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  1. He's had a dodgy month or so but at the end of the day, he's class. Just a dip in form.
  2. Great performance. Burnely are in a right mess though.
  3. Remember when Lloyd Dyer scored against Real Madrid?
  4. Has to be that volley against Liverpool. That 11th goal in a row actually started to make me believe we could win the league that year though. Close 2nd.
  5. Ndidi has played very well. Would like to see Barnes and Gray a bit more involved second half. Just worries me when we dominate teams, it's the sort of game we'll go concede a daft goal or two.
  6. Maddison is a poor mans Paul Gallagher.
  7. Bloody plastic bag on the pitch. Come on Prawn Sandwich Brigade, don't litter.
  8. Why didn't we wait till summer and get Benitez?
  9. Anyone else think Maguire has been awful again today? So many misplaced passes.
  10. No one is moving for the ball. This is so static.
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