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  1. 14 games to go with 14 points ahead of Utd, Wolves and Spurs in that top 4 race 28 points from our remaining 14 GUARANTEES Champions League for us but realistically if we just win half our games that should do it comfortably looking at the form of the chasing pack. Almost time to start counting down lads! Great days and so much to look forward to.
  2. The beginnings of a famous Nacho Perez partnership
  3. This ref buys everything. He somehow gave the foul on Barnes with his back turned
  4. Get in Harvey!! Game needed that
  5. please let this just be a temporary dip in form due to tiredness or something
  6. To be fair to Southampton they're playing really well
  7. almost can't believe I'm saying this but I'd consider taking Maddison off for Youri if things don't improve fast. Nacho obviously has to come on in a bit too
  8. Man that match thread almost made me nostalgic for when we were shit. I remember a few years ago 'delusions of grandeur' was everyone's favourite insult. Hate to say it but feels like it's creeping in to our fan-base. It's like people expect us to be 3 up by half time every week. We we far from our best but aside from an iffy ten mins after their goal we completely dominated. Anyone who knows anything about football understands it's bloody difficult to find a way through a well drilled side with 11 men behind the ball. No appreciation here of that blindingly obvious fact though, people would rather start calling all our players shit and making brainless 'tactical' remarks about moving it forward quicker or whatever other nonsensical dumb shit people were coming out with when we were literally camped in their half and they were just keeping shape in front of us.
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