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The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

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2 hours ago, BKLFox said:

Yeah was trying to find the other team of the month done by another man/woman combo, memory is shocking atm but to be fair I think had Praet in? 
Both of these + that entertaining team so far list are a joke, this Holliday girl says I’m going for Reece James with his 1 goal and 1 assist for RB despite often being ripped apart on his side, now I played top trumps a lot as a kid and I know that doesn’t beat Timmys 1 goal and 3 assists + motm award.

Then not to get either 1 of Mendy, Tilly, Praet, Vardy even Barnes in is a joke, have AV CB pairing been so good that Cags isn’t considered but Sums it up when they say ok I know he hasn’t been great but I’m putting KDB in cos he’s KDB..wtf


....& chill this is great let them look elsewhere look what happened last time they did so fec the lot of umm.

Casing point on Reece James he’s dropped today in favour of a 31yr Old because he’s probably not trusted against Eze 

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1 minute ago, Dahnsouff said:


Now bear with me on this article. But what the actual f**k? Doku interests Liverpool, sure, but instead of Youri? Say what now!  lol

Think they mean he will be a club record fee for Andrrlecht which is currently £20m which Monaco paid for Tielemans

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15 minutes ago, StanSP said:

'wtf why has De Bruyne swapped teams' has done me lol


"**** off Vardy, your wife is a grass and you look like a heroin addict"

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27 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

He came here to become the club captain within a couple seasons  ......... I think shakey sold him that ......

Maguire not even making it into our ‘leadership’ group after 2 years says something... Only took Youri a few months

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On 03/10/2020 at 11:01, eblair said:



lol no leicester players in a totm we are top of the league and battered city

Another show carrying on the 2020 formula of having a woman completely out of her depth being belittled and intimidated by a complete nobhead of a bloke.

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On 05/10/2020 at 10:44, Stuntman_Mike said:

To think the money we received for him was the same as what we paid for Youri, Madders and Castagne combined.

The thing is with the help of the media the fools thought they were getting the English van dyke, they were, just that it was Rip rather than Virgil. 

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20 minutes ago, Foxxed said:

Leadership group?

Yeah we seem to get about an article every year from either Tanner or Percy which mentions in passing the current members of said group (usually about 5 players). 


There's the obvious players like Kasper, Morgan, King. Chilwell was in too before he was sold. 

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