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  1. Mingle with strangers....dear god, are you mad? 🙃
  2. Unfortunately too much lost revenue with this system.
  3. Why no Leicester? It’s always about the big 13 isn’t it....
  4. Actually I don’t eat cheese 🙈 but get what you mean!
  5. Did you do the Believe it or not museum? Contemplating eating some cake but as an old git I’m wondering whether to or not! Thank you both for the advice 👍🏼
  6. We went to Sevilla back end of 2018, lovely city, the cathedral is absolutely beautiful, inside and out, the Palace was ok, interesting if you’re into Game of Thrones as parts of the palace were used in the show, and also if you like tiles! The place is full of them 🙁, the park De Maria Luisa is lovely and nice to chill in, just had a look at the bull ring from the outside as my good lady didn’t want to go in. If you love Tapas you’ll love it here although I found portions were small compared to other parts of Spain I’ve visited, oh and beggars can be a pain when you’re eating out, we found a couple of great restaurants but can’t for the life of me remember their names. May sound daft as it’s Spain but I really liked the fact that not many people spoke English, and there were not a lot of English tourists. Hope my post wasn’t too garbled 😆 enjoy your trip 😊
  7. Any recommendations (dare I ask) booked Anne Frank museum, heard there’s a sex museum 😝
  8. Keeper was at fault for all 3 goals. He had a mare.
  9. I think we’ve been infiltrated by Forest fans, that’s the only explanation for some of the 💩 I’ve read on here throughout the season. Not just this thread!
  10. Man Utd’s next 4 fixtures Everton A Man C. H Spurs. A Sheff Utd H With our next 4 we should of increased our points advantage over them leading into the final 7 games where they’ll probably be trying to make up possibly 10+ points out of only 21 just to get level with us. If after the next 4 games the gap has closed then we’ve had a disaster and they’ll of played out of their skins.
  11. I’m watching the first episode now, it’s excellent.
  12. Great goal but Nige will be doing his nut about the defending, too easy.
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