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Deal with Adidas confirmed and home shirt revealed

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1 hour ago, Wakeyfox said:

Would look great the season after with gold premier league badges on the arms...

You can buy 2 online from the Man City Club Shop.

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6 hours ago, ST20 said:

It looks alright, how would people improve it?


1 hour ago, SydenhamFox said:

By having the old school adidas logo



1 hour ago, Lcfccon said:

Would love white shorts, less Chelseaish ?

And this. Stripes and logo in blue not red.





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3 minutes ago, Suzie the Fox said:

I’ll join you with a G&T even if it is a tad early. 

Good work, Suzie! I’m in Crete sat on a sun lounger and am actually about to do exactly that before lighting the BBQ! 


We are two hours ahead here so it’s definitely gin o clock...

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11 hours ago, ozleicester said:

Blue and white, with a hint of gold..people arent going to know what to say :)

A hint! A HINT!?!?


It's bally well emblazoned everywhere, you might as well call us the Shirley Eatons!!! It's a flaming disgrace that our once proud blue, which never had so much as a trace, never mind a whole hint, of ANY colour but blue, should have come to this, merely to sate the superstitious twaddle of foreign Johnny-Come-Latelys. Who are they to rip up, burn and destroy thousands of years of tradition?!?!?!?!?!?!


I'm fuming. :angry:



But in reality, meh.

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8 hours ago, Bunyip said:

one season and put there by the gold-loving owners, so no it doesn't count as history. 

lol Irrelevant! Whoever decided on blue and white probably really liked blue and white, so does that mean we should wear a colour that whoever picks it doesn't particularly like, instead?


We've had gold on the kit for five years, and another two from 1994 to 1996. We've had gold/orange on the badge for 73 years. It's been our third colour for most of the club's existence (I think this counts as history), so it's not like we're doing a Cardiff or anything by putting a bit more of it on the home shirt.


Besides, we've enjoyed probably our most successful spell with gold on the kit (I'd say this does count as history, as well), so maybe it is lucky for us.


And it looks good :ph34r:

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3 minutes ago, AjcW said:



But most people have this illusion that the owners are generous in a completely selfless way. What they have given us over the last few years is incredible, but like any business it’s self-interest all the way.

That’s how it has to be I guess to be so succesful, but a free blue and white top hat on every seat at an away game, and occasional other freebies, shouldn’t fool anyone.

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I really like the new shirt. All I'd do to improve it is have the 3 stripes go all the way down the sleeves, but I know that can't be done due to the sponsor space.


Adidas is the best sports brand. Their trainers are so damn comfy.

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