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  1. Gotta ask questions of the manager.
  2. Embarrassing. Bunch of bottle jobs.
  3. What a load of ****ing shit VAR really is. How many games recently have we been done over by piss poor decisions from a system that doesn’t work?!
  4. We look very lightweight. Toothless going forward.
  5. Reckon Chilwell has had his head turned?
  6. We look shocking. Could be a long afternoon.
  7. It’s not like I wanted to waste 40 quid on train tickets to London anyway.
  8. My money is on something daft like a tackle with tensions getting raised on the training pitch.
  9. Absolutely shocking. What has gone wrong.
  10. Sack Rodgers. Get Nigel Pearson back. Simples.
  11. It’s a good job we’ve got 40 points. Christ.
  12. Need to make sure we tighten up when it comes to free kicks and corners. That's their game, lump it in the box. Play smart. Oh and Fuchs, look where you're passing.
  13. Biggest game in a while and you drop Ndidi to rest him against a team you beat 0-9 away. Mad.
  14. Played quality yesterday. Was effective at winning the ball high up the pitch and pressed well. Still think he’s a centre forward, not a winger or CAM.
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