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  1. So when they lose and develop young lads it's wrong but when they play a couple of experienced guys and win it's wrong. FT at its best.
  2. FIF

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    This is the type of thing that needs looking at post match by FIFA. Too many players are trying the dangerous hit in the face to hget others sent off. 10 match ban should stop it happening so often.
  3. This is what I heard. It's amazing how some stories get twisted 180° to suit agendas.
  4. FIF

    Linked Players

    What? Is this before and after the stopped clock?
  5. FIF

    Maddison named in England squad

    In which case I scored again - what's that 3 in the last 4 internationals. Sorry Dele but you're not getting "your" place back.
  6. FIF

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Hope George Thomas gets a game.
  7. FIF

    Us Now

    But when they had Wark and Mills and whymark and mariner etc... with Robson in charge they were a sweet team to watch.
  8. FIF

    Us Now

    Pleat was bad. McClintock was far worse.
  9. FIF

    Leicester Tigers

    Your skirt's showing Bert. Jealousy is an evil emotion. Aren't you showing inverted snobbery?
  10. FIF

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    We won a glorified friendly. At least the FT moaners can ease of Rashford and Sterling until after the next match.
  11. FIF

    Maddison named in England squad

    It's frightening but at least they should bring Maddison on after 60 minutes and 6-0 down.
  12. FIF

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Not really. Silva was already on his way out of the Portugal team before moving here. If anything his declining standard of play has ****ed his international career. As for his career he's never earned so much money and never done so little for his salary.
  13. FIF

    Maddison named in England squad

    I'm not disagreeing with giving Sancho a chance but let's not get carried away. He's only played 7 german league games and if I read correctly he's only played as a starter once. I have no idea of the quality of Augsburg and the other teams he has played against and I'm willing to wait for a bigger sample size. I think Sterling has shown far more for his club at a higher level over a much longer time, yet this hasn't translated into success with England. As for Rashford see below. The criticism of Rashford is ludicrous and a typical FT football watcher's criticism because he missed chances in his last game - he's now shit. Rashford is 20, so exactly the young player we want coming through for England. He has electric pace and skill and he also makes great effort to get back and help his defence as well as being able to press opposition players (unlike Kane). His record for a 20 year old is magnificent 33 goals and 17 assists for one of the top European clubs, 10 champion's league appearances with 3 goals and 2 assists, goals for England. TBH He's the striker I'd most like to sign for Leicester City as a natural long term replacement for Jamie. People criticising him are doing it just for a laugh I think.
  14. FIF

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Rachel Waterman must be really old to remember either that royal or that film. Is she aware that tweeting is a 21st century thing?