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9 hours ago, broughtonblue said:

On the lap of honour, can we change the name on the Vichai song to Aiyawatt had a dream, just for a one off and to to show our support for Top 

And the bit where it goes "we play from the back" because that didn't happen.


In fact just bin it.

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A sh¡te attempt to the tune of that old nursery rhyme Michael Finnegan, just because Tielemans and 40 million rhyming made me think of the song...


There was a Belgian named Youri Tielemans

He came on loan to get some playing time (or He came to Leicester to play football again? / to play in England?)

We signed him up for 40 million

He's magic is our Tielemans, begin again

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Hello all, this is my first post so try not to go too hard on me. I thought it was only appropriate to have an initiation sing song so I put together a little something.


The amazing leicester city
were favourites for the drop
We just couldn't stop scoring
At Christmas we were top
They said we couldn't do it
Ranieri dared to dream
Champions of England
We will always love the team
Allez allez allez


I know some have said they don't want an 'allez' song but I'm not creative enough to find a decent tune so allez will have to do


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James Maddison da da da da James Maddison...


to the tune of here comes the sun by the Beatles...here we go;


‘Little Madders, he came to Leicester from the Norwich


Little Madders, it seems like years that he’s been here


James Maddison da da da


James Maddison


he’s alright.......

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On 18/06/2019 at 12:53, LinekersApples said:

There was a Belgian named Youri Tielemans,

we signed him for 40 millions,

He turned out shit so we sold him to Gillingham,

Back to the drawing board Congerton, begin again. 

That's to the tune of...don't tell me, Michael? ...damn, forget the second name. Oddly, something really familiar, can't think why. Tip of my tongue. Anyone?

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2 hours ago, Yes N'Didi said:

We've got Perez, Ayoze Perez,

I just don't think you understand.

He's better than Ozil, He's only 30 mil lol

We've got, Ayoze Perez.

Pretty sure we got him in the sports direct super sale only 16 mil

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13 hours ago, LinekersApples said:

Give Ayoze Perez the number 23 shirt and resurrect my favourite chant of recent times :scarf:



Newcastle sing the "gets the ball, scores a goal" song we have/ had for Kingy. Wouldn't mind using that if King leaves.

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Away days this year in the pink kit...

enjoy yourself

its greater than you think

enjoy youri

while you are wearing pink

the years go by as quickly as you wink

enjoy youri

enjoy youri

its greater than you think 

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