickly and simplify the game. What you really need to do is get in the habit of checking the possible moves of all the pieces, initially 2 moves ahead, then 3 then 4 etc... At the national level looking at least 10 moves ahead (all the permutations) was common. It really is a beautiful game.
  10. FIF


    I'm sure that the mods are watching it closely and realise that my perfectly reasonable thread asking about length and reason for bans is a valid thread that hasn't been answered yet and then been usurped by others for their own evil wishes. They probably think it is better to keep it here than let those people derailing my thread go elsewhere to derail. I think the politics discussion probably just shows that they should let us all back into the gen chat thread.
  11. Why does it matter? He isn't playing, he isn't training, he didn't leave the squad through choice but through illness. If that illness doesn't preclude doing something else then why are the public worried. The newspapers want to sell copies but he hasn't done anything wrong. And he certainly isn't required to watch the game live.
  12. Agreed. We hear all summer that female sport, especially football, wants equality and then this. We don't even call LCFC Leicester city mens.
  13. What is the problem here. He isn't "skiving" work. He's on an international break - not supposed to be in Leicester training, not supposed to be in England training camp - so he can do whatever he wants , law permitting. Is anyone complaining that Wes Morgan was out shopping at Lidl? or that Marc Albrighton was having a haircut? I expect the sun to talk rubbish but why on earth are supporters even questioning this? Especially Leicester supporters?
  14. FIF


    My fan club has arrived in the Bans thread. Welcome. You know even Gandhi and Jesus had their haterz.
  15. Great match. Can Japan match the Springboks? As for scrum restarts they are boring but it's the wasted time at Kicks that annoys me the most. I think reduce the time to 30s and penalise if they don't manage it.
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