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50% Off all kits/shirts & Free printing

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4 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

Wow only £27 for a shirt we've only got two months left in.

Depends if you're bothered about being up to date. 


I wear mine for playing in so who cares which season it is. And I don't wear one to games.

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37 minutes ago, Jaspa said:

Nahh it's fair enough if you want the Gray & Orange one, because although I dont like the monochromed badge at all it's fairly unique and some of our best results this season came in it

Been waiting for it for months :wub: Got my free shirt printing (Vardy in recognition of the 100), applied some foxes rewards, £25 all in. The adidas tops are pretty good quality I think too, so happy paying £25. Just couldn't justify in my head two shirts at full price, so have been holding on to get this second one.

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Training kit with 40% off as well.


Love a polo shirt at that price, but the enormous King Power logo on the back is still putting me off. :unsure:

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7 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

Always pick them up for my collection and in recent years I've just waited until the sale as I'm not that arsed about wearing them. For the bairn, like.

I do the same, wait til the end of the season and get buy one get one free on home and away shirt. Only problem is when we won the league that didn't bloody happen so I missed that shirt cause it sold out

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