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  1. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Please tell us what exactly Kings strengths are? and don't say passing sideways
  2. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    He has done a few games that I've streamed, Gary Birtles hates Leicester
  3. Chilwell is amazing

    So you want 3 left backs and just keep 1 right back? That's bizarre pal
  4. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    And from behind cos her breath smells of onions
  5. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    I'm not knocking him whatsoever, I'm saying he's getting no service
  6. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    I think we deserved that, However.. Jamie Vardy will not get many goals under Puel, the build up play can be quite slow and he's hardly getting any service in behind or from out wide.
  7. Newcastle (A) Match Thread

    No Okazaki is a shocker
  8. Ndidi keeping good company

    Get your point and he is young. However, hasn't played well for England since he burst on the scene. Watched him play for spurs and he drifts in and out of games, got a disgusting attitude. goes down quicker than an old lady on an icy day. like I say, horrible thing
  9. Ndidi keeping good company

    One of the most overrated players on earth. Also one of the players I'd most like to slap. Horrible thing
  10. Right-back

    Amartey played under Appleton for the cup game against Leeds' reserves. he played well but I can see past the other performances over the last 18 months. And he is not a right back
  11. Right-back

    Not bad shout Kyle Naughton mate. He was mega for us on loan. Havent seen too much of him for Swansea in the Prem mind, do the Swans fans rate him?
  12. Cane out tonight....

    Bring back the Cane
  13. Adrien Silva

    More forward passes in that clip than king has put together in his career
  14. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    If you are referring to Rudkin I agree. The thais were the ones who brought Pearson back who got us promoted, He was the manager that built the team and laid the foundation. The Thais then brought in Claudio who delivered the greatest sporting miracle. It was a sweeping statement you made Maddog. I do agree that there is something wrong higher up and recruitment has been woeful. Bringing Puel in was a massive shock, but who else was out there that would've come to us?