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Just now, DrezZone said:

I was just about to post it. I was like WTF. Give the man a break. The team played well against Man United, at Old Trafford, against 12 men, on the opening match of the season.

Our press make me sick, fawn over the so called big 6 and want to stick the knife in whenever they can to try and sell their rags. 

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Henry not getting the Villa job after be a shoe-in will have made him re-evaulate his options. I think after how we played last night, Claude deserves a fair crack of the whip, but we know from the past how these things alter. If he was sacked, Henry would be a very good bet, but I'd rather us not keep chopping and changing, as it does not help us build long term. We need stability as a club both on and off the pitch, a five year plan as such. 


Whatever happens - we need to run with something, long term. Be that Puel or Henry.


I'm sure I'm not the only one fed up of having a new manager each year.

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Mirror....Ffs grow up!!


If it was true..owners ffs naaaaa.


If Puel went without Points in the next 4 games,with poor performances....maybe!!

I dont think Wolves will be easy,but if we see a good solid performance with improvement

From Puels last seasons change in style....thats my priority. We all  want it to work I am sure.

It looked promising against Manu.Away. out Home games must see out forwards game

Be productive....2 games though is not enough to shout out our opinions.

Puel in....so far.

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5 minutes ago, Nickfosse said:

Got in the ground early last night and was looking at the banners around the ground hailing Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievements. 

Got me thinking how those two and and half decades plus of remarkable achievement would never have happened in the modern game. His poor start would have resulted in a sacking without a doubt. 

Id love to see us have the courage and bravery to stick with a manager that we can see is building for the long term. 

Well said, you do sense Puel couldn't give a stuff about the football sideshows he just wants to build a sustainable successful club without fuss. The opposite to Moaninho 

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3 minutes ago, Ian Nacho said:

Do people seriously think the board would sack Puel when they could've so easily done so in the summer then given him £100m to spend then only a month to prove himself. Nonsense. 

How much did Shakespeare spend last summer?

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19 minutes ago, SecretPro said:

Shall we summon the ITKs? 

The save ITK’s that said Macia had left and Puel was going, Hazard was coming here and a big name signing was coming ?


I think it’s best to wait and see lol 


either way we all know this is a load of bull! 

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There's one manager I'd have in tomorrow and that's benitez, other than that Puel has done well so far, to dominate possession over Utd at old Trafford, win more corners, first game of the season, some may say we were unlucky not to get anything. I said it last night, we're just one quality attacking midfielder away from being amazing, we should have spent another £40/50m, it would have been worth it

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