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5 minutes ago, ramadaone said:

Many people will walk in and out of your life , but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart


Vichai a great friend to us all at LCFC 


A little thought and a little kindness are worth more than a great deal of money



I’m sure you’re not. But hope you and all the other staff are doing okay! 

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30 minutes ago, Corieltauvian said:

Popped back to apologise for comments posted earlier. I believe what I wrote but the timing was insensitive and I’m sorry if that exacerbated anybody’s pain. I hadn’t appreciated that because I don’t feel the need to grieve (although clearly I’m saddened), others wouldn’t be feeling the impact of the accident more acutely than I.


So it is clear; I do appreciate that Vichai has been an excellent owner and am respectful of the good he did for the city. Most importantly he was a member of a family which has lost somebody they will have dearly loved. That’s where our thoughts should be this evening. The whole thing is incredibly sad and when the time comes I will show my respect at the club as warranted.


I would plead though that others understand that not feeling as raw as some or having different views on what sort of tribute should eventually be paid doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care or make one inhuman. Just a reflection of our differences. Though I acknowledge that today wasn’t the time to get into any of that.


The beauty of football is that those differences generally don’t matter. I sit and chat every fortnight or so with people I have known for years from the football but whose names I will never know. They may be rich or poor, good or bad, right or left. In that stadium it doesn’t matter, at least not for ninety minutes. The game is a great equaliser.


Perhaps in that context the most fitting tribute to Vichai is his impact, that of a billionaire whose life was a million miles away from that which most of us will ever experience, was able to cross social and cultureal boundaries to become a well loved custodian of our club for reasons other than footballing success. His charitable endeavours would suggest that such feeling ran both ways.

Totally and utterly correct. For the record, I am in your camp. It’s so, so sad but my life continues. I have laughed and joked yesterday and today but that doesn’t detract from the waves of sadness that I come back to when hearing and reading about this incident. 

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3 minutes ago, MPH said:



Its more concerning who has not been mentioned...  vichai of course but do we have absolute proof our DoF and manager are safe and well? 

It’s a king power reference article  and it’s pretty clear who they don’t reference as being safe. If people feel better by having hope then that’s ok but I’m afraid it’s a forlorn hope 


not sure how we get through the next few weeks as a club and a fan base - the outpouring of grief at the next home game will be very tough to deal with .........


Ours is a close football club and players/staff are going to be hugely affected by this, moreso than we are and you know how bad you currently feel .........

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7 minutes ago, JayTheFox said:

12 Years ago, I lost my brother in a tragic accident. Upon hearing the news I remember going completely numb. From that moment a part of me died too, the part that hurts when bad things happen i had almost trained myself to block out feelings. Nothing would ever hurt me as much as that day and how hearing that news made me feel. 


I remember thinking back to my brother on the day we won the league and how he would of loved to of seen us achieve what we did. 


The events of last night again made my thoughts turn to my brother, but also made my heart ache again for a man and people I had never met but had given us as fans so much happiness, something I didn’t think could happen anymore. 


As long as you hold people in your hearts and memories, no one truly ever dies. 


Up the city









Stay strong mate 

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This has been one hell of an emotional 24hours waiting to hear but knowing in your heart the truth, we’ve lost one hell of a fine generous brilliant man who took little Leicester City from dispair to Premier League champions and even topped it off if ever you could to Champions league quarter finalists.

This man with his family turned us into a world renowned football club and at times was quite amusing hearing people of the world trying to pronounce Leicester, his ambition for our club was amazing many of us not thinking we would ever witness but he did it !!

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha We owe you our hearts you have been one heck of an owner that melted our hearts in May 2016 you gave us our dream and we whole heartedly thank you .



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8 minutes ago, Jens_BVB said:

Dortmund fan here, basically just wanting to express my condolences to everyone affected personally by what happenend yesterday and to everyone supporting LCFC.

Judging from what I've read, Vichai really must have been a lot more to the Leicester community than just your regular kind of club owner.

Thanks, friend. Yes he was an amazing owner. Alongside everything he did for the club he donated millions of pounds to local hospitals as well as lots of smaller gestures to local people. 



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14 minutes ago, ramboacdc said:

any more news on this statement at all? I have been off the grid for a few hours and didnt know if i missed anything.

It’s complicated. There’s numerous Thai traditions that need to be honoured and respected, as well as emergency services investigations. Once all parties involved are ready we will get an update I’m sure. As many have mentioned it’s awful to even consider this, but Vichai was a owner of a huge business, and there will be sensitive complications that will require attention before anyone connected is ready for the public to know. 

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Got nothing to add to the thread about this story. I would though like to say a huge thank you to all the football supporters of other clubs who have gone out of their way to join FoxesTalk to post in this thread. Your kind words and comments have been heart warming and are totally appreciated. Today has shown the best side of the football community. 

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7 minutes ago, blueharmie said:

It's Down to vichai, it's down to vichai ...

Champions of england, it's down to vichai.

Going up to the spirit in the sky ,

Its where we're gonna go with our Thai,

When i die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best



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