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  1. Being battered by relegation fodder twice in a matter of days.
  2. Hasn’t got the bottle to bring Vardy off. Terrible.
  3. Championship player. He’d be half decent at Derby.
  4. Shocking again. Team imploding again in front of our eyes.
  5. Always one fixture we blow it. Bournemouth away last season, now today.
  6. Will take that. Not ruined my boxing day.
  7. Maddison’s awful. Genuinely think we play better without.
  8. To think I rushed home to watch this. Sack him.
  9. The twice yearly bend over for Liverpool fest is going to plan.
  10. Was getting flashbacks to the Man City match, beginning looking very compact and unadventurous. Twisted at the perfect time, bringing Vardy on. Fantastic performance. Fofana is literally everywhere!
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