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  1. Another big team showing their weakness this year. Top 4 is open and we play like that against rubbish.
  2. We should be in second place in the prem this morning and Olé should have been closer to the exit.
  3. FIF


    No he didn't. Evans and Maddison were head and shoulders abve the others. Soyuncu made the one mistake but it was decisive, Kasper is the other player who didn't have a good game. I know you're a big fan of Wilf and rightly so but he's first touch is a disaster - I'd go so far to say that it is as bad as his ability to intercept is good, most of the rest of the team can play one touch triangles ( admittedly they don't often go forwards) though I accept the comments about Ben.
  4. Thanks. That's what I thought.
  5. Yeah Primary with Mrs.Sutton International football is so much slower. He is a class player but at the moment he needs time which he hasn't got and he needs to run faster, which he isn't doing.
  6. And bring back Simpson and Huth and Drinkwater and Okazaki.
  7. We need a fast get into them team. I'll go with Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Ughelumba (okay Chilwell but he is disappointing this season) Choudhury Tielemans Madders Albrighton Vardy Barnes And attack, attack, attack on both attack and defence
  8. Manchester were a poor to average team and we lost to them. I cannot get my head around that. They were there for the taking and we were lethargic and unenterprising. I am going to have a long depressing week following that game. Thanks LCFC
  9. FIF


    N'Didi is possibly the best tackler/interceptor in the league. He is an excellent young player who will only get better but I'd like to suggest that maybe he isn't the DM for the system that Rodgers wants to play. In Rodgers system the DM needs to be able to receive a ball and immediately one touch it to another player. He needs to be able to pass forwards to tielemans or Maddison (or a winger /Wingback). Wilf is not this player. He needs two touches and he needs time when he has the ball. I've got to the stage that on every passing sequence I'm waiting with bated breath for the pass to Wilf and the worry of whether he'll miscontrol the ball or pass it to the opposition. Please tell me that his control and quickness of thought is going to improve quickly this season.
  10. I am so disappointed with his play this season so far. Yes we've had an occassional glimpse of his great talents particularly in the second half of some games but he has been slow. Physically he just hasn't been up with the play and this has meant that most of his passes have been backwards or sideways. This has also impacted on his mental quickness - today he got the ball just outside the box in the second half. Perez made a great move in front of him and just needed the ball slipped through as he did so often for Vardy last season but instead he shot - waaay over the bar. He looks a little overweight and he's playing as though he's unfit, though I'm sure he isn't. I'm sure in matches where he has more time he'll excell again but I'm just hoping this is blip and it wasn't the end of last season that was the blip. I do agree that BR isn't helping him with the system he's playing though.
  11. I really don't get the good marks for Tielemans. I've been so disappointed in all his performances so far and inparticular during the first halves. Today he was almost non-existent, he looks a little overweight or unfit to me. Carrying a little too much weight and he has been so slow physically and a little slow mentally, too often having to pass backwards. For me the word to sum our team up today was lethargic. We were slow physically and we have a couple of players who are too slow mentally. My run down on the players today, just my opinion, is this: Kasper - had hardly anything to do and whathe had to do he did okay. 6.5 Ricardo - his worst ever game for us, he was skinned so many times by several different players - 4 Evans - good game, in control, calm and collected - 7.5 Soyuncu - gave the penalty away but after that was still one of our top four players - 6 Chilwell - the game passed him by and he did more arm waving than Islam Slimani, not found his rhythm this season yet - 4.5 N'Didi - totally lost in the first half, he is an incredible defensive player but does he really fit our team? His problem is that he needs time to reflect when receiving the ball, every time he gets a pass I hold my breath expecting him to lose the ball or give it away - 5.5 Choudhury - frustrated to be playing quick passes with N'didi and Chilwell who have no idea. He wasn't needed alongside N'didi today. I'd rather play him and sacrifice a little defensively as he is a fast thinker with good control and reflexes - others wouldn't and I understand that. -6 Tielemans - he's a ghost, too slow for our game so far this season - 3.5 Maddison - our standout player, looks dangerous everytime he gets the ball and he works defensively, needs shooting practice. -7.5 Gray - he is mentally slow, despite what some say he played better than a number of players today but he needs to not have to think to become a good enough player for top 6 prem - 5.5 Vardy - non-existent, this should have been a Vardyfest game but he wasn't fast enough today and his manager and teammates let him down - 5 Subs Perez tried, Barnes passed backwards instead of running at their defence Rodgers - today he picked the wrong team and he didn't prepare his players well for the match. Man utd were poor, they are a poor team who won't finish in the top six. They were there for the taking AND WE LOST TO THEM. 3 points dropped to go with the 2 points dropped against Chelsea not counter balanced by the 1 point gained against a Wolves team who deserved to beat us. Very disappointing performance today and I'll be depressed all week now!
  12. You're being personal. I'm commenting on the thread concerning foreign investment in the Belgian second division.
  13. As much as Stokes has been incredible this summer, my own personal cricketer of the year has to be Jack Leach. He must have been out on the pitch batting longer than some of the batsmen.
  14. Problem is that no Belgian's actually have the money or want to invest in your football clubs do they? Just be happy that you are in existence and being well-funded.
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