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55 minutes ago, Lcfc-1992 said:

I got the attacking full backs a little bit wrong. I leave them on the balanced setting which is what you probably had it on when they were running up the wing. Setting them to attack may leave you very exposed. 

Having it on balanced for me let’s them bomb up the wing. I’ve never tried attacking but I might give it a whirl tonight and see how I get on.

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22 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

The only thing more frustrating than those stupid annoying games where their goal keeper is on fire and you let in the only two or three shots they have... 


... Is when you absolutely murder someone and your finishing is legit shit. lol


Can't even blame the game. Just had an absolute classic with some guy who couldn't defend for shit, took 25 shots and only 11 missed the target. Even managed to miss a penalty. He stole it 4-3 thanks to a couple of stupid defensive errors, one of those ridiculous corner bicycle kicks and an insane long shot. All from his four journeys in to my half. 


I'm not even mad just laughing at myself. **** sakes. 


Incidentally, on the penalty note, I've taken four so far and every single one has been saved. Ugh. 

I feel you’re pain lollollol 

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So this first Icon SBC is a total fail again by EA. To get one of the 5 primes available you need a baby icon. Well for Gattuso his baby now costs almost as much as his prime and then there's all the other cards you'd need on top of that.


Well done EA lol

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16 hours ago, buzzer_b said:

I’m after a decent PL CM guys, can anyone recommend one?


Was looking at either Seri or Fred. Unsure which one to go for or if there is a cheaper gem out there that I don’t know about.


5 hours ago, Ross-Kemp said:

Anybody have Fabinho? Is he worth the 50k coins?


Same answer to both of these questions - Fabinho is worth his weight in gold.


Pogba is also monstrous but I was lucky and packed him untradeable.

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