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No Questions Asked Quiz

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59 minutes ago, Kopfkino said:


If @Webbo let's me know when he closes it, I can add a reply. Alternatively Webbo can do it. 


I tried to think how to include it but couldn't come up with anything other than a 'question' to reveal the answers at the end. But that affects the scoring and stuff. I'm thinking of doing an odd one out quiz so maybe I'll come up with a way for that one.

We usually close them after 2 weeks.

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For @Crinklyfox and anyone else interested:


1. Cadbury's chocolate bars. Ronnie pointed out a different one which was fair, tried to make sure I didn't inadvertently end up with multiple possible answers.

2. GMT capital cities

3. Girls names in Beatles song titles

4. Toy Story characters :D

5. M6 service stations

6. WW2 battles

7. Henry VIII wives (in order too)

8. Assassinated US presidents

9. Balearic Islands

10. The most recent teams to win the top flight for the first time.


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