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  1. Thought Maddison was gonna shoot there. wish he had
  2. Yeh 337 seems about right. **** sake. I got nothing else to do man just wanna watch the game! keep thinking it next time it will come good
  3. why are all the streams so shit lately. having to refresh literally every 8 seconds
  4. someone get down and tell JV he needs another to keep the run going
  5. Get in! He better get credited with that
  6. Perhaps but at least it would have been the truth and they could have died a more honorable death
  7. They should have just been honest and admitted that vote Labour was vote Remain.
  8. Absolutely. Now that it's all done and dusted I can say this without sounding like I'm trying to score points or whatever..whoever is in charge of determining Labour policy should never work again! They made themselves completely unelectable with their Brexit stance. It just didn't make any sense. How can you possibly say that you will go out and negotiate a new deal with the EU which will somehow be superior to what's on the table and then in all likelihood a majority of the party will campaign against the acceptance of their own deal (while the leader says and does who knows what)?? That is honestly some of the most ridiculous incoherent nonsense I've ever heard. Where's the incentive to actually secure a good deal and why would the EU bother making concessions to, or even taking seriously, a bunch of people who don't even want the things they're asking for? They must think the electorate are half as stupid as they are themselves. I find it really difficult to comprehend how anybody could actually go out and vote for these morons - but then I guess they don't really, they just vote 'against' the Tories.
  9. My faith in the British people is restored.
  10. It's not really irrelevant though unfortunately. The players' perceptions do matter and player power is still a thing. If someone wants to force a move they can. See Mahrez
  11. Are these really the kinds of things that influence the way people vote?
  12. Very surprised to see the replay police overturn that red for Sheff Utd against Norwich. A rare green tick for them
  13. I don't know. We do have some good back up options but the levels being achieved by the key players in the first eleven are unreal. Losing several simultaneously would be awful and ridiculously unlucky but even being without one or two for more than a game or two could be just as damaging imo. We are riding our momentum, can't really afford any slip-ups. We have players who can come in when needed - Wes has done a job a couple times, Praet slots nicely into midfield and Fuchs was great the other night - but so far it has only been necessary for one offgames. I'm happy for Praet to get a game any time if BR feels his training displays warrant it, but there's no denying in the other two cases we are considerably weakened. The thing that struck me the other night vs Watford was how mad it was that Fuchs came in and played out of his skin, literally couldn't have done more, and yet it still felt like we missed Chilwell quite a bit. He's become such a key player for us, always an outlet and a potent attacking threat as well as a top defender. Basically just overperforming and the same can be said for several others. The back 4, Ndidi, Maddison and Vardy have been out of this world and it's unrealistic to hope and unfair to expect that anyone who had to take their place for a run of games could even come close to replicating their form consistently. I'm not saying this is definitely going to become an issue for us, hopefully we can avoid injuries altogether and who knows what business will be done in Jan, but I do feel it's a reasonable back of the mind concern.
  14. We are in it, just say it quietly. 8 point gap with 22 games to play is hardly insurmountable. Beat them at our place Boxing Day and its 5 points going into the New Year, assuming we keep winning til then of course which is a tough task, especially with Man City on my birthday fixture. Besides they've only dropped 2 points so far. Finished on 97 last season and everyone was saying what incredible points tallies they and city had accumulated. Well 97 is 17 points dropped and even 100 is 14 so unless they're just going to blow every points total record out of the water they are likely to drop a lot more points second half of the season than they have in these games. Also we all know they've had more than their fair share of luck so far and that should run out at some point haha. At the same time we could just as easily be the ones to pick up far fewer points second half of the season. As things stand a couple injuries to key players could effectively kill any kind of challenge from us. Same for most clubs I know but still the possibility of losing Ricardo, Ndidi or obviously Vardy for a run of games doesn't bare thinking about. In fact, id argue that 7 out of our 10 outfield players are pretty much irreplaceable as things stand (as far as maintaining consistency across multiple games goes), which feels like a bit of a vulnerable position to be in. So yeah, we are in the race for sure but there is a long way to go and we are about to enter one of its more challenging phases. There's a lot that could go right/wrong for both us and them between now and the run in so let's just take it game by game and hope the lads can keep hitting their levels.
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