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Regardless of ability, who's your favourite player, past and/or present?

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I've already mentioned the 09/10 team once but there was so many likeable players in it. Weale, Morrison, Hobbs, Berner, King, Wellens, Fryatt, Howard, Waghorn, Dyer, Solano and Tunchev. Even if you weren't necessarily keen on all of them; they wanted to be here at our club, they showed passion, fight and occasionally quality when we hadn't seen much of those here at all until 2008 when Pearson arrived.

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8 hours ago, Rob1742 said:

Think he moved to Lutterworth. He did live a few doors up from me in Harborough about 12 years ago.


Saw him in a car park in Harborough about 20 years ago, and I just started singing “it’s not god it’s only Andy Peake” it was completely involuntary and embarrassing. Nice bloke, he came over and had a chat. 

Retired about 2 years ago,great bloke

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As a young lad I loved to watch and admired Walsh.

I was a massive fan of Drinkwater but I feel he has still got another level which he hasn’t reached yet, probs won’t now he won’t get a game at Chelsea.

Current squad are really likeable, probably our best squad ever but out of them all I really want to see Ndidi do well, he’s so close to being he ultimate player!

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