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Canada, USA, Mexico or Morocco - 2026 WC

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I too agree, we are due a World Cup. It's good to see it going to developing football nations but the tournament should certainly not be restricted to developing football nations. 


Edit: In fact if we are allowed to do ridiculous joint bids of this nature, may as well let Scotland and Wales join the bid. Makes a lot more sense than the pan North America tournament. Air Miles much.

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Living in Canada  and being part of the system when i was younger (playing) i can tell you the immigrant population participation is huge. Most of the guys that i played with were first gen canadians or immigrants from all over the world. 


Football is the number 1 played sport in canada (more than hockey) from a participation stand point although a lot of people sign their kids up just to play for fun etc.


Sure it will never be like england but engagement is huge and people will turn out for the games no question.


Canada could never host the games alone  as we just dont have the large stadiums in place to handle the amount of people wanting to watch games. Having 50k seat stadiums is limited and not maintainable after the games are done.


Joint bid was always the right  call but not with 3 countries. Canada-USA should have been it at most.


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All the folks saying ‘England should have the World Cup again’ 


There is an actual voting process. You can’t argue against a decision and use England as a better option. We didn’t bid. We couldn’t even bid. A lot are forgetting that FIFA committed to a cycle system where it must be at least 2 editions passed before it can return to a continent. 


We tried for the first time since 66 in 2006, failed to a good host. Tried again for 2018, failed to corruption but we were as bad as anyone in that. 2030 is the next chance, we will see then. 

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