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Safe Standing Roadshow

Safe standing - time to act

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21 minutes ago, Ian Nacho said:

It needs to happen. Away safe standing needs to be like Burton, where there's a small area for people to sit. 

That's how it is in Germany to be fair. 

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On 4/20/2018 at 22:37, red5 said:

You think others are stupid?

I doubt anyone is genuinely that dumb to be fair. If they do think that though, then its hard to argue they're not

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Reading through this thread highlighted to me that a lot more needs to be done yet with regards of making people informed of what safe standing would be, the benefits to all of those attending matches and why this idea causes standing to be risk free. 


Sadly, it is only those of us who want it that seem to be informed on all the positive aspects. False perceptions are currently holding back extra support and hope of seeing this brought in. Even the word SAFE doesn't seem to encourage people to look into the idea and then form their own opinions. At the minute it feels like neutrals believe we want football to return to the 1980's with being caged in and we will then all become thugs by standing. Others seem to think we want the whole stadium like this when the plan is to offer this in a small percentage area with each ground having it's own designated area. 


It is hard to say how much of an aspect this is but I can't help but feel that Hillsborough is still fresh on public memory due to the long fight for justice and that dark day is clouding opinions. The fact that all seater stadiums were brought in on the basis of massive lies and bad policing is another matter. Mrs Crouch I'm sure would know about the disaster but I doubt she has ever attended a football match. Getting her to make a balanced judgment instead of fobbing us off is still plenty of work away yet. 

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