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  1. Always one fixture we blow it. Bournemouth away last season, now today.
  2. Will take that. Not ruined my boxing day.
  3. Maddison’s awful. Genuinely think we play better without.
  4. To think I rushed home to watch this. Sack him.
  5. The twice yearly bend over for Liverpool fest is going to plan.
  6. Was getting flashbacks to the Man City match, beginning looking very compact and unadventurous. Twisted at the perfect time, bringing Vardy on. Fantastic performance. Fofana is literally everywhere!
  7. Iheanacho claiming he meant that assist when we all know full well he made a mare of that.
  8. Cor that by Maguire has made me feel better.
  9. Considering the last half of last season, that was genuinely massive. The clean sheet was HUGE. Fair play to Ndidi, doing a job at CB even if WBA were a bit toothless. Professional second half, did the job.
  10. Why on earth we gave Mendy a new contract I do not know. Praet offers literally nothing.
  11. Could you imagine if it started by a group of Leicester fans singing, 'We don't need you we've got Soyuncu.'
  12. I'd be intrigued to see the council's plans for the junction. As someone who doesn't live a million miles away from the new training ground, there have been dozens of accidents and a lot of fatalities in that junction. Crossing right onto the A46 heading towards Nottingham is treacherous and literally impassable during peak times. Infact even during the middle of the day you have to wait a fair time. There were talks of a fly-over at some point being made however this would have been too costly. Theres too many people who take risks at the junction and it definitely nee
  13. Genuinely it’s so ridiculous its laughable. Imagine how cheap a Maryland Chicken will be. Two chicken burgers, chips and a drink is probably pennies. But not to fear, you can burn it off by digging out the bike you haven’t been on since the 70s, has two wooden wheels but that now has a new bell on because the Gov gave you a fifty quid bike voucher.
  14. The lack of big announcement makes me fuming. This is people’s lives they’re messing with. But then again. This is the government who wants to cure obesity by giving out 50,000 ‘fix your bike vouchers’ whilst making fast food places and restaurants so cheap, that if you gave them beggars outside Maccies near the Clock Tower a fiver, they’d be fed for a year and still have enough change for 20 Mayfair.
  15. That’s not how you tell people you’re enforcing lockdown, listing areas from the notes app in your phone, screenshotting it and whacking it on Twitter.
  16. We were pretty decent in the first half. Was quite proud watching it, tackles flying in (Albrighton in his own penalty area) and played with lots of grit and intelligence. Infact at half time I thought we'd possibly do it and go on to win the game. The lack of intelligence in the second half however was a complete contrast. I think the way in which both of the two goals have been conceded shows the immaturity in our recent play. Conceding frankly goals that we should never be conceding. I think we've got to move a few players on in summer and buy some more established
  17. Have to defend well. Play on the counter. Hoof the ball at every chance. Tielemans has to play good balls into Vardy/Nacho. Come on - Lets do it!
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