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  1. There's more reliability on football transfers in Ainsley Harriott's left testicle than that account.
  2. Lets end the season with a decent win lads.
  3. We need to get hold of the ball. Who have we got on the bench?
  4. Genuinely think we'll take points off them tonight. Play like we did against Arsenal and we'll get something.
  5. Ridiculous really when that Palace keeper got away with a Nazi Salute because he had 'no prior knowledge of the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler.' How do you skate through life with no knowledge of that? Feel for Hamza.
  6. Best Leicester performance for a long while. The hype for us to take points away from City is going to be huge.
  7. It's about time they did something there. It looks awful that wasteland.
  8. He's had a dodgy month or so but at the end of the day, he's class. Just a dip in form.
  9. Great performance. Burnely are in a right mess though.
  10. Remember when Lloyd Dyer scored against Real Madrid?
  11. Has to be that volley against Liverpool. That 11th goal in a row actually started to make me believe we could win the league that year though. Close 2nd.
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