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Anyone here do much camping?

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1 minute ago, The Fox Covert said:

Nobody here has mentioned Wales. If you are going that way check out the owners first. I have had some bad experiences with English camp site owners on the other side of Offa's Dyke. Exactly like the Carry On Camping sketch except much more middle class. Probably retired accountants or estate agents intent on the simple life. But still not forgoing the opportunity to screw you for every last quid they can get. Could end up cheaper staying in a B&B.

Scotland is my favourite. It really is true that you can wild camp almost anywhere there is unenclosed land. And you don't have to be a hardened backpacker to find somewhere to enjoy. One of the best, the beach at Talisker, Skye. Distillery next door and boss pub the other side of the road.

Avoid Lairg, however. The campsite boss there is a petty dictator who the locals call Mrs Hitler. 

I caused her to come angrily stomping round in her jackboots by arriving in mid-evening when it was getting dark, and driving my car onto her precious grass so I could put up my tent with the aid of the headlights. I did endeavour to point out tactfully that she had caused much more noise and general aggravation to the other customers by noisily ranting on for ten minutes, when I could have knocked the tent up and cleared off to the pub, in silence, in less than nine.

There are still a few places in Scotland I am determined to tick off my bucket list* one day. The Shelter Stone is one.


Written from the comfort of my caravan. Heating, running hot and cold water, flushing toilet. Even a shower.


*Not the one I use for a No. 2

Yeah, I don’t tend to shit in the shower either.

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Given the absolute horror show of the pandemic and brexit and one of my kids now being at school so restricted to holidays during school breaks, I've just bought a trailer tent. Bring on years of sweating my chuff off in a tent in Rhyl.

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Due to my pending Australia move I am selling a Campingworld voucher - face value £1,189 for £900.  Shout if interested!  We got it for a tent we returned in September due to a fault.  Great discount off a new tent for 2021!

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On 20/02/2019 at 18:57, Ozwin said:

Looking at doing it with some mates in the summer as a general get together before one of us gets married. 


Just needs to be in a nice area really, somewhere to get a fire and BBQ going maybe and not too close to other guests so we can play music or whatever, that sort of thing. If there's some bits and pieces to do nearby, be it walks, pubs etc then that'd be cool too.


Pretty much the most basic camping trip ever when you write it down! 


I'm just after some camping site recommendations in central England really but happy to go further if it's really decent. I haven't got a scooby where is likely to be good or bad but obviously don't want to be disturbing a load of children/families if I can help it as six or seven lads on the beer all evening probably requires a more specific camping site, I don't know?


I'd appreciate any help!



To give you Another idea...If your honest & upfront...You Dont Need a Camping site...


Do some homework..Pick Out possible locations...Then look & ask some farmers, if /where you could Camp on their land.

Some will have Sanitär facilities, Basic or better than you expect..

Also from Another Angle, the farmer at certain times in the year, might Need some help, (not from just drunken louts) But lads who can get together

a Bit of hard work, that can be both satisfying and a Good craiq....Then chosen days, just ladding it up..!!!

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If you don't want to go far and just want an easy field to camp in, me and my friends used to go to Proctors Park in Barrow for a couple of nights in the summer. Dead cheap and you can camp up in the furthest field from the entrance and usually not have any other campers near you - or if they were you'd usually be far enough away that you could be drunk and play music to the early hours without any issues.


The owners used to drive around the field maybe once or twice of an evening to check you weren't completely out of hand but were usually pretty sound.

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On 07/01/2021 at 11:28, Jon the Hat said:

Due to my pending Australia move I am selling a Campingworld voucher - face value £1,189 for £900.  Shout if interested!  We got it for a tent we returned in September due to a fault.  Great discount off a new tent for 2021!

Not fancying camping in the outback when you get there? 😂

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1 hour ago, Col city fan said:

I’m a carp angler and have all the stuff, including the bivvy etc

A couple of nights is enough for me though. Camping isn’t ‘an holiday’ imo

As Mickey likes to say “your’e living like refugees!”

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