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  1. StevieB

    Luka Jovic

    Surely the only way we would throw 30m at a striker would be if we sold our deadwood. Who knows let's see if we get CL and go from there
  2. StevieB

    Luka Jovic

    🙌🙏 The replies 😂😂😂
  3. Could it be Luke Thomas making a debut......
  4. In March, it was revealed that the former Everton trainee would undergo cardiac ablation, which the NHS website describes as a "procedure that very carefully destroys the diseased area of your heart and interrupts electrical circuits".
  5. He failed a medical due to a heart problem and had surgery, he's only just come back. Sounds a no go to me
  6. Interesting and the replies are golden 😂
  7. 🤔 Must be user generated. It's on the official link
  8. He looks a clone of Ricky P but left sided, get him in 👍
  9. Jumped on fallout 76 hesitantly because of the garbage its always been but the Wastelander dlc is game changing and free if you've already got the game, just a download. Completely sucked in now it's got npcs lol.
  10. Stevie B,s shopping list .Abdülkadir Ömür .Alexander Sorloth .Uğurcan Çakır Get your cheques Congers
  11. Someone's been reading my FT comments 😂
  12. Been poor for a long time. I've never rated him on set pieces anyway and his distribution is toilet. I've got a feeling Brendan will bring in a new keeper in the summer to push him and let either Jakupovic or Wardy go
  13. StevieB


    Ignoring offers apparently
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