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Leicester city 1-4 Crystal palace post-Match thread

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Pretty tip tap football...that doesn’t go anywhere... no cutting edge... no leaders... shit plan A.... no plan B.. yet we have people that are happy with this tool we have in charge.


Carbon copy of last season when we were 7th and having hopes of Europe..

This time, we are looking over our shoulders...

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2 minutes ago, SuperMike said:

Babylon and that all-over-the-floor contributor will still be praising The Messiah - our Wonderful Wonderful Charismatic Leader.

Those guys are the most reasonable of the Puel in crowd. Its Lifted Fox and that french geezer Ykns or something who are unbearable.

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9 minutes ago, Suzie the Fox said:

I just don't know what is going wrong. We were playing some awesome football in the 1st half and yet again go a goal down against the run of play. We sorted the defence at the start of the season and seem to have sorted the midfield with Tielemans. But without Vardy being in form the goals are just not coming. My head drops when our only hope is to bring Nacho or Shinji off from the bench.


Do i blame Puel or the players, perhaps abit of both, but something HAS to change as our home form is just a joke and we are not going to be sacking our whole team. 


Today has been frustrating and disappointing and to lose to Palace again by a large margin really is embarrassing (and i hate to use that word.) 


Its killed my weekend as i had a lot of hope for today. We needed a win :( 


Ps. Ref did us no favours today - he can **** off aswell

one mans awesome football is another mans impotent passing.

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Just now, Larry_LCFC said:

Sack him immediately. The bloke is a ****ing moron. We are going backwards at an alarming rate and we are going down if he stays.


Maddison is one of, if not the, most overrated players I've ever seen at this club. Free kicks straight at the wall, useless floating corners to absolutely nobody and the finishing of a horse. He needs dropping.


Fuming with that performance. Utter bullshit.

We’re not going backwards, the performances are generally ok, and in the case of the 3 games before this one, pretty good.


People are understandably upset at the result but that game was framed around us going in 1-0 down at half time in a game we’d dominated but created little. For Palace to be leading at that point was a travesty.


Last 20 minutes wasn’t good enough and this does feel like the end for Puel now. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the results haven’t matched the performances. Sometimes that happens.



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