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9 hours ago, H.a.r.r.y said:

i wanna move over but probably won't get a chance, and knowing my luck it would be a lower seat so i wouldn't be able to stand

You can speak to the club about relocating as a one off or as a more permanent thing.


It’s obvious many up there who stand don’t have a seat up the top and are moving up there to be able to stand and sing. Not sure if you would be keen to have a ‘seat’ as such but it is possible to be at the top without one.


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In anticipation of a certain new managerial appointment, and to the tune of LSF:




The Brendan

Was sent down

A modern man in management


Got new teeth

Lost the beef

But he's still David Brent beneath


The Brendan

Was sent down

A modern man in management 


His envelope

Gives us hope

A PowerPointed masterstroke


[Serge-esque wailing]  uhhhhh ahhhhh


Ah.  Oh come on. 

It ain't five thousand to one. 

He's come

The Brendan 

We're gonna have some fun






Watch him not come now. 

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2 minutes ago, FLAN said:

Cos Brendan walked 300 miles
And he would walk 300 more
Just to be the boss of the City
At the KP forever more*





*or for 18 months 

I would really take to something like this! There has to be some reference to Scotland and The Proclaimers are perfect lol

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52 minutes ago, LCFC FOX said:

From Celtics main song about Rodgers, thought it’d be funny if we sang this:


This is how it feels to be Leicester, 

Bigger than Celtic you know, 

Brendan Rodgers said fvck off to ten in a row, ten in a row, ten in a row 



any better ideas please share lol 

Thats excellent to be fair lol 

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