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What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

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10 hours ago, Cardiff_Fox said:

I wanted to strangle that interviewer after the third ‘love it’ 

Sky’s presenters are all shit. Matt Smith is probably underused at BT, he’s far better than Rob Jones or any of the other saps.


Chapman, Manish or James Richardson would all be an improvement.

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14 hours ago, Stadt said:

That Championship team was so likeable. Vardy, Nugent, Morgan, Moore, Wasilewski, King, Drinkwater, James, Dyer, Knockaert, GTF, Hammond, Phillips, Schmeichel, Schlupp, De Laet, Konchesky.


Proper blokes.

I didn't like Chris Wood either 😀

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52 minutes ago, OntarioFox said:

I dunno, he'll ALWAYS have the goal that earned our first PL point in 10 years, the thunder-seanut against Burnley... and this. :ph34r:


The best bit was his explanation to Nugent who’d inexplicably missed it smashing into Wood’s massive boat race lol 

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6 hours ago, Sooper Steve's shin said:

Would love an old, white-haired, bearded Shinji - like a cross between Mr Miyagi and Santa. 

Catches a fly with chopsticks, then the camera zooms in and turns out it's Harry Kane mumbling 'we're coming for you'


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