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13 hours ago, buzzer_b said:

Are the DLC's still more expensive than the game itself? 


I don't think so. You can buy a new version of the full game with ALL of the DLC (everything that is released and whatever releases in the future) for £60 now. 


For £60 it's a huge amount of content imo. The 2 DLC so far have added 12 maps, countless weapons. PS4 is well populated and easy to find full games nearly all of the time, on any map. 


I think the PC crowd struggle with split player-base because of the DLC. Doesn't cause any issue for me on the PS4. 


Well worth it, imo. 

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After nearly a year of not playing this, I have refound my love for it. Incredible game.


Frustrating when in a squad or team who don't follow the objective though. I usually play conquest which can be difficult when your pretty much trying to do it on your own.


Any XB1 players on this?

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