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Captain Wes Morgan bottles of Rum

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4 minutes ago, HankMarvin said:

Are they the 2015/16 version?

Strong and reliable 

or 2016/17

weak as piss?

As its reduced I think it's the 16/17 version.

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13 minutes ago, ultrafox said:

The price is going up! Obviously owing to supply and demand.


It was 14.99 a few days ago. Now it's 24.99.

It was £14.99 over Black Friday.

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It's arrived and oh my god I am in love.


I was in Inverness about 15 years ago and they had a commemorative bottle of Whisky for Caledonia Thistle beating Celtic 3-1 in the Scottish League Cup. I think this beats that.


Bought two so I can maybe sell one in a few years. How do I get Wes to sign it?



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Wes Morgan rum advert seen 50 million times

By atroughton  |  Posted: February 10, 2017



image: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276308/Article/images/30124108/15847835-large.jpg

The special bottles of Captain Morgan rum

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An advert promoting a special bottle of rum named after Leicester City captain Wes Morgan has been seen 50 million times.

Diageo, the world's largest producer of spirits with a £10billion turnover, said the promotion for its limited edition bottles of Captain Wes Morgan rum was the company's most successful social media campaign in Europe.



Following the Foxes' Premier League success last season, Captain Morgan, which is owned by Diageo, produced 11,000 bottles of the limited-edition rum, replacing the famous buccaneer with an image of the footballer.

image: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276308/binaries/captain morgan1.jpg

Captain Wes Morgan lifts the Premier League trophy

The label on the limited edition bottles feature Wes sporting royal blue and white robes, while his signature and a medallion inscribed with 2016 mark the club's achievements last season.


Leila Fataar, Diageo's head of culture and entertainment for Europe, said: "The activity drove unprecedented earned media results delivering 26,000 social posts, over 100 pieces of press coverage globally, and, more importantly, genuine demand from fans who wanted to get hold of the commemorative bottle.

"Not bad for a campaign based around five posts on Twitter and two on Facebook that were originally envisaged as a joke with a player who shares the same name as the famous buccaneer that fronts the brand."

Wes was one of the first to get involved in the celebrations last May when it sealed a congratulatory message to his namesake with the hashtag #theresonlyonecaptaimorgan.

Along with the hashtag was a picture of the bottle but instead of the fictional pirate's face emblazoned on the logo people saw that of the Premier League champion, who jokingly asked for an actual version of the bottle to be sent to him.

Ms Fataar said: "Given the timing of the post and the perfect match of the rum and the footballer, it's no surprise the stunt has gone on to smash records at Diageo."

Some 11,000 of these bottles were produced in record time for sale in Leicester, where thet went on to sell out within 24 hours.

"As a big business that was huge for us to be able to able to get the bottles produced within two weeks," said Ms Fataar.

"The idea was to put the shine on Wes Morgan and celebrate the underdog coming through, which is where the 'there's only one Captain Morgan' hashtag came from.

"Wes was really up for it," says Fataar. "It's a Jamaican rum and he's Jamaican so the alliance came through well and when the stars align like that then you have to grab the opportunity and run with it."

Read more at http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/wes-morgan-rum-advert-seen-50-million-times/story-30124108-detail/story.html#KXLcbrpfDiGut0Q5.99

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55 minutes ago, foxinsocks said:

I got one of these - but the rum doesn't seem to be having the same effect as when I first bought it...

yeah that sums up Wes Morgan lol

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4 minutes ago, Louise said:

This is where I got some at Christmas. Out of stock at the moment



I got a couple of bottles from this site last November when they had reduced the price to £14.49 to get rid!! 


Been checking just about every week since the new year to get some more, but always out of stock. 

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