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Cambridge Analytica and Technocracy

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Giving this a bump as a DMCS committee suggests social media platforms should be regulated more in the aftermath of the CA scandal:




Mixed feelings, really: I'm leery of any kind of regulation of this type because of all the ways it can be abused for the wrong reasons, but then at the same time it is possible that the way social media has been used by various parties to manipulate public opinion does represent a threat to the democratic process.

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22 minutes ago, MattP said:

Independent commission confirms no evidence of a working relationship with Cambridge Analytica and Leave campaign.



Hopefully another apology in the Observer on Sunday.

You should think so.


Mind you, having browsed for a bit I then made the mistake of reading the comments on another story on that site:




Good grief, the amount of tinfoil hatting about climate science is utterly astounding.

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