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The 5 millionth post sweepstake.

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23 minutes ago, urban.spaceman said:

Challenge accepted. What will I win?


3 minutes ago, Buce said:

@Babylon of course.





Wouldn't know where to put him, tbh

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I've found out for anyone who was wondering...


While mermaids have historically been described as possessing of "fish" tails, historically dolphins and other marine mammals have also been described as fish. Given the visual similarities between mermaids and dolphins, and the greater biological compatibility of marine mammals and humans than between humans and fish, I think it's clear that what mermaids actually have are dolphin tails. 

This hypothesis is supported by the multiple stories of human-mermaid interbreeding and intersexual exploits. 

Therefore, they undoubtedly have sex similar to how dolphins have sex; mermaids have vaginas, mermen have penises, etc.

Sexual organ of a female dolphin (add more colorful skin for mermaid and, per Kat Tanaka Okopnik's suggestion, eliminate the mammary slits, since a mermaid has breasts):

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