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If he could persuade the team to put in a consistent performance at the King power  I am sure most supporters would get right behind him. 'Till then he has polarised the fan base and sadly not everyone wants him at the club.

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3 hours ago, Ted Maul said:

Do we actually have to have threads to persuade people to get behind the team these days? Pathetic fanbase.

errr what? lol


he said nothing about getting behind the team he said get behind the manager

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3 hours ago, HesNotGudjonsonn2 said:

I’m doing it, I have been on and off this forum and the 606 one back in the day. I am sure many recognise my name.


Let’s stick with Puel. Let’s get behind him and all accept the future he is clearly trying to build.


Lets keep this post at the top so he knows we support him supporting our future. 


Stop wanting immediate results and let him build what he is clearly building.


What is really the better choice?


I believe he will get there! 

Im with you bro

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2 minutes ago, LinekersLugs said:

Can someone explain what the thread title actually means 


is he killing a turtle ? 

Glad it’s not just me!

Been repeating the title in my head, and I am unable to make a joke from it

Perhaps the joke is, that there is no joke.

Cunning :ph34r:


However, I do fully agree with the sentiment of the thread!!

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8 hours ago, mod hero said:

Someone’s just got in from the boozer


5 hours ago, mozartfox said:

Why is there no pre-post breathalyzer test required after midnight at weekends? 


Who doesn’t love a happy and optimistic drunk?!


Besides, he speaks with greater clarity than most on here after his 11 lager tops!

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We have the strongest squad we’ve ever had. One of the best youth systems in the country, a state of the art training facility on the way and a stadium expansion on the pipeline.


If we win today we will be in a good position for the run in.


if we lose, remember that we lost to A north London club on valentines weekend not so long ago, and we never lost again!!


Puel in


neck out


yes, I am also still pissed

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