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Any budding playwrights?

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Hello fellow foxes talkers,


I have a slightly different question to ask than usually appears here but hopefully someone can help me out!


My background is as a professional actor and after 15 years in London moved back to Leicester last year. Now days most of my creative output is in writting and developing new shows and my latest is being performed here in Leicester in April with a performance back in London in May. 


I am now looking to my next project and I'm in need of any budding playwrights/script writers based in Leicester to colaberate on a new project.


If you think this sounds interesting drop me a pm and I can explain more about what I have in mind.


Thanks in advance



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13 hours ago, ozleicester said:

My wife has written a number of plays and short pieces... had a few performe and... when were were living in the UK  (get ready for this) won a place in the Bognor Regis one act play competition :) 

With a show called, "Bugger Bognor!"

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I’m working on a tragic scene …


Friends, Foxes, Englishmen, lend me your clappers;
I come to bury Claude, not to praise him.


The losses that men cause live after them;
The victories interred on the day;
So let it be with Claude. The noble Foxestalk
Hath told you Claude was unambitious:
If it were so, it is a grievous fault,
And grievously will Claude answer it.


He hath brought many stars to the KP
Whose transfers will the general coffers fill:
Did this in Claude seem unambitious?
When the callow youth have cried, Claude hath played them:
Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:


So Lestah says he lacked ambition,

and Lestah is an honourable town.



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