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  1. I don't really understand why people seem to feel almost unanimously that toilet paper of all things is an essential You can always just take a shower after you shit folks. The one thing I've actually struggled to keep replenishing has been pet food. Majority of pet shops closed and I wont give them the crap you can get in supermarkets. I think the dogs are perfectly happy to share my chicken for the time being though.
  2. I live in China so I've been living with checks and restrictions for about a month now. Most people here are working from home but many are being phased back into their offices over the next couple of weeks. Seems kind of weird actually that at the precise moment the rest of the world starts losing its mind over this shit the government here start relaxing controls (I suspect largely for economic reasons, small businesses in particular round here have been decimated already). I must say I have been impressed by the way the Chinese have managed this. I mean you're talking about protective measures for 1.4 billion people. No mean feat. There have been ID checkers and infection scanners at the entrance to every community and shopping centre and they issued cards to limit households to 3 outings per week. Face masks also mandatory in all public places. Can't help but feel the government back home (any post war British government - not a political statement don't worry) would be completely incapable of organising anything similar if the situation in the UK should deteriorate. Not to mention the fact that compliance would inevitably be much lower as well. Hopefully doesn't come to it. One of the scariest things about all this is just how quickly the government were able to escalate the 'protective measures'. Like I said, very responsible and impressive from a logistical perspective but fking terrifying from a social one. I mean 1.4 billion people effectively locked down with zero resistance in the space of a few days. Unprecedented. People still allowed out and about but ID checks everywhere and freedom of movement curtailed. This will not have gone unnoticed by the elites. Who needs terrorists when you've got a virus? We desperately need a reliable independent mechanism for verifying information about this kind of thing or I'm telling you it's virtually certain they'll be leveraging epidemics as yet another 'justification' for controlling and spying on us for decades to come.
  3. Ndidi so good he tackles and passes at the same time
  4. It's not unusual for a single team to dominate a season in other leagues and sports. Just hasn't happened here for a while so feels weird.
  5. if it's given as handball should it not be a red? Must have judged it to be deliberate and it did deny Vardy a clear scoring opportunity
  6. Kelechi is deceptively strong isn't he
  7. MAn i want one of those bacon burgers
  8. Need to keep playing in their half. Don't think they have the pace to hurt us breaking out
  9. Great early ball from Albrighton and taken really well. Spin on the ball really worked in our favour
  10. Evans did everything right there
  11. Having read the questions, I think that's his intention. Almost all of the questions are leading or presumptive.
  12. There is a rumor being circulated here, presumably originating in the Propaganda Ministry, that the virus actually came from America Prejudices and patriotism being what they are, it seems a lot of Chinese actually believe it as well
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