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  1. Why is this in transfer talk? Are there even rumours that we are going to sign any of them?
  2. Will Youri be able to pass forward against a shit Bournemouth? Really wish we had maddison in. I'd start Praet over Youri as he passes forwards and gets himself into the box. But in all honesty whoever we play should be able to beat a team who are going to struggle to stay in the championship next season. They could easily be League 1 by this time next season.
  3. Personally I'd prefer that Sheffield beat Chelsea. They aren't going to catch us unless we are truly, truly terrible but a sheff win would put us back in pole position for 3rd.
  4. The independents would still end up getting "sponsorship" from big clubs and the corruption will continue. Let's remove refs all together and go with a completely digital ref system.
  5. To compound it the media will be raving about Fernandes in his next game and telling us how many goals and assists he has - forgetting that the last penalty (at least) wasn't one.
  6. If we win 3 including the Manure game then we are top 4 (probably 3rd). The future is in our hands. Beating 2 of Bournemouth, Sheffield and Spurs really isn't too much to ask for a top 4 team. We should beat all 3 and then at most a draw against Manure is enough.
  7. Probably the only title he'll get if he stays there.
  8. Are they going to keep playing the Spurs game until someone scores? It could take all month.
  9. I like what I've seen of Shade. Hughes is a good player and ONLY 23. Vardy was working in a factory at 24.
  10. His performance at Watford will get him another Prem club or a "big" championship club whereas things were looking bleak for his career a few months back. with regards Maguire and others who leave the club (through their own choice) **** em! If you've turned your back on Leicester then don't expect the fans to love you, this isn't even like the old days when we were a selling club in a yo-yo pattern, nowadays we are competing with the best and are more likely to beat them if our best players don't cut and run.
  11. I think it'll be Bournemouth 0 Leicester 10 with Vardy scoring 5.
  12. FIF

    Adam Lallana

    How can anyone complain? We have Matty James in the squad, wouldn't that be an immediate upgrade?
  13. Whatever happened to Ryan Sessegnon? Rave reviews as an LB, transferred to Spurs and I haven't seen him. Is he worth a look if Ben leaves
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