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Has anyone made a chant for Soyuncu using Wham and “Jitterbug”?


something like:

“wake me up for Soyuncu he’s got big hair but he ain’t no hobo 
wake me up for Soyuncu ‘cause Jonny Evans ain’t going solo,
wake me up for Soyuncu...let’s go winning tonightttttttt.......for Kun Vishiiiiiiiiii

(yeah yeah yeah)

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James Maddi son, we're looking for a good time
James Maddi son, free kick over the wall
James Maddi son, we're looking for the good times
James Maddi son, we're ready for a goal




Tried something with a quicker pace and a little more catchy (ish).

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I’ve said it before - we have to sing ‘james Maddison do do do do James Maddison to the tune of hear comes the sun by the Beatles.


have you seen him? He came to Leicester from the Norwich. Have you seen him? It seems like years that he’s been here ....


james maddison do do do do James Maddison he’s alright....,

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2 minutes ago, ScouseFox said:

no idea if i dreamt it but weren’t we singing wake me up before you go about cags? 


who needs harry when you’ve got soyuncu etc 

"Ben chill-well and Ricardo, 

Who needs Harry when we've got Soyuncu, 

Johnny Ev-ans and Kasper Schmeichel, I'm so in love with our back line" 

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On 29/09/2018 at 08:50, trabuch said:

Maddison to the chorus of this. Needs lyrics for "I know this world is killing you" - but the aim is true bit will almost do - and the tune is quite easy to chant  


Maybe "Maaaadisson - You know his goals are killing you - Maaaaadisson - his aim is true, his aim is true (repeated until fade)

Only works when he scores - but he'll be doing that a fair bit.




A year on, but still one of the best suggestions imo


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On 06/07/2019 at 16:39, EverybodyDannsNow said:

Seen this doing the rounds on Twitter and it's way too good not to be used. We're massively overdue a belter. 


Tune: Stone Roses, Sally Cinnamon 


Until Youri I was never happy,

I needed so much more,

Rain clouds oh they used to chase me,

Down they would pour,

Join my tears,

Allay my fears,

Sent to me from Belgium, 

Youri Tielemans you're my world



Has this caught on yet? 

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Its hard to get Cag's name into a song, Ive tried this. Start that video from about 1:20 to get the idea.


Cag-lar Soy-un-co(chu)

Wearing pink or blue, hes gonna stop you.

Wins it in the air or and on the ground too.

Ole's bought the wrong man


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